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Essential Close Automation for CXO

Automation is your key to success in Finance and this includes your close. Anyone who has been through a close knows a clunky one is painful, and it arrives routinely whether you are prepared or not. A recent survey by Hanover Research found that a staggering 49% of Finance professionals felt unable to execute their tasks completely because their current manual processes were too time consuming. And those manual processes impacted their ability to execute essential tasks efficiently and effectively.

Find Your Story With CXO and Longview

The smart pairing that will turn your numbers into dynamic C-level insights Financial and tax management has evolved enormously since the advent of computational technology. These days, you can’t just get by on spreadsheets and ledgers – everywhere you look you’ll hear the buzz of the age of automation. Your data needs to be sophisticated, offering essential storytelling to help support strategic insights.

Top Financial Reporting Challenges and How to Solve Them

Being a finance professional is stimulating and rewarding, but it comes with a set of unique challenges. The accuracy and timeliness of information is essential, yet for most organizations, the volume and complexity of financial information is growing continuously. Simply working harder doesn’t seem to solve the problem; finance professionals must work smarter, applying the right tools to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Modernizing the Future of Finance: A Kong-versation With Finastra

Finastra has ambitious goals – to open up the world of finance. As Joey White, SVP of technology for Finastra, says, “The future of finance is open. All of the currently closed systems within banking will need to open to serve a digital future.” To him, open means understanding what you don’t know, specifically, the particular modality of use and that change is the only constant.

FinTech Companies Thrive and Innovate with ChaosSearch

Welcome to the second installment of our ChaosSearch for FinTech blog series, where we explore how financial technology (FinTech) companies can solve analytics challenges and drive business outcomes with ChaosSearch. In Part One of this series, we brought you an in-depth look at how FinTech companies could accelerate application development and streamline operations in the cloud by adopting ChaosSearch for log analytics at scale.

From Bricks and Mortar to Taps and Swipes, Accelerated Disruption in Banking Is Set to Continue

In 2019, global venture capital investment in Fintech totaled at least $33.9 Billion. For years, the incumbent players had been warning the sector that when the next recession hit, or when fintech faced a “real” crisis, that the sector would, at worst, collapse, and, at best, see a whole bevy of fintech players disappear

5 Reasons to Get Smart Why Bizview for Atlas

Time is Money, they say. And when you waste time on onerous menial tasks instead of improvements, you aren’t spending your time, or money, wisely. When it comes to planning and analysis, the role of financial professionals is to provide insights that helps shape the direction of the entire organization. However, many financial professionals feel that they spend too much time trying to find and connect data, rather than focusing on strategic insights.

Financial Reporting Challenges for CFOs in 2022

It’s the busy season for financial professionals. Whether you are a CFO, a tax specialist, or part of the team responsible for closing the books and producing year-end statements, Q1 is crunch time. It’s the season for staying late at the office (or working evenings at your home office), chipping away at that long list of to-do items that need to be completed ASAP.