Sisu: Leveraging Machine Learning and AI for Cloud-scale Analytics

Sisu: Leveraging Machine Learning and AI for Cloud-scale Analytics


The volume and complexity of data has become so great that only 6% of data is ever analyzed, and only 55% of it is leveraged for business decisions.

Peter Bailis launched Sisu Data so that businesses could find the answers to complex questions using the power of machine learning. Join Sisu for a discussion on how machine learning and AI in analytics, data science, and data pipelines can overcome the challenges of data collection, data transformation, and data delivery. Specific topics will include:

  • Transformation strategies to support data science and augmented analytics
  • The data “last mile”: technologies making cloud-scale data usable at human-scale
  • Real-world examples of improved outcomes enabled by machine learning

Joel McKelvey, VP of Product Marketing at Sisu will explore these topics with Datanami Managing Editor Alex Woodie, in an informative discussion on the new ways teams can use the power of cloud-based technology to scale their data and analytics strategies.

In addition, joining Joel and Alex will be Sid Sharma, Analytics Evangelist at Sisu, who will provide a short demo to enhance the conversation.