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August 2021

Codeless Test Automation integrating Ranorex with Xray and Jira - Tutorial

Ranorex is a codeless test automation solution that uses a keyword-driven framework to implement GUI test automation across a broad set of technologies, including desktop, web, and mobile. In this video we'll show you how to have visibility of your test automation results in Jira, using Xray.

What Is Cloud-based Software Testing and How Can It Enhance Testing Services?

Due to the sudden upsurge in the usage of software applications around the globe, enterprises are finding it extremely difficult to meet the time to market demands. Enterprise QA teams that are able to detect errors at the earliest will have more time to work on various other development phases as well as enhance the application quality. With the advent of cloud computing technology, enterprises have leveraged several innovative opportunities in software testing and software deployment.

Better Together: Why You Should Leverage Emulators and Simulators for Web App Testing

The mobile vs. desktop battle for web supremacy is neck and neck, and mobile has the advantage. Mobile devices now account for about half of all web traffic worldwide, a figure that’s expected to rise to nearly 75%—or over 3.7 billion people—by 2025. Websites that are difficult to use, buggy, or slow to load on mobile devices are bad for business.

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Google Cloud Build

In this tutorial, we will look into how to integrate performance testing in your development process with Google Cloud Build and k6. k6 is an open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites. Developers use k6 to test a system's performance under a particular load to catch performance regressions or errors.

An exhaustive list of the most popular cross-browser testing tools

Cross Browser Testing is one of the most growing needs for software development companies today. Reasons being – i. The penetration of the internet in almost every aspect of life ii. A large number of mobile devices are being manufactured and being used, all around the world. Thus, a mobile app needs to support a large number of devices. At least, the ones that their customers might be using. iii.

Dynatrace integration with JMeter

Dynatrace is a cloud monitoring platform and is used by many organisations to measure the performance of their production systems and to set thresholds against which performance tolerance are measured. During testing Dynatrace can be used to monitor how the application under test responds during your performance tests as well as providing the capability to drill down into performance issues you may need to investigate.

How to do Continuous Performance Testing with Lee Barnes (k6 Office Hours #26)

In this episode of k6 Office Hours, Nicole is joined by Lee Barnes, founder and CTO of Utopia Solutions, to discuss how to do continuous performance testing and incorporate performance tests into CI/CD pipelines within DevOps or Agile frameworks. Performance testing should be done at every stage of the software development cycle.

When should automation of cross-browser testing be done?

We all know that if we are developing something that runs on the web using browsers then cross-browser testing needs to be done. There is another variation of cross-browser testing – cross-device testing. If we have an application that is supposed to work on a device and is used by a set of people who may be using multiple devices then cross-device testing is needed.

Five best practices for how to test payment gateway functionality

Errors in payment gateway functionality have enormous potential to derail the relationship between consumer and vendor. Customers expect seamless, functional transactions without confusing messages or complicated steps. They expect security, privacy, and safeguards against over or underpayment. Any misstep in the payment process can lead to abandoned shopping carts, deleted apps, and consumer frustration. The best way to ensure payment functionality is with a clear payment gateway testing strategy.

Participant media can now be split up

With the growing demands for online communication platforms, the need for testing various scenarios has drastically increased. Therefore when testing WebRTC application implementations most of the time there is a need to provide a video and audio feed to the application to test various aspects of the functionality implementation. To address this need, Loadero was providing several preset audio and video feed configuration combinations.

Test Orchestration: What is it?

We’re sure you’ve heard your DevOps team often talk about test orchestration. This testing approach has quickly become a crucial element of test automation because it streamlines the automation process. For agile teams, applying test orchestration to their testing strategy is quite rewarding as it accelerates testing and offers a holistic view of the testing process.

Parallel Testing vs. Traditional Testing | All You Need To Know

In software development, a fail-fast system is a tool that will notify when a failure is likely to occur. The philosophy of the fail-fast principle is formed around the idea that a system should stop normal operations rather than trying to continue working around a flawed piece of code. The fail-fast principle makes software bugs easier to detect earlier in the development cycle.

