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Calculating ROI on Test Automation: How to do it And What You Need

Testing is a crucial stage in producing software and technology devices. It is performed before release to ensure that the product works exactly as intended, is free of bugs, and has no vulnerabilities. While you can perform testing manually, there is a growing tendency to automate the process. Embracing automation in testing can be a great way to save time and manage business expenses related to product development and QA operations.


Listeners in Selenium - A Guide to Enhance Test Automation

Listeners in Selenium are classes that implement specific interfaces in order to track events that occur during the execution of Selenium tests. You can use them to perform additional actions or log information when specific events happen, such as a test case starting or ending, or a test step passing or failing. Using listeners, developers can add extra functionality and customization to their Selenium tests without modifying the test code.


How To Automate Login Functionality Using Selenium WebDriver

Automating an application can be performed in various ways with various tools. Selenium WebDriver is most used among those because of being an open source and ease of use. Selenium WebDriver gives users a lot of flexibility to write their test in different programming language and allow the user to execute their test on different browser like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. It can also be integrated with other 3rd party tools like TestNG, Junit, etc.


Add Katalon Visual Testing To Your Robot Framework Automations

Robot Automation Framework is a popular open source test automation tool employed by software teams. Katalon’s Robot Framework Integration enables software teams using Robot Framework for test automation to tap into Katalon’s powerful AI enabled Visual Testing capabilities to level up their software quality and release readiness protocols.


Top Automation Testing Tools You Should Know In 2023

For today’s continuous development streams, automated testing is the optimal solution. You can choose from various automation testing tools and frameworks to create and run successful test cases. Although finding the ideal test automation solution is challenging. In this blog, we’ll examine how to select the right framework for your company and go in-depth on the best automation testing tools available on the market. Table Of Contents


How AI & Low-code are Revolutionizing Test Automation: Use Cases and Benefits

Have you tried Googling ‘ChatGPT’ recently? It has been live for only 45 days and the volume of conversations happening about and around ChatGPT is enormous. While ChatGPT is not the topic of this blog today, its popularity has offered a solid ground to talk about the pervasiveness of AI.

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Test Automation: Benefits and Use Cases

After spending hours or even days manually testing your software, you're wondering whether there's any way to optimize this process. Well, you're right to look toward implementing test automation. However, minimizing manual labor isn't the only valid reason to do so; there are many other benefits to test automation, a few being: Test automation is an entire field in itself that can help you improve accuracy and resilience, which you'll learn a lot more about throughout this post.


From open source to Katalon | Streamline your test automation journey

Quality confidence in the functionality of an application alone is no longer sufficient to deliver a top-notch digital experience. Customers today constantly want more, and they want it fast. Test automation is adopted to keep up with users' tendency to be less tolerant of defects and expect quick updates and fixes at the same time. Currently, in the automated testing tool market, open source frameworks and solutions are commonly opted for due to their flexibility and free cost of entry.