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An Introduction to AI-generated Content and Generators

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular, yet misunderstood phenomena in the world. Many people get their ideas about AI from apocalyptic Sci-Fi movies rather than an understanding based on science or observation. The truth is that many pieces of software, websites, and applications already use AI. An AI writing generator is not that difficult to obtain. AI can even make music, create pictures, or talk to you. Chatbots have been a thing for more than two decades.


Optimizing a Huggingface model with TensorRT and serving it on ClearML

What if I want to serve a Huggingface model on ClearML? Where do I start? In general, machine learning engineers know by now that a good model serving engine is invaluable when serving models in production. These days, NVIDIA’s Triton inference engine is a popular option to do so, but it is lacking in some respects.


The Snowballing of Connected Data Apps

If you’ve been following commentary on the modern data stack recently, you may have noticed the tent’s steadily getting bigger. There also appears to be a growing ecosystem of companies that are beginning to take the next step, going from what a modern data stack can look like, to now internalizing this concept in their very own product solutions.


Big Data and AI Blame Failures on Bad Data

Guest post by Bill Inmon “Bill Inmon is an American computer scientist, recognized by many as the father of the data warehouse. Inmon wrote the first book, held the first conference, wrote the first column in a magazine, and was the first to offer classes in data warehousing.” Source: Wikipedia. An article headline — “BIG DATA/AI BLAME FAILURES ON BAD DATA” — caught my attention.


YOLOv5 Integration

The popular object detection model and framework made by ultralytics now has ClearML built-in. It’s now easier than ever to train a YOLOv5 model and have the ClearML experiment manager track it automatically. But that’s not all, you can easily specifiy a ClearML dataset version ID as the data input and it will automatically be used to train your model on. Follow us along in this blogpost, where we talk about the possibilities and guide you through the process of implementing them.


Interview With AI Specialist & CEO Wayne Chung

For the next instalment in our series of interviews asking leading technology specialists about their achievements in their field, we’ve welcomed Wayne Chung, CEO and Co-Founder of GOFA International. Wayne is also the Founder of The Coop Idea and Frogswell, two consumer tech companies that in just their first decade, have amassed over 100USD million in sales.


Harnessing Artificial Intelligence In API Management

A decade ago, artificial intelligence seemed like a future dream. Something impossible to achieve in the next 10-15 years. But two years into the 22nd century, those visions are now a reality. Sure, we don’t have fully sentient computers yet. But, we’ve made tremendous improvements beyond what many would have predicted a few decades ago. Harnessing artificial intelligence in API management will be important for scaling and securing your business.


Modernizing MLOps: Why I Chose Continual

It says something about a company and its people when they drop the process of formulaic job interviews and just let you pitch ideas for the job you want. That’s what happened when I applied to Continual as a Technical Marketing Manager. Five weeks in, I’m pleased to say I’m working on those same ideas, which I’ll detail in a couple minutes.