What is Load Testing? Processes, Types, Best Practices, Tools, and More

Any software development project will almost certainly have through several tests by the time it is finished, especially in an Agile testing environment where testing and development occur simultaneously. But, no matter how many tests you've conducted, there's really only one way to tell if your software can handle the actual demands your army of end-users will be throwing on it once it's nearly finished. It's known as load testing.

A Detailed Comparison of Cypress vs. Selenium vs. Katalon Studio vs. Rainforest

While Selenium IDE has been popular in the automated testing world, most teams using Selenium run into these problems. There are lots of different test automation tools—from easier ways to generate Selenium code to no-code SaaS (software as a service) options—all trying to solve these problems. In this article, we’ll talk about key differences between the following tools that represent the three main approaches to solving Selenium shortcomings.

When to use Testsigma as a cross-browser testing solution for your organization?

According to browser usage statistics here , there are 4.3 billion internet users today. also says that in 2008 there were 112 different types of browsers people were using to access the internet. Thus, it’s evident that people can be accessing the same website from multiple browsers at the same time – which makes cross-browser testing very important.

Katalon Studio 8.1 - Smarter Ways to Handle Flaky Tests

Hello Katalians! Time flies when you’re busy creating awesome products! Back in May, we delivered Katalon Studio 8 , which included features to provide better scalability options and a better user experience. And because we are not in the business of keeping you waiting for the latest and greatest, today, we are excited to announce the release of Katalon Studio 8.1 (KS8.1) .

Top 5 API Testing Tools

Today’s software testing trends show the growing demand for more efficient and automation-oriented API testing. Many of the current test automation solutions focus on the UI, while most API-level testing is still done manually. As a result, testers are in need of easy-to-use, intelligent automation tools for testing APIs — improving their productivity and efficiency, while also reducing time-to-market.

Error Economics - How to avoid breaking the budget

At SLOConf 2021 I talked about how we may use error budgets to add pass/fail criterias to reliability tests we run as part of our CI pipelines. As Site Reliability Engineers, one of our primary goals is to reduce manual labor, or toil, to a minimum while at the same time keeping the systems we manage as reliable and available as possible. To be able to do this in a safe way, it's really important that we're able to easily inspect the state of the system.

What are some benefits of doing automation testing on the cloud?

Cloud testing is expected to grow to USD 11 Billion by 2023 , and we are talking about only cloud testing here, not cloud computing. Complex testing scenarios such as cross-browser testing, parallel testing, can be made more effective when done on the cloud. The reason being – the cloud provides the required testing environment effortlessly and can be scaled up or down as needed.

8 Best Practices to Reduce Test Automation Maintenance

Even though automated testing helps you do more software testing in less time with fewer people, maintaining your test suite can be very time-consuming. Many QA teams have a hard time keeping up with maintenance as their product grows. If they fall behind, they get more and more false positives (i.e., cases where the test fails because of a problem with the test, not a problem with the application).

k6 Load Testing Debugging Using a Web Proxy

One of the more challenging aspects of load testing happens very early on: getting your scripts working. When you run your scripts, you may observe unexpected error status codes (typically in the 4xx-5xx status code range). Other times, you'll run your script and see it receive the expected responses (usually HTTP 200), yet the "thing" your script is meant to create simply doesn't show up anywhere, like on the database or as a record on the site. You start wondering: why on earth is that?

Testing A Communications Platform's (CPaaS) Performance

With the growing demand for online communication, there has been a noticeable increase in platforms to provide just that. With such service comes high expectations in quality and usability to become the best! We hear about those high expectations quite often, some people developing video calling applications that use CPaaS expect them to work and scale perfectly and don’t load test their own applications.

