How to build a data-driven company

How to build a data-driven company

Aug 26, 2021

Whether you’re at an enterprise tech giant or grassroots startup, building a data-driven foundation is crucial for a business. So, where do you start?

In this on-demand webinar, Rehgan Avon, CEO of Women in Analytics discusses last month's WIA Conference. She shares the special fireside chat where Falon Donohue, Partner at Narya VC, interviewed Berit Hoffmann, Sisu Chief Product Officer. They discuss what it takes to build a data-driven company and address a number of thought-provoking audience questions.

Watch this session to learn:

  • How to build a culture that supports employees’ successes and failures
  • How to navigate the journey to a C-level role in product and how to get there
  • How to manage the opportunities and challenges of an early-stage startup