Scaling Microservices

Scaling Microservices

Jan 31, 2019

Microservices have opened the door for enterprises to become more agile and innovative than ever before, but adopting this new approach has left many teams with microservices “growing pains.” Originally intended for use in small teams, microservices have grown well beyond their original use cases and are now leveraged to share important functionality throughout enterprises and even with external partners. This sharing creates challenges for teams trying to secure, monitor, understand usage of, and fully take advantage of microservices.

Apigee’s latest eBook reveals how leading enterprises are facing these challenges head-on and scaling their microservices strategies.

Learn how APIs make it possible for microservices to be securely, reliably, and adaptably shared, and how an API management platform enables enterprises to ensure that they maintain control over their microservices as consumption grows.

What's Inside?

  • Understand common growth challenges of microservices
  • See how APIs allow microservices to grow securely and reliably
  • Learn how managed APIs can enable enterprises to control their microservices at scale