[Webinar] Testing in DevOps - Meeting The Need for Speed

In a fast-moving culture like DevOps, testing is like living in the fast lane, would you agree? Watch the recording of our latest "Testing in DevOps - Meeting The Need for Speed" webinar to leverage Katalon TestOps’ latest features into your testing process. Some highlights that will be included in this webinar: Don't forget to follow and like our social networks to not miss out on future events! #KatalonStudio #KatalonTestOps #AutomationTesting #SoftwareTesting #DevOps #TestinginDevops #KatalonWebinar

The Ultimate App Testing Buyer's Guide

Whether you scale QA in-house or through a partner, it's essential to understand which options best match your app testing needs. Do you hire in-house testers? Do your engineers need to shift left and take ownership of code issues? Do you augment testing with crowdsourced QA? For many organizations, the answer is a software testing partner that can help you tackle all of these issues. Whether you scale QA in-house or through a partner, it's essential to understand which options best match your app testing needs.

Tips and Tricks for Frontend Testing

If you want to adhere to high code-quality standards, testing your front end is as important as testing every other part of your system. And while it’s not always easy to do, automating these tests is crucial; otherwise, people will get weary and stop doing them. The next logical step, after automating your tests, is to integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline so that all of your new versions are tested before release.

How to create a collaborative QA strategy with collective testing

If you’re reading this, chances are your organization is already aware of the additional management effort, devices, and testers required to ensure quality QA through software testing. You’re likely not doing it alone. Your in-house testers and external resources are probably scattered across different testing management platforms and software. But multiple platforms make collaboration more complicated than it needs to be.

Benchmarking Redis with k6

Previously, I have covered an article on Load Testing SQL Databases with k6 . For your information, from k6 version 0.29.0 onwards, you can write a k6 Go extension and build your own k6 binaries. This comes in handy as you can use a single framework for load testing different protocols, such as ZMTQ, SQL, Avro, MLLP, etc. In this series of k6 extensions, let’s benchmark Redis now.

Selenium Grid: Build vs Buy

Selenium Grid existed even before the term CI/CD was coined. It was one of the first software pieces that enabled developers and testers to get fast feedback by parallelizing their test runs. With Selenium Grid, there was no need to wait eternally for the whole test suite to run sequentially. It was one of the first enablers of the current Software Development Life Cycle.

How to do data-driven testing using parameters in Xray - Tutorial

✅ Xray’s newest test parameterization feature allows you to execute the same test multiple times with different input values. In this video, you'll learn how easy it is to create a dataset and apply parameters to your tests. 🚀 Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70 countries, including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

How to test web applications using Playwright & Xray - Tutorial

✅ Playwright is a browser automation tool that provides end-to-end testing for modern web apps. In this video, you'll learn how to integrate Playwright tests with Xray. 🚀 Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management app for Jira. More than 4.5 million testers, developers and QA managers trust Xray to manage 100+ million test cases each month. Xray is a mission-critical tool at over 5,000 companies in 70 countries, including 137 of the Global 500 like BMW, Samsung and Airbus.

Software test automation is a competitive advantage. We're making it accessible to everyone.

Rainforest QA started in 2012 as a crowdsourced testing platform -- QA specialists from our worldwide community would follow plain English instructions to run customers’ test cases. After two years of development, we’ve now added a proprietary, no-code automation service to the platform, including a visual test editor anyone can use to create, update, and run complex, automated test cases without knowing any code

"Plug In" to SwaggerHub for IntelliJ IDEA

Integrated development environments, or IDEs as most people call them, are the go-to tool for the majority of software developers creating, compiling, and testing code. In fact, IDEs are one of the most commons tools that developers will use when designing their API (Application Programming Interfaces) documentation. According to the 2020 State of the API Report , developers chose IDEs as their tool of choice for API design, even edging out SwaggerHub.

Kubedim: Microservices testing using k6 for reliability, with Kelvin Zhang (k6 Office Hours #24)

How do you do microservices testing and improve the performance and reliability of complex modern architectures? What is Kubedim, and how can k6 load testing be used to verify outcomes for a microservices-based system? Nicole van der Hoeven (k6 Developer Advocate), Daniel González Lopes (k6 SRE), and Kelvin Zhang (incoming Google SWE) discuss Kelvin's master's thesis at the Imperial College London.

