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Banking on Future Growth: Predictions, Challenges, and Performance for Financial Brands

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic uncertainty forced businesses to rethink how they approach growth. This especially rang true in the financial services industry, where financial trends have the most direct impact. Curiosity, collaboration, and adaptability all became key to surviving this new climate.

Metric Insights by Databox - Unlock Your Metrics Potential

Metric Insights is your new central hub for all things metric performance, helping you to unlock your metrics potential. Regardless of your role, chances are you’re keeping a close eye on a handful of key metrics. Sometimes, that means taking a closer look at a specific metric to help you improve it. Metric Insights can help you do that.

New in Databox: Analyze The Performance of Any Metric or KPI With Metric Insights

Whether you’re a leader, manager, or individual contributor, chances are you need to keep a close eye on a handful of key metrics. If you’re the Sales leader, it might be KPIs like Leads, SQLs, and Close Rate. If you’re running paid ads, it might be Total Ad Spend or Cost Per Conversion. Of course, you can view these metrics on dashboards and get updates through automated reports.

New in Databox: Safeguard Your Data With Advanced Security Settings

As your company grows, so do the challenges of managing user access and data security. For many of us, it’s a common situation – the account that started with a few key players now has multiple users with different access levels. New team members join, roles evolve, team members move on to new opportunities, and sometimes external players (like contractors or clients) need temporary access to your account.

What Is Data Reporting and How to Create Data Reports for Your Business

According to Gartner’s prediction, 90% of organizations will consider information the most valuable asset a business may have. And where does this information come from? Here’s a magic word – data. Even though many companies report making important decisions based on their gut feeling, 85% of them would like to improve the ways they use data insights to make business decisions.

What Is KPI Reporting? KPI Report Examples, Tips, and Best Practices

We’re constantly bombarded by data points and it takes real effort to make sense of them. While having a lot of information is a good thing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss what’s really important. Businesses especially need to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff and assess their data accurately. But, how do you go about this exactly?

The 23 Best Keyword Tracking Tools (According to 107 SEOs)

Do you know if your keyword research and optimization strategy are working? Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO, and as such, you need to know how they’re performing. For that, you need to use the right tools. We’ve asked 107 SEOs about the best keyword tracking tools. Here is what they recommend.

How to Calculate Growth Rates in SaaS: Start with These 12 Growth Metrics

There’s nothing businesses desire more than growth. Your growth rate is a telling indicator of how far you’ve come in business and how soon you’ll be able to break even on investments. And if your company is shooting for an exit soon, your growth rate can be the difference between a few hundred thousand vs millions in investment dollars. With SaaS, the stakes are even higher.