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Machine Learning


Nodesource introduces Machine learning on its N|Solid platform to help make better Node Apps

N|Solid is an incredibly versatile platform for helping developers and devops engineers build and manage highly performant and secure Node.js web applications. With the advancement of machine learning you can unlock even more potential. Our M/L solution is a powerful tool that can increase the quality of user experience and boost efficiency for organizations with their Node.js applications.


McKinsey Acquires Iguazio: Our Startup's Journey

8 years ago, when I founded Iguazio together with my co-founders Yaron Haviv, Yaron Segev & Orit Nissan-Messing, I never thought I would be making this announcement on our company blog: McKinsey acquired Iguazio! When we first embarked on this journey, we realized that while AI has the ability to transform any industry - from banking to retail to manufacturing - in reality most data science projects fail.


Increase Hugging Face model throughput by 193% using ClearML

Deploying models is becoming easier every day, especially thanks to excellent tutorials like Transformers-Deploy. It talks about how to convert and optimize a Hugging face model and deploy it on the Nvidia Triton inference server. Nvidia Triton is an exceptionally fast and solid tool and should be very high on the list when searching for ways to deploy a model. If you haven’t read the blogpost yet, do it now first, I will be referencing it quite a bit in this blogpost.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence mimics human cognitive behaviors and makes intelligent decisions in an automated fashion in various industries. It's well known that we are entering the golden era of AI. Some examples in the real world are the contributions from computer vision systems, self-driving cars, and robotic process automation. AI significantly impacts every domain, and every industry is looking to automate different jobs using intelligent frameworks.