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Test Automation in the AI Era: Embracing Change to Stay Ahead

In the ever-evolving landscape of software testing, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not just been a game-changer; it’s been a paradigm shift. Test automation, once a static process, has metamorphosed into a dynamic and intelligent entity, reshaping how we approach quality assurance.

Making Use of Design Patterns for Better Test Automation | Sai Krishna | #automationtesting

In this illuminating session, Sai Krishna delves into the intricate art of architecting robust test suites, drawing upon the power of design patterns for automation excellence. As testing landscapes evolve, the need for resilient and efficient test automation becomes paramount. Sai explores the principles of design patterns and their application in creating test suites that stand the test of time.

How to build an API with a POST method

Building custom APIs to receive data via a POST method. This video answers the questions: How to create a REST API with a POST method How to quickly make an API with a POST method How to create a data API with a POST method How to distribute data via API with a POST method Linx is a general-purpose, low-code platform for backends. Developers use Linx to build, test, deploy and manage backend solutions such as APIs, integrations and automations.

6 Top Benefits of IDP Automation

Whether it's invoice processing or compliance management, it's likely that your organization grapples with numerous processes centered around documents. And for many, a relentless increase in document volume without an efficient way to process them has continued to challenge productivity. The manual handling of documents not only consumes time and effort but also introduces errors, which creates more costs.

How to Show ROI in Test Automation & Other Community Questions Answered

Welcome to Test Case Scenario! In this episode, our panel answers community questions as they unravel and decode the ROI of test automation. Dive into an engaging discussion with a touch of humor with host Jason Baum, along with panel Nikolay Advolodkin, Marcus Merrell, and Evelyn Coleman.

Low-Code Business Process Automation: A Blueprint for Success

In the age of rapid innovation, organizations are increasingly adopting low-code business process automation (BPA) to meet demand for speedy custom application delivery and seamless digital workflows. Perhaps that’s why global demand for low-code automation platforms (LCAPs) is expected to grow 25% to a $10 billion market value in 2023. So what does the ascendance of BPA tell us about the evolution of innovation?


Mobile Test Automation of Flutter Apps: Best Practices using Katalon Studio

Flutter, Google's open-source UI toolkit, has gained immense popularity for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase. With its versatility, developers have embraced Flutter for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces. However, when it comes to test automation, Flutter apps require a unique approach due to their underlying architecture.


Automated file archiving made simple

File and folder management is a large part of backend development. Whether you are creating files, importing files, or simply following organisation standards, every system needs to consider how files are stored and archived. This is especially important for ETL or data-loading solutions. Low-code tools are a good choice when you create a process to automate your file archiving.