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June 2021

7 User-Testing Tools to Put Your UX Strategy on the Right Track

User-friendly interface that allows smooth and easy UX should be a crucial part of your targeting strategy. Among other things, a well-designed interface is key for improving your conversion rates. Both your target audience and Google algorithm will pay attention to this particular aspect. What’s more, this Forrester Research study has found that this particular practice can up the conversion rates by a whopping 400%.

Our exciting next step - k6 is now part of Grafana Labs!

It's been a few weeks since Raj Dutt, Grafana Labs CEO and Co-Founder, announced the k6 acquisition during the closing session of GrafanaCONline 2021. You can learn more by reading our joint press release, or by watching the recording of the k6 Office Hours I joined the day after the announcement. With this blog I would like to share my excitement and my perspective. The acquisition marks a milestone for the k6 team, our customers, and the k6 community.

Maximize your coverage with test parameterization and data-driven testing

When you test application logic and functionality you often have to test the same logic with multiple input values, which can quickly escalate the number of test cases you have to create. Data-driven testing helps you quickly execute the same test multiple times using datasets for different output values, saving you time and effort. Test parameterization is a type of data-driven testing that allows you to execute the same test, multiple times using different parameters.

Choosing the Right Mobile Test Automation Framework

A critical decision for organizations that are defining their automated testing strategy is choosing the right automated testing framework that will help their development and QA teams efficiently write and execute automated tests. The market offers a plethora of frameworks to choose from, and the decision isn’t always easy.

OctoPerf v12.4 - Integrate with Postman, Microsoft Teams, Grafana and Dynatrace

The focus of OctoPerf 12.4 is on integrations, first in regards to creating test scripts through our new Postman import released a few weeks ago. Through postman we also open OctoPerf to swagger and open API imports. Microsoft Teams is also on the menu in terms of alerting before/after the tests, but the main dish is the backend listeners. Through these you can have our load generators send metrics to your own database in real time during the test.

Best codeless automation testing tools in 2021

With the advent of agile and DevOps culture, we’re already embracing digital transformation. Organizations globally are looking for newer technologies and tools to innovate, enhance productivity and deliver faster. If we talk about testing itself — automation has taken us several leaps ahead; QA teams have solidified test efficiency and coverage even further. Gone are the days when automation testers had to learn coding to write test scripts.

Advantages of using codeless test automation tools - An exhaustive list

MarketQuest (2021) predicts automation testing to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.8% for the next five years. Globally, organizations across banking, retail, automotive, healthcare, etc., amongst others will embark on automation. Picture Credit: That brings us to the crux of our conversation — codeless test automation. What is it, and why do we need it?

Webinar: Getting the most out of Ghost Inspector

Here at Ghost Inspector even some of our power users will ask, "Am I using Ghost Inspector to its full potential?" Maybe Ghost Inspector is so easy to use that sometimes it can feel like it’s too easy? Join us for this webinar on June 24th where our founder Justin Klemm will be covering advanced use cases and best practices when it comes to getting the most out of Ghost Inspector. We’ll cover nooks and crannies of our features that you may have missed and help unlock Ghost Inspector to the max!

How to speed up your software release cycles with Testsigma

As software organizations have to release or add new features in their software on a regular basis, proper and thorough testing of all the features on time becomes a real challenge. Automation becomes a viable option to overcome these challenges. But most of the automation tools usually take a lot of time and effort in test creation, test execution, and test maintenance which brings down the ROI.

(Series #2) Building a Test Automation Team

We talked about topics to cover in our test automation strategy document in the first article of this blog series. In this second article of the series, we will cover some ideas about building a test automation team within a software organization. The other articles cover topics as below: Test automation is a piece of code that tests other pieces of code. For that reason, automating tests in software organizations require people with technical expertise and skills in coding.

A Beginner's Guide To Test Automation With Javascript(Nightwatch.js). Part 3.

Welcome to the “A beginners guide to test automation with Javascript(Nightwatch.js)” blog series part 3! If you have missed out on the previous parts, make sure to read part 1: Introduction to Nightwatch.js and part 2: The most useful Nightwatch.js commands in our blog. In this article we will look at callback functions and command queue in Nightwatch.js, and as always – feel free to skip to any part you are the most interested in.

