Sisu: The rise of decision intelligence

Sisu: The rise of decision intelligence


Most organizations don't effectively use data. Despite rapid innovation across the data stack, organizations still experience a bottleneck in turning data into insights and actions that deliver real business value.

To close the last mile of business intelligence and release data bottlenecks, organizations need a decision intelligence platform. These ML/AI-enabled platforms support the entire analysis workflow: they detect issues, identify root causes, predict events, recommend actions, and track the impact—at scale.

Business intelligence tools are no longer sufficient. They only display what has happened and require manual, hit-or-miss efforts to understand why it happened. They don’t auto-generate insights, predict results, or prescribe and execute actions. That is the future—that is decision intelligence.

Tune into this webinar to hear veteran industry expert, Wayne Eckerson, describe decision intelligence and its place in modern analytics portfolios. Then, watch Sisu demonstrate how a decision intelligence platform can close the last mile of intelligence and turn data into actions.

You will learn:

-What decision intelligence is and what it can do for your organization.

-How companies are using decision intelligence today.

-How the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine turns data into insights and action.