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July 2021

Shift Left Testing: Some tools that can help

The Shift Left testing approach is not a new term. Across the globe, more and more organizations are shifting left for various reasons. It’s also regarded as a culture as it allows businesses to instil collaborative work efforts and launch products into the market faster. This testing approach expedites testing and helps detect bugs in the early stages of development. For teams with a heavy focus on faster time to market and continuous integrations — Shift Left is the way forward.

When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

Scriptless test automation might mean different things to different people but the motive with which is made is to get better results in less time. Scriptless removes the barrier of learning and implementing a scripting language while you can automate the same scenarios. Today, test automation is moving towards scriptless. While there are multiple approaches to scriptless test automation, in this article we will discuss what makes Testsigma a perfect scriptless test automation solution.

Automated Testing Software for web and mobile: some features you would need

It’s a known fact that automation testing is extremely crucial in maintaining software quality. Mobile applications and websites are a genuinely dynamic landscape with several new enhancements and advancements happening every day. To secure their quality and to help you deliver delightful experiences to your users and ones that’ll keep your users engaged with your products — testing is essential.

Back by Popular Demand: Why Dell ISG's DevOps Embraces Collaborator

Dell’s ISG division consists of storage, servers and networking, cloud solutions, data protection, and converged/hyper converged infrastructure. With over 50 product groups and over 10k employees, standardization was a barrier to achieving true workforce collaboration and mobility. In order to reduce duplication of effort and increase alignment and collaboration, Dell-ISG created a centralized DevOps group and chose Collaborator as their single code and peer review tool.

Announcing Katalon TestOps - Streamlining Test Automation & DevOps for Businesses

Maintaining quality while delivering increasingly complex products at increasing speeds is a challenge for software teams everywhere. Automating tests is essential to detect issues faster and speed up the development cycle, but it’s only one part of the equation. Managing and scaling a test automation practice, and implementing it inside an efficient DevOps cycle is even more important.

Automated Form Filling in 4 Steps | No Coding Skills Required

For almost every website or web application you visit, web forms are the most popular method to collect information. Nowadays, most companies continue to rely on out-of-fashion CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Unfortunately, these do not allow users to import data with numerous variables into the portal, leaving employees with only one option – manually entering thousands of data entries one by one.

Test Reporting with Katalon TestOps - Act on Insights, Deliver with Quality.

TestOps is the leading test orchestration and reporting platform that puts messy test results into a full image on quality. With flexibile integrations popular frameworks like Selenium and Jest, let TestOps be an inseparable companion to enable rapid feedback loops and quality consistencies for your team.

How to use Selenium IDE with Ghost Inspector

Selenium IDE is a popular open-source tool for recording and running automated browser tests. You can use it to interact with a browser the way a human would, doing things like navigating to URLs, filling in forms, and clicking on links and buttons. You can also use “assertions” to verify things are working as expected, like checking that elements are present, text is present, inputs contain certain values, et cetera.

7 ways to invest in and manage quality freelancers

Previously, hiring a freelancer was seen as a temporary solution for missing talent or gaps in a full time team. However, in today’s global economy, the remote worker has become a major player who brings constant value. The freelance market has grown enormously in the past two years. Statista projects 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the U.S. by 2027, making up 50% of the total U.S.workforce.

Codeless Testing: When is Testsigma recommended tool for you

The software industry is undergoing numerous changes with the growth and advancement in technology and the emergence of Agile and DevOps. Software testing has slowly transitioned from manual testing to record-and-playback testing to automated testing, and now codeless testing is disrupting the software testing approach in the industry. The codeless automated testing involves the execution of automated testing without using any script.

Best automation testing tools for web and mobile

Times have surely changed — we’ve all moved on from TVs to mobile phones and laptops to consume various forms of content. As per Data Reportal, there are over 5.27 billion mobile users globally, and this data also reports that the number of users is increasing by 1.9% per year; the internet users are increasing at an annual growth of 7½%, especially in the developing countries.

Getting Started with Accessibility Testing in Sauce Labs (Deque axe Integration)

Watch this video to learn how Sauce Labs and Deque axe integration allows developers and testers to easily integrate accessibility testing into their quality processes and provides increased visibility into accessibility signals for browser-based accessibility testing.

How to ensure data integrity with analytics testing

Data collections and analysis is critical to ongoing business operations, but maintaining data integrity is an often overlooked problem. Ensuring data integrity is not only a consumer trust issue, but is often also mandated by legal regulations. Without accurate data, business leaders could make decisions that are slightly (or majorly) misguided.