Ensuring a successful migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 | Microsoft | Testhouse

Microsoft Dynamics AX remains as one of the worlds most popular ERP solutions and remains a core part of many organisations. But Dynamics AX is quickly coming to its support end date. Microsoft have transformed their CRM & ERP suite into Dynamics 365 (D365) due to constantly changing business requirements across multiple industries.Microsoft has adopted One Version, putting a stop to big-bang upgrades and replacing them with smaller, more iterative updates.

5 Signs you need to implement Automated web testing

We now live on the internet! DataReportal states that around 4.80 billion of the global population use the internet, as of July 2021. That’s around 61% of the entire world population. From reading the news and booking tickets to buying groceries and meeting people — everything is now online. In the vast ocean of mobile apps and websites/web apps, we’re going to talk about web apps and web testing in this post.

How to choose a tool when shift left testing is your requirement?

Traditional Software Development Life Cycle such as Waterfall Model relied on step by step movement from left to right in SDLC. It started from requirement gathering and moved towards the right one step at a time. Evidently, testing came last in the cycle and any delays in it resulted in coinciding with the deadlines. That had the testing team stressed out because the bugs should be identified and fixed before the software release.

Summer School At Collaborator: Session #2 - Innovation with New Integrations

Integrations are a key component to Collaborator’s peer review functionality and workflow. With options to connect to more than a dozen source control management (SCM) systems, and other tools such as Atlassian’s Jira and Mathworks Simulink®, Collaborator is an easy fit into almost any tool string, allowing teams to peer review code, user stories, test plans, and other artifact types in a transparent, collaborative framework.

3 Modern Tools For Automated Testing Of Your Web Applications

Whether we’re shopping online or reserving a table at our favourite restaurant — we might use web applications in several instances during the day. Owing to how we consume content and perform our day-to-day functions now, businesses are optimizing web apps and how! From making them more user-friendly to crafting a mobile app-like experience, we’ve swiftly moved to the era of progressive web apps.

Why Should You Run All Your Tests in Docker?

Containers have become the de facto standard for deploying applications. Whether developers are deploying them in the public cloud or a data center, containerization can bring a lot of benefits like a consistent environment, repeatable builds, and easy deployment patterns. But so far, the focus has been on running applications in containers, with very little attention given to running tests in containers.

Monitoring your k6 load test: how to install Grafana and Prometheus on a Kubernetes cluster

How do you monitor your application during k6 load testing? In this video, Nicole van der Hoeven learns how to install Grafana and Prometheus in her Kubernetes cluster (hosted in DigitalOcean), then runs a load test against her application with k6.

How to Build A Successful DevOps Testing Strategy for Agile Teams

As the definition suggests, speed and reliability are the two main objectives in a DevOps testing strategy. The traditional independent-working mindset would be removed by tightening the Dev (development) and Ops (operations) functions together. The process, in turn, makes tight delivery schedules for processes at scale less of a nightmare.

DevOps Orchestration | Your Next Investment after Automation

Automation is a hot issue for businesses of all sizes, across all industries. Whether you work in IT or not, you’ve probably heard of automation as a method to save money, improve efficiency, and minimize errors. However, following automation, you may be wondering what action to take next, or if there are any obstacles that are restraining your DevOps teams. How can you step up your automation game and achieve the ideal success of digital transformation?

10 Codeless Test Automation Tools to Speed Up QA Testing

The goal of codeless (or no-code) test automation tools is to make the creation and maintenance of automated software tests accessible to anyone connected to the product. This may include product managers, devops, CSMs, QA specialists, developers, or anyone else. Many software teams are choosing to go codeless because it’s the only way to keep up with new releases in a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline and achieve adequate test coverage.

