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Top 10 iOS Libraries of 2023: Stay Ahead of the Game

This is the most fertile time for app development since the launch of the App Store 15 years ago. Our industry is in the grip of several simultaneous revolutions, each of them bending, flexing and moulding to the others. 5G promises to make our apps 10 times faster; wearable technology lets them wrap themselves around our bodies; artificial intelligence enables them to learn from us and get smarter every day. But this torrent of innovation brings challenges, too.


Listeners in Selenium - A Guide to Enhance Test Automation

Listeners in Selenium are classes that implement specific interfaces in order to track events that occur during the execution of Selenium tests. You can use them to perform additional actions or log information when specific events happen, such as a test case starting or ending, or a test step passing or failing. Using listeners, developers can add extra functionality and customization to their Selenium tests without modifying the test code.


Top 10 Android Emulators for PCs in 2023

According to a poll conducted in 2022, more than 2.65 million Android applications and 494K+ publishers were on the Google Play Store alone. This number demonstrates the need for enhanced testing techniques for mobile applications. Android emulators for PCs will help you do that. There are various Android emulators on the market. Each differs in compatibility, user experience, usage, and pricing. You will need to pick the Android emulator that suits your needs.

Tiny Flutter: The future of Dart & Flutter on small devices?

Dart recently added experimental support for the new RISC-V CPU architecture and the first boards with these new chips are now starting to be available. One of these is the Sipeed Lichee D1, a RaspberryPi type device that is able to run Linux and Dart. At the same time, tiny but very cheap OLED screens are showing up in all sorts of devices, from soldering irons to high end music synthesizers. But what does it mean for Flutter and its mission "Beautiful apps for every screen" when the screen is 1 inch with a resolution of 128x64? Is that even possible? In this talk I'll cover how to get Dart running on one of these boards, how to use these tiny screens from Dart and what parts of Flutter can help with using screens this small.

Introducing the official Codemagic integration for Runway

Codemagic is now officially integrated with Runway, the DevOps platform for mobile. But wait, you might be wondering, isn’t Codemagic already that as a CI/CD for mobile? Aren’t the two services interchangeable? In fact, it’s quite the opposite — they’re powerfully complementary.


Your Complete Guide to TeamCity vs Jenkins [2023 Edition]

Build. Test. Deploy. Every real-world application development involves the above three stages. But do they need to be in the same sequence? Let’s start with the Waterfall model; it is sequential and moves forward in phases. But as the industry evolved, it became obsolete. Agile methodology took its place, which works iteratively to overcome its predecessor’s drawbacks. Yet again, the industry evolved to look for something more collaborative; agile no longer served the purpose precisely.