Why love software testing? Hear from the experts

Were you an accidental tester? Or was yours a deliberate choice? Whether or not you made the choice on purpose, you would have come across some side effects of being a tester which is: You act and think like one at all times! 😱 You try to break anything you try new, you are skeptical and perform some testing yourself to see if anything new works fine! You chuckle when you learn that there is a silly missed negative testing! Jokes apart, Testing is never an easy job!

How to assess your readiness to deploy with Coverage Analysis in Xray

Effective Coverage Analysis provides powerful insights into the status of what your team is building, so you can make smart decisions based on real-time analysis. Coverage Analysis in Xray for Server and Data Center provides you the ability to analyze in real-time how requirements, features, user stories, and tests are, in a particular context.

9 ways Zephyr Scale brings advanced test management to Jira

Are your tests in Jira growing in complexity? Do you feel you could be more efficient with reusing tests? Does ensuring consistency and standards across projects still feel like a struggle with your existing test management tool? Enter Zephyr Scale, a structured and highly configurable test management solution for teams looking to advance their testing in Jira. Need to see it to believe it? Join us for a quick, around-the-app tour of Zephyr Scale.

The Importance of Accessibility

I’ve been testing software professionally since 2001, when I was in my late 20s—when my eyesight was perfect. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve struggled with whether to make the font bigger on my web browser or phone, or to carry my reading glasses everywhere I go. I have to make this choice because some web sites were developed to account for this, and some weren’t. As I get older, this problem is only going to get worse.

Java library for your cloud-hosted tests with Loadero

Have you ever wondered, while manually creating tests in Loadero, that it would be nice to have some library that you can use to create tests programmatically? Sounds nice, isn’t it? Well, luckily, Loadero does have this option now. In this blog post I would like to introduce you to the recent creation of Loadero’s team — Loadero Java library.

Load Testing SQL Databases with k6

This short tutorial shows how to run a k6 test for load testing a database. In performance testing, we often trigger load tests that simulate realistic user flows, particularly those that are most commonly seen in production. This type of acceptance testing usually interacts with various parts of our infrastructure: web servers, microservices, databases, etc. But what if you want to test the performance or scalability of an infrastructure resource in isolation?

Klocwork 2021.2 Launches JavaScript Analysis Engine

The latest release of Klocwork features the launch of JavaScript, which greatly enhances the static analysis and SAST tool’s offerings. In addition, the release includes a number of other significant improvements that greatly enhance the tool’s performance and functionality. Here, we provide an overview of the new analysis engine.

Run JMeter test from GIT using Jenkins

You may have heard the term shift-left testing which is essentially moving the testing to an earlier stage in the project lifecycle, essentially the activity is moved to the left on the project timeline. The benefits of testing earlier have always been understood but not always happened when we consider performance testing which in some cases is still left until the very end of the delivery process.

How to Monitor the SEO of your Website

SEO is very important for your website, it brings customers to your website and keeps your business rolling. Using the SEO Monitoring tool from LoadFocus you can audit the SEO of your website’s landing page, or any new or existing web page present on your domain. You can start SEO monitoring for free in less the 30 seconds, here are the steps.

When should enterprises choose codeless automation for testing?

A few years back, “codeless testing” was interchangeably used with the “record-and-replay” functionality of the automation software. Today, the advancements in codeless testing have widened the gap between the terms and gave them separate and clear meanings in the IT industry. Therefore, it becomes a confusing question when we talk about these two terms today.

What features make Testsigma an ideal tool for automated web testing?

The world wide web hosts over 1.7 billion websites today. The reason for this big number is obvious – the web has become the modern marketplace and to be able to get visitors, a place here has become essential. For an online business, a website becomes the first impression. Customers are bound to judge the quality of your business by the quality of your website.

How to use data-driven testing to clean up your tests

If you’ve been a tester for some time, without a doubt you have run into scenarios where you had to write tests to verify the correctness of the implementation of business rules, algorithms or another form of backend logic. To get a fair amount of test coverage, you'll likely need more than a single test case. Data-driven testing helps clean up your tests and make them more effective and maintainable.

Hands-on tips for decreasing the duration of iOS UI tests via fastlane and Bitrise

Mobile test automation is a vital part of the Mobile DevOps cycle. Without it, we can’t deliver mobile apps to our customers. This article will explain how a fastlane plugin for parallelizing iOS UI tests can make your life easier.

