CrunchMetrics: Turning B2B data into actionable insights

CrunchMetrics: Turning B2B data into actionable insights


Customer experience matters at every stage of the buyer’s journey. With access to multiple digital devices, communication channels, and online resources, the path taken by today’s B2B customers is more complex than ever before. 90% of B2B buyers do not follow a straightforward customer journey. In addition to delivering a superior digital experience, B2B companies must also focus on managing channel partners effectively. To stay ahead, companies must support a robust partner ecosystem and deliver personalized and consistent brand experience across all channels to potential buyers.

AI-powered analytics is empowering B2B enterprises to understand their customers better and gain visibility into sales partner opportunities. With a better understanding of the conversion path taken by users and the channel partner ecosystem, B2B companies are delivering more valuable, relevant, and personalized experience to engage their prospects. Learn how B2B companies can leverage analytics to transform partner experience and customer experience from Samuel Pritchett, Head of Channel Strategy and Analytics at Atlassian – a leading software provider for collaboration, development, and issue tracking tools in our latest webinar session, hosted by our Head of AI labs, Shashank Shekhar. 

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The evolution of B2B customer experience
  • Identifying the right channel partners to invest in
  • Monitoring funnel progression and campaign performance
  • The best practices and strategies for AI-enabled CX analytics
  • AI Predictions and road ahead for B2B customer experience