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Introducing Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce

Salesforce is the solution of choice for thousands of organizations that require innovative digital, SaaS-based solutions that serve the front, middle, and back offices – while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience. Clicks-not-code functionality has given Salesforce customers the ability to create and maintain a highly customized platform that brings business transparency to the forefront.


Introducing Tricentis Test Automation for Salesforce, Test Management for Jira, and NeoLoad 9 with RealBrowser support

Today is an exciting today for us here at Tricentis! We’re introducing two brand new products: Test Automation for Salesforce and Test Management for Jira. We’re also releasing a major upgrade of NeoLoad for performance testing. Together, these new releases will enable customers to deliver new capabilities and workflows to their business faster, collaborate more efficiently among product teams, and enhance digital experiences for all end users.


7 Salesforce Integration Assets to Connect Your CRM

In a world driven by software, technology, and data, businesses must be utilizing data points to streamline their businesses. Data now exists from all aspects of a company and must be properly integrated to make intelligent decisions. From client sales, purchasing behaviors, inventory, and beyond, collecting, understanding, and interpreting these data points can help your business thrive in your respective industry.


The Right Tool to Support Your Microsoft Dynamics Migration

Cloud migration is a daunting prospect, especially considering the expense of installation, training and embedded new processes. But the benefits of enhanced functionality, the power of the cloud, and increased ROI are reason enough for organizations across the world to convert every day. Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is ideal for a variety of applications, including managing multiple departments and CRM integration.


5 best practices to un-bottleneck your Salesforce testing and update process

As the largest cloud-based CRM provider, Salesforce comes with comprehensive out-of-the-box usability while also accommodating high levels of customization, integration, and flexibility for their 150,000 strong customer base. In fact, the Salesforce ecosystem is 5 times larger than the platform itself and includes an extensive partner network and an app marketplace with 4,000 apps.