How to add performance testing to CI/CD pipelines using k6 and GitHub Actions

Nicole van der Hoeven shows how to add performance testing to a CI/CD pipeline from scratch and for free, using k6 to write a test script and GitHub Actions to automate it. She also talks about how to set it up using k6 Cloud and why the extra cost might be justified. OTHER CI/CD TOOLS

Load testing and Azure DevOps with José Luis Latorre Millas (k6 Office Hours #20)

In this episode of k6 Office Hours, Nicole and Simme are joined by José Luis Latorre Millas, who will talk about why k6 and Azure DevOps go well together and how to add load testing to a CI/CD pipeline. José is the Developer Community Lead at Swiss Life AG.

[Webinar] Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 - Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed

In response to your demand for the faster pace of testing and development, we’ve released Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 with comprehensive features and improvements. Watch the recording of our latest Katalon Recorder 5.5.0 – Powering your web automation with rhythm and speed webinar to leverage Katalon Recorder’s newest features into your testing process.

Selenium Alternatives: 7 QA Tools to Consider, Including a No-Code Option

Despite Selenium's popularity across the QA industry, it has drawbacks and won’t be the best fit for everyone. Specifically, Selenium IDE: In this post, we'll compare seven alternatives to Selenium, focusing primarily on our platform, Rainforest QA, and explore how the alternatives approach solving these drawbacks.

Katalon Raises $27 Million in Series A Funding Led by Elephant Partners

ATLANTA, June 25, 2021 – Katalon, Inc., the provider of a leading test automation platform, today announced the closing of $27 million in series A funding led by Elephant Venture Capital. Since its inception, Katalon’s test automation platform has provided a solution for teams looking to quickly adopt and scale test automation in order to deliver better software faster.

Introduction to Software Testing

Cloud-native applications provide benefits such as rapid deployment, scalability, and reduced costs. The downside is that testing, debugging, and troubleshooting on these types of apps is more difficult than on traditional applications. In recent years, software testing has matured from manual testing to automated testing. There are multiple testing tools, strategies, and patterns in the market, which are very useful and important in making cloud-native application development fault-free.

Why You Should Be Testing in Production

Testing any software project is an important step in order to find out how the software functions. Learning when the project acts as expected (and when it does not) is the ultimate goal of the testing process. Testing stops design errors from reaching production code. However, testing should not only happen before code is deployed.

How to Automate Testing: A Non-Technical Guide to Improving Quality and Making an Impact

Almost all software and web-based companies (SaaS, e-commerce, and more) that care about a bug-free user experience will eventually need a systematic and repeatable process to test their products. And for most software teams, the only way to feasibly accomplish testing fast enough that it doesn’t become a bottleneck in the software development lifecycle is to incorporate automation tools.

Backtrace Acquisition Adds Error Monitoring; Enables Customers to Receive Quality Signals Throughout Entire Software Development Lifecycle

Today is a great day at Sauce Labs! We just announced that we’ve acquired Backtrace, a provider of best-in-class error monitoring solutions for software developers and engineers. Backtrace enables organizations to mitigate application risk and improve digital quality by empowering development teams to rapidly deploy code with confidence knowing that they can quickly identify and remediate bugs once in production.

Is Selenium the Best Test Automation Framework?

As far as web test automation goes, Selenium is certainly the most popular toolset. That popularity is uncontested. A survey on test automation finding that 54% of the respondents were using Selenium might be surprising only in that the number is so low. Many of the alternatives to Selenium, Software-as-a-Service products that record and re-run entirely in the browser, still use the Selenium as the core driving technology.

No code automation testing: When to use and when not to use

Having a coded approach to test automation has its benefits. It certainly does give you the power to be extra flexible in terms of test case creation. But with it, it also requires a lot of investments from you – in terms of time and resources. Hence, you need to decide if that is really the power you need because, in the end, you need automation that gives you returns on your investment(ROI).

Scriptless Test automation solution: How to use it to improve your testing ROI?

“If you have bad tests, automation can help you do bad testing faster.”— James Marcus Bach How do we ensure that the test automation is working as a saviour and not adding to the testing woes? One wrong step in this direction and be assured to lose precious time and energy. Additionally, wrong automation will make the quality of the software suffer badly. Organizations are spending on automation for better software quality and a good ROI(Return on Investment) with time.

Backtrace Introduction and Demo Video

In this 10 minute video, you’ll receive a 2.5 minute introduction to the Backtrace platform, and a 7 minute demo highlighting key capabilities of the system. We open with a discussion on what types of errors can be submitted to Backtrace, and then dig deep on the Debug and Explore views. We highlight Triage briefly, and show how engineers can use Slack to be notified of new issues and immediately be brought into a Debug view.

