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2024 Predications for SAP Finance Teams

Next year, finance teams utilizing SAP will face unparalleled pressure due to a confluence of economic challenges. The demand for actionable insights will grow amidst a landscape marred by economic recession and escalating inflation rates. These adversities heighten the necessity for finance professionals to adeptly translate raw data into strategic guidance.


insightsoftware Recognized in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Financial Planning

insightsoftware is thrilled to be recognized as a Niche Player in Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Financial Planning Software. It is an honor to be recognized for the first time in this highly competitive space. Earning a place in this MQ is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best budgeting and planning solutions for our customers.


10 Fintech App Security Solutions [Complete Guide]

Design, speed, and simplicity are the winning flavors for any mobile banking app. By possessing these characteristics, the fintech app can entice any smartphone enthusiast, the number of whom is steadily increasing. The industry’s major mobile app development company players recognize that the pervasiveness of mobile phones in our lives must be used as a tool to win loyal users for FinTech businesses.


What's the impact of fintech on banking industry?

Are you aware of the fact that India’s overall fintech market opportunity is estimated to be $1.3 Tn by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 31% during 2021-2025? This one statement paved the way for the FinTech revolution in India and is still growing… In just a few years, the emergence of fintech-powered technologies has revolutionized the financial sector, affecting how both large and small firms deal with their finances and transactions.


How to Develop Loan Management System for your business?

The world has really come a long way due to widespread digital transformation adoption! And, it’s no secret that it has changed the FinTech sector drastically. In light of this evolution, it has become imperative for lenders to adapt and refine their operations with a well-defined Loan Management System.


6 Ways BPM in Banking Improves the Customer Experience

The 2023 banking industry crisis left a lot of us unsettled and more worried than ever about customer retention. We all want to feel confident our customers will continue to choose us, but how? Start by giving them a great experience. Business process management (BPM) can help you meet and exceed customer expectations while improving operational efficiency and managing regulatory compliance. If you're Googling "bpm in banking," you're not alone. It's an approach to improving organizational processes.


Data and AI as the Key to Unlocking Financial Inclusion

Of the many things one might take for granted, access to banking and financial services may not immediately come to mind. But as a thought experiment, imagine trying to buy a home or a car without the ability to take out a loan. Try depending on cash payments from your employer, or relying on alternative banking solutions like short-term payday loans, check-cashing services, and prepaid debit cards.


Bank Risk Management: Top Challenges and Their Solutions

In today's dynamic financial landscape, threats are not only escalating but also rapidly evolving. At the same time, regulators impose stricter transparency and compliance requirements on financial institutions. So, how can decision-makers navigate this challenging environment, with relentless cyber threats coming at them from one side and rising regulatory demands from the other?


Ensuring Resilience in the Fintech Eco-system by Introducing Chaos Engineering

Over the past few decades, consumers increasingly accepted digital tools as they helped save time, manage funds securely, and track and control their finances efficiently, leading to the growth of Fintech companies. According to some reports, the Fintech Industry is projected to become $1.5 Trillion by 2030. NA has the largest share of the market in Fintech across the globe. US Fintech as a service market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.5% from 2023 to 2030.