Inside Zephyr - a celebration of the people behind your favorite tools

Have you ever wondered about the story behind the word ‘Zephyr’? Or how does one actually test a test management tool? Recently, we held “Inside Zephyr,” a special online community event to celebrate the Zephyr family of products. It was a sneak-peak behind the curtain, and the team of extraordinary people that make Zephyr tools so great – from original founders to developers, testers, and support agents.

Welcome to Test Automation Day | Mobile Testing (EMEA)

To kick off Test Automation Day Online | Mobile Testing, Ashwini Sathe, Product Marketing Manager at Sauce Labs, provides an introduction to Sauce Labs and our commitment to creating a world of digital confidence. She also discusses the importance of building a comprehensive mobile testing strategy, and how Sauce Labs can help.

An Alternative to Native Apps: How to Test Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are often seen as the easier alternative to native applications. During this session Wim Selles, Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will look at why PWAs are seen as an alternative for native apps, the pros and cons and especially, are they easier to test than native apps.

Test automation for 2FA-enabled authentication with Testsigma

It is a common protocol for companies to disable two-factor authentication in their QA and Test Automation processes, the reason being the effort and cost required to carry it out. At Testsigma we recognize the importance of application security in a modern world, where releases are accelerating and the frequency of data breaches is increasing.

Loadero quickstart tutorial. Part 3. Adding participant groups to a test.

Part 3 of our quickstart tutorial series will guide you through the process of adding a participant group to your test in Loadero and explain how group structure can be helpful. Follow the steps described to create and configure test participant groups for your needs.

How to ensure a quality live stream performance

Globally, the overall consumption of online video is trending up while television watch time is trending down. In a study of 4,500 consumers from 9 major countries, online video viewing grew 85% between 2016 and 2020. Meanwhile, television view time fell 10%. Previously, the onus of live stream testing and success was on networks and cable providers. But with OTT (over-the-top) streaming on the rise, media organizations face increased demand to deliver high video quality experience.

Grafana Labs Brings Modern Open Source Load Testing to Observability with Acquisition of k6

NEW YORK, June 17, 2021 - On the final day of GrafanaCONline 2021, CEO Raj Dutt today announced Grafana Labs’ acquisition of k6, the Stockholm-based startup behind the open source load testing tool for engineering teams. With k6, Grafana Labs adds extensible testing to its open and composable Grafana observability stack.

Geolocation Testing: How can I test my website in different locations?

A few years back, I gave my friend a keyword to search on Google and asked him to open the third link that pops up in the results. After five minutes of confusion, I realized we are not talking about the same website and even though the keyword was the same, the results appeared in a different order.

Asking Developers to Do QA Is Broken. Here's Why We Built a Product to Let Anyone Own QA.

Many software companies have no formal quality assurance strategy, and those that do take one of two inherently flawed approaches: Either they (a) ask developers to do QA or (b) delegate QA to a siloed team, whether it’s internal or outsourced. Having been in the QA space for a decade, we’ve learned that both approaches are deeply flawed.

Tools for successful implementation of insprint test automation

Evolution is perhaps the most common norm in the world of software development. Of course, automation is no stranger to this process of evolution. Globally businesses have evolved from the conventional Waterfall model to the modern Agile and DevOps, thereby embracing digital transformation. We’ve come quite far in terms of automation testing too.

Insprint Test Automation - what features should your automation tool have?

Most software development organizations now follow agile scrum methodology. In most cases, they divide their work in sprints – a repeatable fixed time-box during which all tasks for a deliverable are planned and executed. After each sprint, the target is to complete as many planned tasks as possible and come up with a deliverable. A user story is the smallest unit of work in an agile framework. A user story is further divided into tasks to be taken up in a sprint.

Getting Started with Performance Testing in CI/CD Using k6

In this article, we’ll showcase how to use k6 for performance testing within CI/CD pipelines. We’ll be using a playground we set up for this purpose and lead you through the necessary steps to get a feel for how it works, and hopefully by the end you’ll start thinking about how to implement this in your own projects.

