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November 2021


Qlik Cloud and Amazon SageMaker: Expanding the Power of Predictive Analytics in the Cloud Together

The ability to discover insights from past events, transactions and interactions is how many customers currently utilize Qlik. Qlik’s unique approach to Business Intelligence (BI) using a unique analytics engine and intuitive interface has democratized BI for typical business users, who usually have little to no technical savvy.

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Testing APIs is Every Bit Important as Testing the UI

What I see too often though is folks running multiple UI tests in an attempt to validate specific output values or logic. A much easier way to accomplish this task is to run specific API tests on the business logic of the software. Why should we do this? It’s much faster and easier to write these tests. We can have our developers supporting this process and not just Selenium or automation experts. 'Work smarter, not harder' is a theory we should all be familiar with.


Beautifully simple: Yellowfin Brand Guidelines 2022

Fishies, say hello to the new Yellowfin Brand, and Brand Guidelines. Now, we shouldn’t actually say ‘brand new’ because the logo and some of the elements are a progression from what is currently our brand. But, as you have heard us say many times, our brand is not just the logo, fonts and colors. The Yellowfin brand encompasses the reason we do what we do, and it sits behind why we develop the products we develop. It’s why we code what we code.


The Cloudera Enterprise Data Cloud Maturity Report: Uncovering progressive steps towards a hybrid future

Global survey of IT and business executives reveals how a mature data strategy relates to business performance and resilience. Organizations fall under one of four categories when it comes to enterprise data maturity, and they need to be aware of how to address multi-dimensional challenges of a hybrid future.


Top 8 takeaways from Talend Connect

At Talend Connect 2021, we dove deep into what data health really means (clean, compliant, accessible data), what thorny business problems are solved by having healthy data, and what inspirational companies we can look to as an example. Most importantly, we learned the incredible difference that healthy data can make not only in business, but in the world. We had an incredible lineup of guest speakers, keynotes, specialists, and panelists discussing every aspect of data health and its impact.


5 Tips for Pushing Data from Your Warehouse to PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform that is intended for medium-sized to large businesses. Originally designed for human resources and finance applications, PeopleSoft can now help organizations with tasks such as human capital management (HCM), financial management, supply chain management, and enterprise service automation.


The New Best Way to Index and Query JSON Logs

JSON has become the de facto standard format for capturing and storing log data - and for good reason. Structured logging with JSON reduces the cost and complexity of extracting valuable insights from log data. While plain text logs can support use cases like application performance monitoring and security analysis, writing logs in an unstructured format makes it time-consuming and costly for data engineers to parse, index, and analyze those logs.

Telpark: Automating a reconciliation process with over 330,000 transactions per year

Telpark is a leader in the parking and mobility sector in Spain and Portugal, and a leading international company. The Appian solution that Deloitte and Telpark's finance department developed to optimize the reconciliation process perfectly coordinates human and robotic efforts in a unified workflow. Hear from a number of representatives how 70% of items are reconciled in an automated way.

What Is the Perforce Enhanced Studio Pack? Everything You Need For the Cloud

You’re toast and want to finish up for the day. You’ve just added the finishing touches to your beautiful sunset lighting in Unreal Engine and it’s ready to be worked on by the overnight team in Europe. You can: You press the submit button and the files are uploaded to a cloud server. Now the next team knows what changed, who changed it, and why the sky is gray instead of blue. They can immediately get to work. Keys in hand, jacket on, and you’re out the door.