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Fueling Enterprise Generative AI with Data: The Cornerstone of Differentiation

More than two-thirds of companies are currently using Generative AI (GenAI) models, such as large language models (LLMs), which can understand and generate human-like text, images, video, music, and even code. However, the true power of these models lies in their ability to adapt to an enterprise’s unique context. By leveraging an organization’s proprietary data, GenAI models can produce highly relevant and customized outputs that align with the business’s specific needs and objectives.

Embracing the Power of AI and Machine Learning in Software Testing

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, superior software is essential, whether it be the apps on our phones or the intricate systems supporting various business requirements. The process known as Software Testing (ST) has undergone an immense transformation in order to meet this necessity where Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) play a great role in QA solutions.

The Award Winning Formula: How Cloudera Empowered OCBC With Trusted Data To Unlock Business Value from AI

Recently, Cloudera, alongside OCBC, were named winners in the“Best Big Data and Analytics Infrastructure Implementation” category at The Asian Banker’s Financial Technology Innovation Awards 2024. This recognition underscores the importance of trusted data when building AI and generative AI (GenAI) models and serves as a testament to the impact that reliable data can have in real world use cases.

Skyward Shift Harnessing Gen AI to Elevate CX in the Aviation Industry

Imagine finding yourself in an airport, receiving a message from your travel app: “Due to severe weather conditions, your flight is delayed by 3 hours. We anticipate your gate opening within the next hour. Here’s a $30 voucher for refreshments while you wait.” While this scenario might seem like something out of a Hollywood movie, in reality, it could lead to tense confrontations and disruptions. That’s why clear communication and support before travel are crucial.

Improving Government Case Management with AI: 6 Use Cases

There are many ways AI can improve government case management processes. Examples include: AI capabilities often depend on a large language model (LLM), an advanced AI system that can understand, analyze, interpret, and generate human language. It uses deep learning techniques to predict and produce coherent text based on input prompts. A large language model trained on government agency data is capable of tasks like text extraction, translation, summarization, and conversational responses.