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February 2020

How GitLabs QA team leverages GitLab's performance testing tool

We’ve set up several initiatives aimed at testing and improving the performance of GitLab, which is why the Quality team built a new tool to test GitLab's performance. Performance testing is an involved process and distinct from other testing disciplines. The strategies and tooling in this space are specialized and require dedicated resources to achieve results.

LoadImpact is rebranding to k6

This is a proud day for all of us here at LoadImpact! Today is the day we're unveiling the new k6 Cloud service. A completely rebuilt frontend to our cloud service including some much requested improvements. Today is also the day when we make public our plan to rebrand the company as "k6", the starting point for the transition away from the "LoadImpact" brand and to the "k6" brand and

Code coverage for Swift Package Manager based apps

The Swift Package Manager allows you to create standalone Swift applications both on Linux and macOS. You can build and run these apps and you have the ability to write unit tests for your codebase. Xcode ships with the XCTest framework, but you may not know that this is an open-source library. It's available on every single platform where you can install Swift.

OctoPerf 11.6 - Automatic SLAs and Other Quality of Life Features

In December, we updated OctoPerf to use the latest JMeter version. Although, as a minor version, it doesn’t bring a lot of new features, it is always better to stay up to date with the latest bugfixes. We had to implement a small change in OctoPerf because JMeter now properly enforces the cache control headers in every situation. To avoid any confusion, cache control headers have now been disabled by default in OctoPerf.

How to Write Unit Tests for Kotlin

Writing tests is an underappreciated part of software development. It usually distracts us from our primary goal and makes us feel we aren’t being productive. However, these tests are a great way to ensure our code works as expected, and they can save us plenty of headaches when we don’t have full control of certain parts of a project (for example, when we are working on the client app and another colleague is working on the server).

Why monitoring website performance is important?

Nowadays, in the era of instant gratification, when everyone want everything in a matter of moments, understanding the performance of your website, web application, web service is more important than has ever been. Using web performance tools to understand how your application behaves is easy and a best practice that you should follow on a daily basis.

Katalon and CircleCI: Simplifying CI/CD Integration and Test Automation

Katalon is establishing a new partnership with CircleCI — the leading platform for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline. This collaboration marks the official support of integrating Katalon Studio automation capability with the CircleCI infrastructure. Katalon provides a robust cross-platform test automation solution that supports web, application programming interface (API), mobile, and desktop testing for teams with minimum requirements for programming skills.

Getting Started With System Tests in Rails With Minitest

In today’s post, we’ll look at system tests in Rails 6. System tests are meant to auto-test the way users interact with your application, including the Javascript in your user interface. Minitest, being the default testing framework in Rails, is a great match for system testing. With all the configuration that Rails handles for us, there are just a few steps needed before we have our first tests up and running.

Testing Serverless Applications Like a Pro

Like any other application, continuous testing of serverless applications is essential to ensure the quality of the product. Testing a serverless application is not drastically different from testing a regular application. In traditional application testing, we configure an environment similar to the production environment in the development area and test it. But when dealing with the serverless providers, you cannot simulate the exact production environment.

Best practices for smart software testing

As a tester, organizations depend on you to maintain the highest possible quality for their products. The quality with which you write, specify and organize test cases influences the effectiveness of your testing and can significantly affect the quality of the product. To maximize the benefits from your tests, write the requirements alongside your business stakeholders, design your tests with a purpose and parameter, and of course, organize them properly so you can easily understand and execute them.

Katalon and Perfecto Collaborate to Deliver Seamless Continuous Testing

We are excited to introduce our newest collaboration with Perfecto — a smart continuous testing platform for web and mobile applications. This brand new integration between Katalon Studio and Perfecto offers the ability to execute web and mobile test scripts against devices or browsers in the Perfecto Cloud and analyze test results from a unified dashboard.