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Demystifying the Data Governance Framework

Data governance is a set of rules, processes, role delegations, and responsibilities that clearly define data quality, accessibility, data security, and regulatory compliance for an organization’s enterprise data management. You are most probably already applying some sort of a data governance program - setting up rules for the management of data and acceptable use of data assets.

How to establish data excellence

There is no operational excellence without data excellence, and to ensure you are using this valued asset properly, a data governance framework must be part of your strategy. For organizations to meet their business objectives on a continuous basis, it is critical to maintain data quality and trust. Data quality — and by extension, data health — is not a “one and done” exercise; data is always changing and growing. Because data health is an ongoing process, tracking that health over time can expose hard-to-spot issues like data drift and can help organizations quantify the ongoing impact of data quality interventions.

How Snowflake Support Uses Data to Improve the Customer Experience

Customer advocacy is one of the Snowflake Support team’s most important roles. Working closely with customers around the world every day, we listen and learn to gain meaningful insights into Snowflake products, the ways our customers use those products, and the challenges they face. We feel a deep responsibility to take those insights and trends, analyze them, and drive positive change on behalf of Snowflake customers.

Unlock real-time insights from your Oracle data in BigQuery

Relational databases are great at processing transactions, but they’re not designed to run analytics at scale. If you're a data engineer or a data analyst, you may want to continuously replicate your operational data into a data warehouse in real time, so you can make timely, data driven business decisions.

Inside the "Supercloud" - What it is, How to Use One, and Building Architecture for the Future

As public cloud and multi-cloud adoption skyrockets, many organizations are looking to implement compatible services. These services increase the utility of cloud infrastructure by tapping into the underlying building blocks (otherwise known as primitives) of the cloud. That’s where the idea of a “supercloud” comes into play.

Don't Know How to Interpret Your Data? Use This Playbook to Master Data Management

Data is everywhere. Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or just trying to keep your head above water in your day-to-day job, the chances are that you’ve had at least one interaction with a set of data this month alone. And if you’ve ever tried to interpret data for yourself or your team, you know how confusing it can be to make sense of it all, understand what information is critical, and what can be left to the wayside.

Canadian Tire x ThoughtSpot

Building trust is extremely important, and Canadian Tire does this using data. Through having an in depth understanding of the numbers, Canadian Tire is now able to build trust with their merchants. See how with ThoughtSpot’s simple, search based platform, Canadian Tire can now better understand their customers and continue to scale.