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December 2021


How to Choose the Best API Management Platform

An API or Application Programming Interface is how two applications communicate with one another; it is also the way users access an application. All websites and applications use some form of API through an API gateway, which serves as an entry point to a service. Unfortunately, over 90% of businesses have suffered from a security problem related to their APIs, making API security a top concern. For this reason and more, many businesses require a dedicated API management platform.


Top 8 Moesif Competitors and Alternatives in 2022

Moesif offers self-service analytics for everyday use, as well as features that aid with cost-effective analytics expansion. Customers use it to monitor features to better understand when there are API difficulties, and there are extra features to determine who is using the API, how often they use it, and who is likely to discontinue using it based on how they use it.


2021 - The Year of Innovations for "Jobs to be Done"

While COVID-19 continues to cause devastating disruption to the global economy more than two years into the pandemic, it is also continuing to force remarkable innovation across different industries. Companies have found new ways to sell, service and operate during the crisis. For me, there is one common theme for these innovative companies, including Qlik, and it is “Jobs to be Done.”


Heroku Private Space and mTLS

Due to the increasing number of ransomware and security breaches, premiums for cyber-insurance have gone up by 10 to 40 percent in recent years. Ara Aslanian, CEO of Inverselogic says “Minimum security requirements have definitely changed, especially the way insurers review the companies," Aslanian says. “Previously, the checking process was mostly conducted by self-assessment, which meant the insurers would send companies self-assessment sheets for them to check the boxes.


REST API Observability for Python

In this blog post we’ll help answer the age old question, “What does this service talk to and what does it say?” We’ll see how to inspect inbound and outbound REST API calls to see what calls are being made and what incoming traffic causes a reaction. This can be pretty handy when you’re taking over maintenance of an existing service, or if your code just isn’t behaving the way you expect.

Insomnia Projects: API Collaboration and Documentation

We don’t build our own ticket tracking systems or email clients, so why do we expect every person who joins a team to build their own collection of snippets for interacting with internal systems? These systems are usually not well documented, and the only way to learn how to use them is by asking someone or reading source code. Let’s learn how to use Insomnia Projects with our new collaboration features to provide a prebuilt collection of sample requests, plus documentation about the purpose of each endpoint so that your new team members can be productive on day one.