The Definitive Guide to API Management

The Definitive Guide to API Management

May 1, 2018

Managing your public APIs

APIs are central to the application development process and key to competing in the digital economy. There is at least one API behind every app, smartphone, or digital connection that needs to be managed, analyzed, secured, and scaled. Extensibility is an important feature of API platforms - Apigee Edge supports commonly used and popular languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript. It also supports open source and customer-modifiable extensions.

The eBook “The Definitive Guide to API Management” examines all the features of the API platform for digital business, from designing and publishing APIs for developers to API traffic management, security, and analytics. It also covers different consumption models and how to monetize APIs.

What You Will Learn:

  • How an API management solution that is a platform can help an organization extend the capabilities of a solution to meet their goals
  • Why out-of-the-box extension policies are important for API developers
  • How app performance metrics and SDKs enable modern app development
  • The role of operational metrics in an API program