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New: Utilization Insights on Bitrise

Discover Bitrise's new Utilization Insights, a powerful feature enhancing the Insights add-on for optimal mobile development team resource management. It offers comprehensive dashboards on infra usage, workflow counts, concurrency and queues, and billing cycle summaries to improve your resources' management.

iOS Data Persistence: A Guide for Swift Developers

The term ‘data persistence’ refers to data that remains available, even when the program that created it is idle, sleeping or unable to open. In many cases, our iOS apps need to provide support around the clock, so we need our data to be ‘always on’ – even when the apps themselves are not.

15 Promising Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing has become a prevalent business strategy in modern times. While pinpointing its exact inception is challenging, most industry leaders attribute its emergence to the 1980s. Over the course of almost four decades, significant advancements and enhancements have occurred that have literally increased the benefits of IT outsourcing. ‍ ‍

Kotlin Unit Testing Guide for Android Developers: Best Practices & Techniques

Unit testing is one of the most powerful features of Android app development, saving us crucial time and reducing overall project cost and allowing developers to embrace test driven development With unit testing, we take an individual slice of code and test it to our requirements. If it passes, then the slice of code is pushed to the repository to merge with the existing code. If it fails, the developers fix the error and retest until it passes.

How to build an app like Uber?

Too many cars, too few parking spots, and never enough time! Does that sound familiar? Well, this chaotic hustle-bustle gave rise to urban transportation apps like Uber. The mere mention of its name brings a sigh of relief to daily commuters like us, isn’t it? But wait a minute. Have you ever wondered how this magical app came to be? Do questions like- ‘How can I build an app like Uber, and how much money does an app development company charge?’ ever crossed your mind?

Navigating Apple's Latest App Store Updates

Apple’s App Store has undergone significant changes recently, and savvy iOS developers are working hard to stay ahead of the curve. Together, the recent implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations in the EU and App Store Review Guidelines will reshape the iOS application landscape. While some of these changes pose exciting opportunities, others demand rapid and proactive adaptation.

Integrating iOS Push Notifications Using Swift

Push notifications play a vital role in user engagement and retention, keeping users up to date and creating a sense of FOMO that leads to purchases. And in iOS, we get the added benefit of Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNs). which acts as a middleman between the app server and the user’s device, facilitating the delivery of push notifications even if the app is not active or the user is checking another of their apps.

Deploy your app to App Store Connect with Codemagic CLI tools and GitHub Actions

The process of building, code signing, and publishing mobile apps can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when working in a large team and also needing to share builds with QA engineers. That’s why Codemagic offers a cloud-based CI/CD service for mobile apps that automates the whole workflow with minimal time-effort on configuration. But what if you want to use Codemagic’s features locally or in another CI/CD environment, such as GitHub Actions?