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May 2022


Your Guide to Software Testing Automation in 2022 and Beyond

With new technology solutions and digital tools emerging all the time, the state of software testing is constantly changing. As the technology matures, the capabilities of testing automation evolve, presenting opportunities to increase the quality and efficiency of your software testing. Keeping up with the pace of change is difficult for most organisations.


API Security: Tips and Practices to Keep Your System Safe

As more and more businesses move to API-driven architectures, the need for strong API security increases. If your business relies on APIs to connect different parts of your infrastructure, you need to make sure your APIs are adequately secured. This article will discuss API security best practices to protect your data.

IoT in Hotel Tech-The Smart Room Transformation

Smart Room tech goes a long way in creating a lasting and memorable positive experience for millennial and next-gen customers who want all the information and convenience at their fingertips. Leading hotels are already on their journey towards experimenting or creating their own Smart Rooms leveraging IoT. IoT-driven Smart Room Technology creates multiple benefits for the guest, the service provider, and the environment, says Deepakumar, Principal Consultant, Cigniti Technologies.

Validate WSO2 API Manager gateway request with open policy agent

Open policy agent (OPA) enables you to write security and compliance policies as code, or call any external policies using the OPA standard. WSO2 API manager uses this capability to offload policy decisions of API gateway requests to this policy engine. By decoupling the policy enforcement from evaluation, API policymakers now have the opportunity to write dynamic and reusable policies for ever-changing requirements. You can then reuse an OPA policy like any other policy in the API Manager by graphically dragging and dropping it into a policy pipeline. This video explains how it works and gives a demo.

Should our Exploratory Testing Be Automated?

Exploratory tests are always different tests that are created and conducted at the same time. According to this concept, their automation may appear unnatural. Nonetheless, the deployment of automation based on predetermined and unpredictable circumstances may be of interest: the detection of business flaws. Exploratory testing emphasizes discovery, research, and learning, whereas automation testing focuses on test designs, test cases, test procedures, and test outcomes.


Low-Code + Fresh Data = Better Business Decisions

Sync Records Smart Service now available in Appian 22.2 release Data is the most important part of your business. It drives your business processes, as well as your customer and employee journeys. And with data being collected and stored in various systems, it can easily become outdated and lead to inaccurate business decisions. Though 91% of businesses say data-driven decision making is important to their success, only 57% of businesses are successfully implementing this.

Test Management Case for Github : Working with Test Cycles

Video of How the Cycles feature works in TestQuality - Test Management Tool App. In this TestQuality video we will cover How Cycles Tool Works and Where you can add Configurations to a Cycle and even Logging an existing Defect within a Test Cycle. TestQuality Cycles offers a very simple way to run a group of Tests that you want to run repitedly.