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Introduction to Automation Testing Services: What You Need to Know

Quality can feel elusive in this rapidly changing world of software development where applications are in constant flux. Quality can feel elusive in this rapidly changing world of software development where applications are in constant flux. Automation testing services make their way into the scene- a radical innovation that rationalizes the entire testing process: time and resources saved result in a better product delivered ultimately.

5 Advantages of Enterprise Intelligent Automation

3. Elevate risk governance to the next level. NatWest is the UK's leading business bank and second-largest retail mortgage provider. Lengthy change implementation processes hindered risk governance at the bank. Initiating change projects or launching products and applications meant navigating layers of policy checks and approvals, which could take up to 73 days.

The 16 Best Automation Testing Tools to Use in 2024

It’s hard to know who to trust for automated testing tools. With so many options, deciding which one will fit your specific needs can be tough. That’s why we’re breaking down the top tools in the industry, their advantages and disadvantages, the tests they’re used for, their price points, and more. We’ll also share user reviews and give you our recommendations to help you find the perfect fit for your business needs.

Four considerations for enhancing citizen experience with continuous automated testing

In today’s digital age, citizens expect seamless interactions with government agencies, mirroring the efficiency and user-friendliness they encounter in the private sector. However, achieving exceptional citizen experience (CX) requires routine testing and close attention to software quality and performance. As agencies navigate the complexities of delivering digitized services, continuous automated testing (CAT) is a game-changer in enhancing CX while maintaining speed and reliability.

No QA team? 5 ways to automate your tests and what to consider

Is your startup operating with no QA team and trying to figure out your options for improving software quality? Perhaps you’re proactively thinking about your QA process before quality becomes a problem. Our maybe quality issues have forced you to finally address your QA process (or lack thereof). Either way, end-to-end (e2e) automated software testing is always part of the answer.

Building an effective test automation framework synergized with Xray Enterprise

Test automation is an essential component in today's software development landscape, where speed and quality are critical. It ensures the timely delivery of high-quality software by automating repetitive and time-consuming testing tasks. However, the journey to effective test automation comes with challenges such as selecting the right tools, managing complex test cases, and enabling seamless integration of testing into the software development lifecycle.