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Webinar Recap: Countly's 2023 Highlights and Beyond

On Wednesday, February 21st, we hosted a live event on Discord, highlighting Countly's significant developments from 2023 to this day. Led by Onur, our CEO, the session offered an insider look at Countly's journey and unveiled our newest offering: Countly Flex. The webinar was about 36 minutes long. You can watch the recording here, but if you’re in a rush, here is all you need to know.

Data Bytes & Insights: Strategies for Modernizing Enterprise Data Architecture

Legacy tools holding you back? Are you ready to transform your enterprise data architecture for enhanced efficiency? In this insightful webinar "Strategies for Modernizing Enterprise-Level Data Architecture," Puneet Gupta, SVP of Product, and Cade Winter, Director of Sales Engineering at Hevo Data, guided us through strategies to drive efficiency, enhance security, and boost agility within organizations.

Fine Grained Access Control in Cloudera DataFlow

Data engineers and analysts need a self-service way to build data movement flows to get critical data to where it needs to be. Cloudera DataFlow enables self-service by introducing fine grained access control with projects. Projects allow users to group flow drafts and deployments and give access to team members as needed.

Top 10 Reasons to Acquire a Product Information Management Solution (PIM or PXM)

Implementing a PIM or PXM* solution will bring numerous benefits to your organization, in terms of improving efficiency, increasing sales and conversions, reducing returns, and promoting customer loyalty through more accurate, more complete, and more engaging product content. Here we explore these benefits in more detail.

What is Data Mapping?

The quick and dirty definition of data mapping is the process of connecting different types of data from various data sources. Data mapping is essential for integration, migration, and transformation of different data sets; it allows you to improve your data quality by preventing duplications and redundancies in your data fields. Data mapping is a crucial step in data modeling and can help organizations achieve their business goals by enabling data integration, migration, transformation, and quality.

5 Best Practices for Streaming Analytics with S3 in the AWS Cloud

Streaming analytics is an invaluable capability for organizations seeking to extract real-time insights from the log data they continuously generate through applications and cloud services. To help our community get started with streaming analytics on AWS, we published a piece last year called An Overview of Streaming Analytics in AWS for Logging Applications, where we covered all the basics.