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February 2022


Maintaining End-to-End Testing using Cypress with TestQuality

When you're in the early stages of launching a startup, rapid iteration and determining product-market fit should be your top priorities. Unless you know exactly what you need to build, you should write code quickly only to discard it later. Working on test automation doesn't really fit in at this early stage. However, as you develop your product and gain customers, you will need to expand your testing infrastructure or risk losing customers and acceleration.


What is Artifact Review?

Quality software starts with code review, but quality doesn’t begin and end with code. Documents and artifacts need proper attention to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. To ensure quality software, it's essential to review the software artifacts left behind from the code review process. If code review is the unglamorous task of eating your vegetables, artifact review might as well be getting your 10,000 steps in. Both can be downright boring, but they're good for you.


20+ Automated Testing Tools for Web Applications in 2022 (Including Coding, Testing Management Tools, and No-code Options)

If you’re new to automated testing for web applications, choosing the right tool can be hard because there are so many to choose from. And if you’re new to test automation, they all sound like they do the same thing—but they don’t. Modern test automation tools mostly fall into three categories: To choose the best automation testing tool for your software team, you need to understand the differences between the three categories of automation tools.

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Playing Offense Against Ransomware with a Modern Data Infrastructure

Has your company faced a ransomware attack yet? If not, count yourself lucky, for now. A June 2021 article in Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware will cost its victims approximately $265 billion annually by 2031. And, according to CRN, “Victims of the 10 biggest cyber and ransomware attacks of 2021 were hit with ransom demands totaling nearly $320 million.”


Start delivering trusted insights - here's how

Data may be everywhere, but it isn’t free. It takes a lot of work and infrastructure to turn raw data into useful insights. Research suggests that the cost of handling data is only going to increase, by as much as 50% over five years. The same source suggests that part of that cost comes from confusion — users may spend up to 40% of their time searching for data and up to 30% of their time on data cleansing. The issue here is data trust.


7 Habits of Effective API and Service Management

Organizations face many challenges every day, and every day new challenges emerge. You have the day-to-day obstacles to overcome and then there is new twist. Today, the biggest challenge emerging on the market is how to adopt and implement effective API and service management habits. The number of APIs and services a company uses is growing exponentially every day, managing them individually or with a corporate wiki is just not possible.


How To Extract Data From AWS Redshift Through SQL With Ease

SQL is one of the most widely adopted domain languages (i.e., used by over 65 percent of data scientists and analysts), which can help you access and interpret valuable data from AWS Redshift. As a modern-day decision-maker, AWS Redshift and SQL are vital components that drive your SDK. Through PostgreSQL, you can make data-based decisions with Amazon Redshift while minimizing the overall cost of your operations.


Breaking down the test automation pyramid

When it comes to introducing and scaling automated testing, QA teams can get quickly overwhelmed trying to figure out what processes to automate first, which tests stand to gain the most ROI, and how automation can work with manual testing strategies. Teams often look to general frameworks, like the test automation pyramid, to dive into building their automated testing strategy.


Top 9 Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

You might think that each marketer uniquely implements their landing page. However, there is a formula for landing page optimization, and following best practices will get you a healthy conversion rate. Even if you want a one-of-a-kind landing page, using tried-and-true principles will improve your results.


How to embed Live Analytics to your React-based web app with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

ThoughtSpot Everywhere provides SDKs to make embedding ThoughtSpot into your application easy. In addition to the more general JavaScript components for embedding ThoughtSpot, developers can also use React-specific components for those writing React applications. Using the React components you can quickly embed analytics with just a few lines of code.

Systems development lifecycle (SDLC) with the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform -Part 1

Most organizations follow some form of Systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and incorporate this into their analytics lifecycle. For Qlik customers moving from a client-managed environment (Windows on-premise) to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS; they have multiple environments such as Development, Test and Production and are uncertain how to map this to a SaaS environment. Question: Can this be done in one SaaS tenant, or is a tenant required for each tier?