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March 2024

4 lessons from Kafka Summit London 2024

It was lovely to see so many of the community and hear about the latest data streaming initiatives at Kafka Summit this year. We always try to distill the sea of content from the industry’s premier event into a digestible blog post. This time we’ll do it slightly differently and summarize some broader learnings, not only from the sessions we saw, but the conversations we had across the two days.

All You Need to Know About Data Completeness

Data completeness plays a pivotal role in the accuracy and reliability of insights derived from data, that ultimately guide strategic decision-making. This term encompasses having all the data, ensuring access to the right data in its entirety, to avoid biased or misinformed choices. Even a single missing or inaccurate data point can skew results, leading to misguided conclusions, potentially leading to losses or missed opportunities.

Generative AI in Call Centers: How to Transform and Scale Superior Customer Experience

Customer care organizations are facing the disruptions of an AI-enabled future, and gen AI is already impacting customer care organizations across use cases like agent co-pilots, summarizing calls and deriving insights, creating chatbots and more. In this blog post, we dive deep into these use cases and their business and operational impact. Then we show a demo of a call center app based on gen AI that you can follow along.

Hyperautomation for Insurance: Your Roadmap to Modernization

What is hyperautomation for insurance? It might sound like just another buzzword, but let’s peel back the layers to see how hyperautomation works. Imagine this: you go on a deep dive to evaluate your insurance company’s processes and operational models. You discover inefficiencies, lag times, and that your team manages transactions with disparate, often manual processes. It’s clear you need a new solution. And the solution you need doesn’t currently exist.

Special Episode: Fivetran and Databricks CEOs reveal the secret to AI

George Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Fivetran, and Ali Ghodsi, CEO and co-founder of Databricks, are building products that power the modern data stack. They offer an insider’s perspective on the hardest parts of building and deploying generative AI in the enterprise.

Tabular Reporting for NPrinting Users - Do More with Qlik

Join Michael Tarallo, along with special guests Product Manager Andrew Kruger and Principal Platform Architect Johnny Poole, for part 2 of Qlik Tabular Reporting. In this session, the focus shifts to the migration path for NPrinting users, exploring available utilities, migration paths and best practices for a seamless transition.

Accessibility Testing: Where do we start?

My first attempt to understand accessibility and how to test it started back in 2016. I was working for a company where accessibility was already an important part of the process. I was asked to perform accessibility testing on the product to determine whether we could claim to be accessible. Since it was a new subject for me, I was quite confused. Where should I start? Should I be certified to provide a proper assessment? Do I need to request assessments from third-party companies?