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing | All You Need To Know

It is no surprise that the integration of digital technology into all areas of business operations is creating a high demand for software. To increase the effectiveness of their operations, enterprises rely more heavily on software, which means that software is now more complex, and there is little tolerance for failure. To ensure software readiness meet business demands, available testing technologies validate software to verify it does what it is supposed to do.

Best practices for rapid bug reproduction and issue resolution

Learn how to extract vital testing session information to identify the cause of defects. Most QA and engineering teams are missing out on critical app testing session data. Access to these insights helps rapidly increase bug triage and issue resolution. With instrumented testing, software teams have rich, nuanced, and contextual issue causation and testing environment data at their fingertips. In addition to revealing new test data, teams can reduce their dependency on multiple diagnostic tools or processes.

Performance, Stress, and Load Tests in Rails

Tests are an integral part of most well-working Rails applications where maintenance isn’t a nightmare and new features are consistently added, or existing ones are improved. Unfortunately, for many applications, a production environment is where they are put under heavy workload or significant traffic for the first time. This is understandable as such tests are costly.

A guide to write your tests for your Android apps

Learn how to write your tests for your Android applications! In this series of articles, you will learn how to do testing on your Android app and libraries. We will give you the most valuable and critical knowledge about testing and finding the issues in your app, and showcase how to write your test cases and how to run them in CI.

Making k6 extensions using xk6, with Iván Szkiba and Mihail Stoykov (k6 Office Hours)

In this office hours, Nicole and Simme are joined by Iván Szkiba, a system architect at NNG LCC, and Mihail Stoikov, a software engineer at k6, to talk about how to make a k6 extension. We also discuss the rationale behind extensions Iván has created and how to get started if you're thinking about making an extension as well.

What is the best way for automated mobile browser testing on real devices?

Mobiles have become a part and parcel of our lives. Smartphone penetration has seen an increase for the past decade with some countries such as the UK leading the race with as high as 82%. In a world with a 7.5 billion population, 4.3 billion people are projected (by 2023) to keep this small device in their pockets and use it daily. Although the pandemic slowed down this growth, Gartner projects the sales would be up 11% in 2021. Surprised by these stats?

How to reduce the risk of missing bugs before deploying on production?

It’s very common to have a handful of issues when deploying a software change to production because you are replacing a working version of your software or application with the one having the desired changes. Your testing team might have thoroughly tested the new version of the software, but still, the doubt of whether it will work as intended or not is always there.

5 live stream testing best practices

Live stream testing comes with unique challenges that sets it apart from mobile app or web application testing. When you offer a live stream of a national sporting event or political debate, millions of viewers flock to utilize your TV app, mobile app, or web app (or all three). Not only is performance at stake, but there can also be API, syndication, and CDN issues that threaten to derail the live stream. When a live stream goes down, it creates enormous frustration.

Starting your BDD journey in Jira with Zephyr Squad

In this 60-minute session, our experts will provide an overview of what is #BDD, and why it’s gaining popularity with #Agile teams around the world. If you have been on the fence about combing BDD and test management, this session will provide you with ample reasons why Zephyr Squad (formerly Zephyr for Jira) is your best companion in your BDD journey in Jira.

Software Testing Errors to look out for (with examples)

The software will never be bug-free. But, it’s important to minimize the number of bugs such that the impact on functionality and user experience of an application is minimized. Bugs could come up due to different reasons, in this article, we will discuss them from the perspective of software errors. These are the errors that also need attention during the testing phase.

How to Create an Alias to Easily Start JMeter on your Local Machine

Apache JMeter is a Java-based, open source testing tool, which can help you create and run functional and load tests for Websites, APIs (REST and SOAP) and other web services. Let me show you my personal configuration and how I start and configure JMeter for a faster and better use on my local machine.

An Alternative to Native Apps: How to Test Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are often seen as the easier alternative to native applications. During this session Wim Selles, Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will look at why PWAs are seen as an alternative for native apps, the pros and cons and especially, are they easier to test than native apps.