Beyond Monitoring: Introducing Cloudera Observability

Increased costs and wasted resources are on the rise as software systems have moved from monolithic applications to distributed, service-oriented architectures. As a result, over the past few years, interest in observability has seen a marked rise. Observability, borrowed from its control theory context, has found a real sweet spot for organizations looking to answer the question “why,” that monitoring alone is unable to answer.


Deliver Data-Driven Decision-Making with the New Government & Education Data Cloud

Today’s governmental and educational organizations can’t fully use the wealth of data they possess to improve citizen and student outcomes. Government agencies often deal with disparate and siloed data that can impact real-time decision-making. Securely exchanging information and collaborating on data remains an essential task in almost every agency strategy.


9 Data Quality Checks to Solve (Almost) All Your Issues

Can you put a number to how much bad data is costing your business? This includes everything from marketing losing 21 cents of every advertising dollar due to misinformed business decisions to data engineers wasting more than 3h daily resolving data quality issues. Luckily, you can guarantee high-quality data with 9 simple checks. In this article, we’ll look at.