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How to Start Automation Testing from Scratch without Code

Automated software tests are much cheaper to execute, take less time to run, and are less susceptible to human error than manual testing. That’s why most software companies eventually build an automated test suite. There are many things to consider when first getting started with automated testing, but arguably the most important is choosing the right tool.

Most Common Myths Around Test Automation By Rahul Parwal

A common theme among most software testing organizations is their escalating interest in Test Automation. While test automation has grown in popularity, there are still many myths and biases surrounding it. Such myths can unknowingly create a self-limiting boundary and negatively impact the possibilities of test automation. Testsigma, a no-code test automation tool that is for everyone, is also free and open source.

Top 10 Tools for Automated Front-End Testing in 2022

Front-end testing helps ensure that the core functionalities of a web or desktop application work properly and appear correctly to the end-user. By automating front-end testing, teams can release new features and updates faster and with fewer bugs. However, most of the automated testing tools that are used for front-end testing don’t actually interact with the front end of their application.

7 Tools that Can Help Automate Repetitive Tasks

How often have you found been buried among piles of emails, expense reports, meeting invites, and other organizational tasks where a little part of you wished that this never-ending to-do list could organize itself on its own or even better, magically vanish? McKinsey reported that in an average workweek, 28% of an employee’s time goes into just responding to emails. Additionally, another 19% is spent on gathering information, while 14% of time is spent on communicative and collaborative tasks.

What Is API Automation Testing and How Can It Help Your Business?

Application programming interface (API) automation testing is a type of automated testing that focuses on the performance and functionality of APIs. This process can test APIs for correctness, compatibility, and efficiency. API automation testing can ensure that APIs function properly and meet consumers’ expectations. This article will discuss how API automation testing works and how it can benefit your business.

Why You Need to Think about API Automation and Scalability

First published on The New Stack. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital channels for banking, retail, and a host of other services. As a result, businesses are shifting their digital transformation initiatives into overdrive in order to meet customer demand for online interactions, which should be both inviting and secure. APIs act as key drivers behind most successful digital enterprises.

5 Best Practices for an Automation Center of Excellence

Given the array of ongoing challenges businesses face, including those posed by hybrid work and COVID-19, business automation is more important than ever. In large organizations, many business units have long been using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate simple manual tasks such as copying and pasting data. While RPA can address local needs quickly and easily, it can’t scale to deliver the complete end-to-end automation, also called hyperautomation, that modern companies need.

Selenium Disadvantages: Why QA Teams Are Going Codeless

Selenium is the oldest and most well-recognized automated testing tool for web apps, so a lot of software teams try it out when they first experiment with automated testing. But most teams quickly run into three Selenium disadvantages: Because of these challenges, many software companies that use Selenium find testing to be a huge drain on time, effort, and resources. That’s why we designed Rainforest QA—to solve the limitations of Selenium and make QA easy to scale and maintain.