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August 2022


Managing Data as an Asset

Modern technology has enabled businesses to collect all manner of data. Managing data as an asset includes website interactions to drilled-down explanations of what makes a company’s strategy successful, this information informs initiatives, aids decision-making, improves business processes, and provides a way to measure success toward specific objectives. However, having enterprise data is not a strategy or a competitive advantage in and of itself.

4 common Android DevOps challenges and how to solve them

​​The term “DevOps” has been thrown around a lot in the software development world. AWS describes it as a combination of philosophies, practices, and tools that help deliver apps and services effectively and efficiently. ‍Mobile DevOps falls under that DevOps umbrella, and it requires a different approach because of the agile nature of mobile development. If you narrow it down even further, you’ll arrive at our main topic, Android DevOps.

10 Critical Kubernetes Tools and How to Debug Them

Kubernetes is both revolutionary and “diffusionary.” It is a complete restructuring demanding a whole new slew of companion and support tools to cover and prop up the entire ecosystem. There are literally hundreds of tools – both open-source and proprietary – designed specifically with k8s in mind.


Visualize your commits in realtime with Ably and GitHub webhooks

Have you ever wanted to see the work of your entire engineering organization in a visualization as it happens? In this article, I'll tell you how I used Github webhooks and Netlify serverless functions, along with a simple Svelte web app, to do just this in my new interactive visualizer tool.


Data Legends Podcast with Wes Gelpi: Special 2 Part Series

Leading a team of data and analytics professionals isn’t easy; it takes more than just understanding the goal. It’s about the journey and how the people on the journey collaborate. Wes Gelpi, Director of Research & Development at SAS, joins us in a special 2-part episode. Gelpi has a rich history of taking challenging situations and running with them.


FIX - The Mainstay of Electronic Trading Protocols

Communications on electronic trading platforms are based on well-defined protocols. These protocols are in standardized format for the “Exchange of information” between the systems. Electronic Exchanges have completely different protocols that they presently expose as their E-Trading interface as below.