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April 2022


What Is API Automation Testing and How Can It Help Your Business?

Application programming interface (API) automation testing is a type of automated testing that focuses on the performance and functionality of APIs. This process can test APIs for correctness, compatibility, and efficiency. API automation testing can ensure that APIs function properly and meet consumers’ expectations. This article will discuss how API automation testing works and how it can benefit your business.


Deployment-time testing with Grafana k6 and Flagger

When it comes to building and deploying applications, one increasingly popular approach these days is to use microservices in Kubernetes. It provides an easy way to collaborate across organizational boundaries and is a great way to scale. However, it comes with many operational challenges. One big issue is that it’s difficult to test the microservices in real-life scenarios before letting production traffic reach them. But there are ways to get around it.

super monitoring

7 Tools that Can Help Automate Repetitive Tasks

How often have you found been buried among piles of emails, expense reports, meeting invites, and other organizational tasks where a little part of you wished that this never-ending to-do list could organize itself on its own or even better, magically vanish? McKinsey reported that in an average workweek, 28% of an employee’s time goes into just responding to emails. Additionally, another 19% is spent on gathering information, while 14% of time is spent on communicative and collaborative tasks.


How to Combat Python Memory Leaks

Memory leaks are one of developers’ worst nightmares. They can easily take down a healthy running application within hours if not minutes. It can be difficult to detect some of such leaks since they slowly grow and take over your app’s available memory. On top of it, each programming language manages memory in its own unique ways and hence can leak memory in different ways. Hence proactive measures to identify and prevent such leaks from happening is crucial.

Creating a Custom Safety Testing Plan to Suit the Needs of Your Medical Device

Medical devices are critical as they are often used in life-threatening situations and have a direct impact on a patient’s healthcare, which means early medical testing is essential to ensure safety and reliability. To ensure fully-functional medical device software, enterprises should adopt effective and efficient software quality assurance practices. Either they can devise an in-house custom safety testing plan or reach out to the independent testing service providers who are at the cusp of #medicaldevice #testing expertise.

Getting Started With Docker Compose and Speedscale CLI

Observability, introspection, logging, and dependency mapping are critical when building APIs. With the advent of microservice architecture, understanding what happens inside your container is vital during development. Speedscale CLI is a container-centric tool that allows you to monitor inbound and outbound traffic. With Speedscale CLI, you can monitor raw requests, latency, encoding, and detected technologies.