Continual: Data Practitioner Roundtable: Operationalizing ML

Continual: Data Practitioner Roundtable: Operationalizing ML


Are you sick of hearing from technology vendors and thought leaders? The Data Practitioner Roundtable is a periodic event where we gather together actual data practitioners to learn from their experience building, maintaining, and using data systems. This is an uncensored, unfiltered format where we give the spotlight back to the data professional and hope to extract valuable insights from their expertise.

Join us on August 16th when we’ll discuss the topic of operationalizing ML. Many companies struggle to build and maintain production systems for machine learning. We’ll talk to three practitioners who have been tackling this problem for years to hear what lessons they have learned and what tips they have for others who are going down this path. Topics covered will include:

  • Are more options better? The importance of a unified workflow for ML.
  • The complexity of systems at scale. What to consider as you begin planning for hundreds of users or more?
  • Learning from other disciplines. Why are data scientists resistant to accepting software engineering best practices?

We look forward to seeing you there!