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What is Istio Service Mesh?

As a developer working with microservices architectures, you may find yourself facing numerous challenges. Managing multiple services, each with its own potential points of failure, can be complex. Issues such as communication difficulties, security concerns, and lack of visibility are common in these environments. These challenges are not unique. As microservices architectures expand, they often introduce complexities that can be demanding for development teams to handle.

How to Migrate from Legacy Databases to MS SQL Server

Legacy databases often come with numerous challenges, such as limited scalability, outdated security measures, and compatibility issues with modern applications. These constraints can hinder business agility and increase maintenance costs. Modernizing your database infrastructure is crucial for leveraging advanced features, enhancing security, and ensuring seamless integration with contemporary software.

Generate API Tests With AI in Katalon Studio: A Detailed Guide

Introduction Automation is the key to efficiency and accuracy in today's fast-paced development cycles. The API test case generator (beta) in Katalon Studio is an AI-powered feature that streamlines the creation of test cases from OpenAPI/Swagger specifications. By automating this process, the generator significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual test case creation, paving the way for faster and more efficient API testing.

Deploy and Manage Cloud Apps from VS Code with the Choreo Extension

The Choreo extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) enables developers to manage cloud applications without leaving VS Code. This seamless integration enhances the overall development workflow, offering everything from component creation to monitoring. With the release of version 2.0, the Choreo extension is now better aligned with typical development workflows and offers an experience that's more familiar to users of the Choreo console.

Best Practices for Naming REST API Endpoints

REST APIs are a powerful tool to bring together multiple applications. While REST APIs are extremely useful, creating and deploying them into production is a highly complex and time-consuming process. If you’re building your own REST API, you should be familiar with some of the industry best practices for naming REST API endpoints. For many developers, using a development platform is a good way to get started. It streamlines the development process and ensures you're able to get started immediately.

The Future of AI & Human-Robot Interaction | WSO2Con USA 2024

We are excited to share with you the highlight reel from WSO2Con 2024, featuring a keynote by Dr. Kate Darling, a leading expert in social robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Scientist. Dr. Darling's presentation, "The Future of AI & Human-Robot Interaction," captivated our audience and offered insights into the evolving relationship between humans and robots. During her talk, Dr. Darling delved into why humans fear some robots while empathizing with others, addressing critical questions about our future interactions with these intelligent machines.

Insurance Legacy System Transformation With API Integration: A Guide

Insurers’ success has always hinged on their ability to analyze data effectively to price and underwrite policies accurately. While this analytical capability remains essential, outdated legacy systems hinder insurers from competing in a rapidly changing market. According to McKinsey, modernizing legacy systems can reduce IT costs per policy by 41%, increase operations productivity by 40%, improve claim accuracy, increase gross written premiums, and reduce churn.

Unified API Management: WSO2 API Manager Control Plane with WSO2 APK Data Plane

In this video, Sampath Rajapakse, Associate Technical Lead, and Tharsanan Kurukulasingham, Senior Software Engineer at WSO2 demonstrate how to effectively manage APIs using the combined power of WSO2 API Manager Control Plane and WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (APK).