Boston, MA, USA
May 25, 2022   |  By Burak Kantarcı
With the ocean of open-source tools available today, building functional software is easy. Making high-quality software that meets the expectations of customers, however, is not. Delivering a high-quality product in the software industry requires a lot of tests. That means applying a CI/CD pipeline to our workflow to ensure every feature is well tested. Automated tests can provide some relief, but from time to time, we’ll have more features that come with many more tests.
May 18, 2022   |  By Ismail Egilmez
We’re living in the era of digital technology, version 4.0. Almost every business needs to be digitized. Technology companies used to build their own software products on on-premises infrastructure, but maintaining and serving a global user base with on-premises infrastructure has become very difficult. Continuing with an on-premises model requires investing in servers and a solid systems administration team to manage the infrastructure.
May 4, 2022   |  By Serkan Özal
While it may seem like cloud-native tools are limitless, monitoring and debugging in a cloud environment is still a challenge. Users often have to combine tools to set up a working environment for monitoring and debugging, and these tools don’t always work well together. Thundra was developed with the understanding that monitoring a system from a single pane is critical for efficient and effective debugging.
Apr 20, 2022   |  By Meravath Raju
Excerpt: Applications are widely used in almost all devices including desktops, Android, and iOS, But have you ever wondered or have you ever thought about how they are made and run with your commands?
Apr 13, 2022   |  By Ismail Egilmez
An application is only as reliable as the testing it undergoes. While anyone can throw together a quick server application and call themselves a web developer if there are too many bugs, users will vote with their feet. Finding and retaining users, on the other hand, requires quality software. By introducing testing into your development process, you can ensure that your users find the value that you provide—not the bugs that creep in.
Mar 31, 2022   |  By Serkan Özal
Flaky tests reduce your confidence in your codebase. When tests fail intermittently, for no discernable reason, it casts doubt on your entire test suite, leaving you wondering which test will be the next to fail unexpectedly. What’s worse is that due to the nature of these flaky failures, the offending change can be challenging—and expensive—to track down and fix.
Mar 9, 2022   |  By Baris Kaya
Today, we, as the Thundra family, are proud to announce that our baby flies the nest! Sidekick is grown up now and ready to make happy developer faces with live debugging capabilities. The world's first real live debugger - Sidekick became a standalone solution with on-premise support and many seamless features!
Mar 3, 2022   |  By Oguzhan Ozdemir
AWS Lambda applications are serverless applications that have gained popularity in the past few years, as they are very scalable (almost infinitely) and at the same time very cost-effective. LocalStack is a platform that allows developers to run Lambda applications locally on your machine. In a CI environment, debugging and testing these applications is a major challenge, as it is both complex and time-consuming.
Feb 8, 2022   |  By Burak Kantarcı
Traditional testing approaches that worked in monolithic applications have proven ineffective in an agile world where changes are dynamic. In an environment with different distributed services, there are even more reasons these methods won’t work. Contemporary applications are often composed of a dozen different services that might not be available to test in the required form at the same time in the same environment.
Jan 20, 2022   |  By Burak Kantarcı
Foresight is an automated observability tool that helps developers effectively and efficiently monitor and debug their test runs in a CI/CD environment. It also helps them optimize the execution time and performance of their CI builds by providing workflow analytics and metrics.
Jun 6, 2022   |  By Thundra
Monitoring is not meaningful without your teammates. From now on, you can invite your teammates and share a common workspace to monitor & troubleshoot your CI Workflows & Tests.
Apr 22, 2022   |  By Thundra
Finding & fixing failed tests are so smooth with Foresight. Watch the video to learn how to handle a failed test in under 1 minute with Foresight 🔥
Dec 29, 2021   |  By Thundra
We developed Sidekick with a purpose in mind that you could debug your beloved applications in their natural habitat - live in production. We're now introducing GitLab support. Previously we were only working with GitHub but since we are constantly improving our product, we added GitLab as one of our source providers.
Dec 2, 2021   |  By Thundra
👉 Live e2e test debugging for a distributed serverless application 👈 We go through.
Dec 1, 2021   |  By Thundra
Thundra Foresight enables developers to monitor their CI pipelines end-to-end, all in one place, at the same time! You can drill into your CI workflows and understand any failure root-cause such as builds, jobs, tests, and other steps. Having such visibility into your CI pipelines, you can make sure your CI workflows are faster and more reliable than before.
Dec 1, 2021   |  By Thundra
CI Pipeline and test performance, trends, all workflow key results, all in one place! Foresight V2 makes it easy to pinpoint errors, latencies, and potential issues by enabling you to understand the performance and behavior of your CI pipelines. You can drill into failed CI workflows and understand the root cause of failures, such as error-prone jobs and failed or flaky tests, and see the exact steps that caused the build to fail.
Oct 21, 2021   |  By Thundra
In this joint webinar, organized by Thundra and LocalStack, Serkan and Waldemar walkthrough How to set up and test your cloud infrastructure locally with LocalStack
Aug 4, 2021   |  By Thundra
Gain full observability for your CI Pipeline with Foresight. Identify slow and flaky tests, get to green builds faster.
Jul 2, 2021   |  By Thundra
Unlock Visibility into the CI Pipeline & Spot Test Failures in no time! Efficient microservices testing requires observable CI pipelines. By providing observability into the CI process, Thundra Foresight helps optimize the build duration and minimizes failed builds, enabling more frequent deployments, higher development productivity, and lower CI costs.
Apr 15, 2021   |  By Thundra
Remote debugging in distributed environments is painful. Thundra Sidekick is more than just a remote debugger. It's secure and easy to use. When developers push their code to remote development or staging environments in pre-production, they usually lose the ability of traditional debugging with breakpoints. Instead, they have to read the logs carefully and understand what’s going wrong.
Dec 4, 2020   |  By Thundra
Debugging in production can provide an opportunity to pinpoint bugs that might not be apparent in the development or staging stacks. In this whitepaper, we will discuss how to effectively debug in production.
Oct 30, 2020   |  By Thundra
Kubernetes is a complex system but not a complicated one. Its layered architecture is open to creating disasters caused by networking, security, configuration, and cloud provider limitations. Learning from others' mistakes is the new reality of succeeding for cloud applications. This perfectly applies to Kubernetes-based software architectures and your software, too. If you don't understand how other people will fail, it's more likely that you'll fail at some point.

Quickly pinpoint problems in Serverless. Thundra provides full observability, debugging, and performance monitoring for serverless development and operations teams.

Thundra is a software organization dedicated to helping serverless applications become a mainstream production reality for all enterprise organizations by shedding light into black box environments. With rich visualizations of aggregated metrics, logs, and traces, software teams can quickly identify and solve performance problems in their AWS Lambda environments with minimal to zero coding and no additional overhead.

Thundra provides answers quickly:

  • Maximize Developer Productivity: Focus on developing valuable business features and spend less time manually implementing monitoring tooling and debugging application problems.
  • Lower Costs and Resource Consumption: Identify what areas of your application are taking up the most resources in order to maximize efficiencies and reduce overall consumption.
  • Analyze from a Single View: Understand how your serverless applications interact with external services and, with integrations, analyze your serverless system alongside all your other data.

Pinpoint your serverless problems and get back to coding.