How to Automate Regression Testing So Anyone Can Do It

Manual regression testing is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to scale as your team grows. As you add more features to your product, you have to hire more people and spend more time completing your regression test suite in every software release cycle. Automating your regression test suite can help your team scale up testing without adding more headcount.

Write Great Cucumber Tests

Behavior-driven development (BDD) is an Agile software development process encouraging collaboration between developers, QA and non-technical participants in a software project. Cucumber is an example of a JavaScript (JS) methodology that enables BDD. It helps to lay a test automation foundation by embracing coding standards and design patterns that will be used in the automation development process.

How we work at k6 - building software & working remotely with CTO Pawel Suwala (k6 Office Hours #23)

In this episode of k6 Office Hours, Nicole is joined by Pawel Suwala, CTO of k6, to give you a sneak peek of how we work at k6, and what we're working on next. We're going to talk about the methodology we use for creating k6, the different teams we have, and exciting new features that are coming soon!

The true cost of software bugs: limited CX and user distrust

The mobile app customer experience is more than simple UX design. It encompasses the experience that users get across all of the brand’s channels and includes all the interactions as a user identifies, evaluates, purchases, uses, re-engages, and leaves the product. A recent report noted that users downloaded 204 billion mobile apps globally in 2019; and customer churn is easier than ever.

The Snowplow Strategy: Improve Automation Test Coverage in Five Steps

In software testing, the term test coverage refers to how much of an application’s functionality is covered by test cases. In practice, the term also often refers to the effectiveness of that testing. QA teams use test coverage as a benchmark because it tends to correlate closely with the quality of the end product. Better test coverage typically means fewer bugs get shipped to production.

Benefits of Load Testing Tool Available in the Cloud

One of the core tasks during load testing is setting-up of required Test Agents or Load Generators. Though it is straightforward in most cases, it can be challenging and time-consuming when you do not have enough details required for hardware sizing and memory footprint and also need support for thousands of virtual users.

Running Mobile Device QR Code Tests

When injecting an image with a QR Code or barcode, the image size in your preview may exceed the boundaries of the target scanner area, which would prevent your app from reading the code. In this scenario, you'd need to add padding to your uploaded image so that when it's scaled to full-screen, the QR Code will fit inside the scanning area limits and can be processed

Why Error Monitoring is an Essential Part of Continuous Testing

In the modern era of DevOps-driven development, teams are increasingly pushing smaller and smaller increments of code into production faster and faster, often leading to inadequate testing. To assure and improve the quality of software in production, many developers are now benefiting from a new test methodology that combines functional testing with error monitoring in production.

3 Challenges to Overcome When Implementing Low-Code Development

Frequent software delivery drives innovation. According to the State of DevOps Report, high-performing organizations deploy 200x more frequently and have 3x lower change failure rates than lower-performing organizations.This type of velocity and scale is only possible for a highly capable engineering team with an advanced DevOps infrastructure. However, legacy and startup organizations may have a harder time accomplishing this.

Developing and Testing a Web App with Continuous Integration

Continuous integration seems to be a difficult topic that often eludes many individuals. Some typical questions that arise are which technologies should we use and how do we actually put everything together? However, CI doesn't need to be so difficult with the combination of the right tools.

Top 10 features offered by leading software testing companies

With the world embracing more digital tools to create new efficiencies, businesses that want to stay relevant in the market need their offerings to remain dynamic, optimized for users, and pristine quality. Since it’s often not possible to build, maintain, and enable technology alone, partnering with a software testing company is a great solution for continued success. But among so many options, how can you be confident that the software testing company you want to work with is the best?

Why you should go framework agnostic for test automation?

The most flexible native mobile-app testing solution.” It’s a bold claim that we are making about the BitBar Real Device Cloud. One of the essential features of being the most flexible is being framework-agnostic. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this term and see how QA teams and managers can benefit from such a platform. BitBar Cloud recently extended Flutter support to include Flutter 2.2 released by Google on May 18th, 2021.