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How a Multiprotocol Development Strategy Can Ease Your Microservices Woes

Finding efficient ways to process, share, and reuse functionality and data is crucial – it’s an important way to break down monolithic applications into more consumable and maintainable microservices. In today’s API-focused world, this translates into multiprotocol development (gRPC, GraphQL, EDAs, etc.) and an enhanced development process (governance, standards, design-first). To understand this, we need to look more closely at protocols.

Artificial Intelligence in Test Automation

When you hear “Artificial Intelligence,” (AI) what do you think of? You might picture advanced humanoid robots or futuristic technology from sci-fi movies. But as it turns out, this “futuristic” technology is already integrated into our lives. It exists in our phones, televisions, and homes to make everyday tasks simpler. When it comes to software testing, AI can be implemented into your testing initiatives to increase efficiency.

The People Behind the Process: Software's Greatest Asset

Our new podcast, "The People Behind Your Favorite Apps," shines the spotlight on the developers, testers, and others who work tirelessly to bring amazing technologies to market. How they come up with solutions to big challenges, collaborate at scale, and deal with high-pressure deadlines and increased expectations from the business and customers alike.

Shifting Up: Achieving Progressive Delivery with both shift-left and shift-right approaches

There's a transformation happening in software development: Progressive Delivery. It lets you rapidly release updated apps while still maintaining quality and control. Better still, it can have a big impact on the job satisfaction and day-to-day experience of developers. At SmartBear, we're in a unique position with this change happening in the market. We have a range of tools that improve the quality of software development, aiding management, design, testing, and observability.

SmartBear at Atlassian Team '22

Major technology events are back, and so are we. The Atlassian Team ‘22 event in Las Vegas happened last week and we were thrilled to attend in person. And usually, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But today, we’re talking all about what took place, who was there, and how we participated. So, what were the most memorable moments at Atlassian Team ‘22? Read on to find out.

Scaling Microservices with Contract Testing and Pactflow

API growth continues to rise within the modern enterprise. Microservices, are a leading growth driver for APIs as development teams continue to break down monolithic systems, seeking to capitalize on the advantages of decoupled capabilities. Benefits such as reduced costs, reduced time-to-market, faster release cycles and decentralized evolvability are possible. However, as APIs become increasingly prolific and central to core business functions, such benefits do not always linearly scale.

The SmartBear API Platform: Driving Quality, Consistency, and Collaboration Across Your Development Workflow

APIs have never been more instrumental in business. Organizations use them to deepen partnerships, accelerate development, integrate capabilities, and generate revenue. These business drivers, combined with the rise of microservices, drive incredible growth in the API space. According to the most recent State of Software Quality API report, 61% of survey respondents chose microservices as the technology that will most likely drive API growth.