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August 2021

Better Together: Why You Should Leverage Emulators and Simulators for Web App Testing

The mobile vs. desktop battle for web supremacy is neck and neck, and mobile has the advantage. Mobile devices now account for about half of all web traffic worldwide, a figure that’s expected to rise to nearly 75%—or over 3.7 billion people—by 2025. Websites that are difficult to use, buggy, or slow to load on mobile devices are bad for business.

Data Science: The Future of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance must change. Across industries, an organization’s Finance team should shed light on what’s happening today with revenue and other financial indicators, while also predicting what the future may hold. And they must do the same for the entire organization. Until recently, it would have been impossible to meet these expectations. Excel-driven forecasting requires herculean efforts to wrangle data and report numbers by the end of each quarter.

Enter the World of Automated Data Management and Governance with Hitachi's Lumada Data Catalog

The era of manual data management and governance is rapidly coming to a close. The size of the trove of data at nearly every company has become so enormous that it cannot be maintained using manual cleaning, cataloging, governance and search methods. The release of Lumada Data Catalog 6.1 breaks new ground in automating data management, cleaning and governance processes, making it easier to find data and grant access to those who need it.

How to Build a Successful Microservices Architecture

As technology becomes more complex and integrated, many organizations are assessing how their architectures will best support their business into the future. One such architecture – Microservices is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst forward thinking technology departments. A microservices architecture may be the key to unlocking your business’s potential, but how do you get there?

Spark vs. Tez: What's the Difference?

Let's get started with this great debate. First, a step back; we’ve pointed out that Apache Spark and Hadoop MapReduce are two different Big Data beasts. The former is a high-performance in-memory data-processing framework, and the latter is a mature batch-processing platform for the petabyte scale. We also know that Apache Hive and HBase are two very different tools with similar functions. Hive is a SQL-like engine that runs MapReduce jobs, while HBase is a NoSQL key/value database on Hadoop.

Why you should be using a VPN when working from home

With so many of us working from home full time for the last 16 months, VPNs have become essential tools for companies to keep their staff working in a safe environment. What we mean by “safe” is mainly about your online presence whilst performing daily tasks for your job.

The Top 5 Node.js Performance Measurement Metrics

Using Node.js as a JavasScript runtime has its advantages. However, it requires significant maintenance to keep it working as expected. Here are the top metrics you should monitor for Node.js performance measurement analysis. Application programming interfaces or APIs that use the Node.js runtime environment are scalable. Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven, which means the application can handle multiple connections at the same time.

Feature Spotlight: API Dependency Graph

As APIs become more complex, it can be easy to accidentally break connections. To prevent this, Speedscale can automatically detect and make you aware of inbound and outbound transactions running through APIs in our API Dependency Graph. The Traffic Viewer dashboard makes this information visible to independent teams working on different services. In most organizations this information is usually only known by senior engineers, team leads, and architects.

AutoCAD + Game Engines for Visualization and Innovation

Engineers across industries are using AutoCAD + game engines, like Unreal. Why? AutoCAD can be used to create comprehensive technical designs which are required for manufacturing and testing. For product visualization, game engines shine. When combined, they can maximize innovation. Learn more about this powerful duo and discover why teams are adding the Unreal game engine to their use of AutoCAD.

What Is Cloud-based Software Testing and How Can It Enhance Testing Services?

Due to the sudden upsurge in the usage of software applications around the globe, enterprises are finding it extremely difficult to meet the time to market demands. Enterprise QA teams that are able to detect errors at the earliest will have more time to work on various other development phases as well as enhance the application quality. With the advent of cloud computing technology, enterprises have leveraged several innovative opportunities in software testing and software deployment.