Payments Testing Guide: Ensure Flawless Checkouts

Payments Testing Guide: Ensure Flawless Checkouts

Sep 23, 2021

Payment gateways are the vital financial link between customer and business. You risk a lost sale if a customer encounters even a minor issue during checkout.

Payment gateway testing mimics each step of the payment process to verify that connections, transactions, and paths for communications are working. Testers uncover issues that impact a seamless transaction and user experience.

This guide provides a full overview of payments testing, from definitions to use cases to actionable testing scenarios.

What You'll Learn:

  • The benefits of testing payment gateways
  • 8 tests that ensure software functionality
  • Key features of a good payment gateway testing partner
  • 5 payments testing use cases
  • Bonus: 12-step guide for developing a payment gateway testing strategy

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