Improve Underwriting Using Data and Analytics

Insurance carriers are always looking to improve operational efficiency. We’ve previously highlighted opportunities to improve digital claims processing with data and AI. In this post, I’ll explore opportunities to enhance risk assessment and underwriting, especially in personal lines and small and medium-sized enterprises.


How to Become a Data Economy Leader: The Rise of the CDO (Chief Data Officer)

The catalyst of innovation and transformation is data. The companies that recognize the power of data and wield it to drive business transformation are seeing positive impacts on their business outcomes, as indicated in our report, How to Win in the Data Economy. We surveyed 1,000 senior business and technology executives to gauge the impact the data industry is having on their businesses, and to what extent companies are embracing the opportunity to become data leaders.


The case for a query modification language (QML) and why dashboards are dead

In 1895, a German physicist was trying to determine if he could observe cathode rays escaping from a glass tube and noticed an unexpected glow on a fluorescent screen several feet away. On further examination, it turned out to be a different kind of radiation that we now know as X-ray. Fast forward to today and you can’t even imagine diagnosing many medical problems without the X-ray.

Defending your customer's data - René Waslo

This episode features an interview with René Waslo, Risk and Financial Advisory Principal at Deloitte & Touche. She works as a cyber professional within the Energy, Resources and Industrials sector. In this episode, René talks about zero trust, trends in security breaches, sustainability in cyber, and encouraging women to enter the cyber industry.

What's new in ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud 8.7.0

Want to bring the data-driven insights created in ThoughtSpot to the apps your teams use most? With this month's release of ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud, we're launching ThoughtSpot Sync that lets you operationalize your insights by sending data directly to tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Sheets. Watch this video to learn more about ThoughtSpot Sync, along with other new features like Liveboard tabs and threshold-based alerts in SpotIQ Monitor.

Where Is Your Customer Data Located?

Modern organizations have multiple touch points continuously collecting customer data. Data collection is essential for firms that use it for personalized marketing campaigns and improving customer experience. Analytics provided by this data help enterprises observe customer behavior and make critical business decisions. However, before firms can explore any use cases, it is crucial for them to recognize the data touch points where vital information is collected.