Why Testlio's Purpose Means So Much To Me

It’s pretty impossible to be a modern company and not have a purpose statement. While purpose is ubiquitous, I’ve found that a compelling purpose can be illusive. It’s rare that companies have a clear sense of meaning that aligns and sustains their team. I gently offer that Testlio’s purpose is meaningful—and effective. In another life, I worked with SYPartners.

Cloud Testing: How to overcome the challenges of testing on-premise?

If you’ve been performing on-premise testing in your organization, you know the rules already. But for the uninitiated, on-premise testing is a form of testing where testers perform tests on local machines, systems, or devices set up at an office. As the name suggests, it happens on-premise. On-premise testing comes with a lot of responsibility. From the maintenance and monitoring of the machines and software to upgrading and installations — you’ll need all hands on deck.

Setup to Run Web App Tests On Sauce Labs

In this video, you will learn how to set variables for your Selenium Java test suite in a config file, create a switch statement for running tests either locally or on the Sauce Labs Cloud, and add the setting such as the url you are testing against, and set up you test to send capabilities to Sauce Labs. In the next video, you will see how to add these capabilities and run your test. Connect with Sauce Labs on Social Media Twitter: @saucelabs

Run a Web App Test on Sauce Labs - Selenium Java

Learn how to add capabilities in a Seleniujm Java test using MutableCapabilites to set options such as username and access key for the Sauce Labs platform, and also add the capabilities such as browserName, browserVersoin, and platformName to configure which environment your test runs in. You will also learn to instantiate a RemoteWebDriver on Sauce Labs using the endpoint for the data center you are testing in.

Adding a Test Name - Selenium Java

Learn to pass the test name for a Selenium Java test to the Sauce Labs cloud, using the JUnit4 TestWatcher class. Create a rule and implement TestWatcher, and at the start of a test, pass the test name to the name capability so your name will appear with your test results on the Automated Testing results page. Connect with Sauce Labs on Social Media Twitter: @saucelabs

Add a Test Status on Sauce Labs - Selenium Java

In this video, you will learn to communicate the test outcome status with a Selenium Java test, to Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs needs information from the test or test runner to be able to display whether a test passed or failed on the Sauce Labs dashboard. This tutorial will show you how to; capture the sessionId from RemoteWebDriver, create a connection with the SauceRest API, and pass information about the pass or fail status with TestWatcher of your test using the Sauce REST API, and the sessionId.

Run Selenium Java Tests on Different Browsers on Sauce Labs

In this tutorial learn how to use different browser options with a Selenium Java Test to set the browser you would like to run your tests in on Sauce Labs. Use a switch statement using Selenium BrowserType class to detect the browser, then add browser options to set capabilities for 5 different types of browsers. Finally, you will see how to run tests on different browser (and operating systems).

Run Java Tests in Parallel on Sauce Labs

In this lesson you will be learning how to set up your Selenium Java test to run tests in parallel on Sauce Labs with the JUnit4 test runner. Using the Maven Surefire Plugin, you can run two or more tests or classes at the same time. In this tutorial you will; include the Maven Surefire Plugin in pom.xml, use the plugin with the parallel tag to run tests in parallel, and finally, add some additional configuration to optimize running tests in parallel on Sauce Labs.

k6 v0.33.0 released

It's once again the end of a release cycle for us here at k6, and this time we're happy to announce that k6 v0.33.0 is here! 🎉 The v0.33.0 release is a small one, mainly containing a bunch of minor bugfixes and enhancements, but is also laying the groundwork for some major new features like the upcoming k6/execution API in k6 v0.34.0. To read the full release notes, see the GitHub Release for v0.33.0.

Local Test Project Code - Selenium Java and JUnit4

This video review the sample code used in Sauce Labs' Web Automation Quickstart module for Selenium Java. See how to access the code sample on Github, and get an overview of the structure of the test suite, including the Maven pom.xml file. Understand the Page Object Model of the example test suite, and some of the abstraction and methods used. Learn about the file you will need to edit,, that you will be editing to run this examples test on the Sauce Labs Cloud.

SmartBear Addresses Rapid Expansion of APAC Business and Channel Partners with New Office in Melbourne, Australia

With more than 50% growth in APAC-based business year over year, SmartBear increases headcount and support for local customers and partners with new, larger office in downtown Melbourne.