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Do More With Yellowfin: November 2022 Yellowfin User Group Event Recap

Welcome to our Yellowfin Customer User Group Event event recap for November 2022! Following our quarterly webinar held November 8 - 9, this blog provides a helpful summary for our customers that could not attend to catch up on new updates from the company, including our future product roadmap and extended support of the Yellowfin embedded analytics suite.

How to customize color ranges in charts

Learn how to change the color settings in a chart by using different metric ranges, and even custom sets of colors. You'll learn how manipulate the color in your charts by setting upper and lower bounds, or by specifying the midpoint in your chart. You will also learn the two places that you can access the color settings in your charts.

Create Beautiful Business Insights With Yellowfin Using Data from APILayer

Yellowfin analytics has a broad range of capabilities to help enterprise organizations and product owners solve the most pressing analytical dashboards and reporting needs. If you've been using Yellowfin for a while, you know how great it is to tell stories with data, work together, and make beautiful, easy-to-use dashboards that let more people see, understand, and act on their data.


What is Data Security? - The Role of Analytics in Data Protection

Data security (or data protection) is a term often used in the context of analytics and business intelligence (BI). It encompasses a number of different policies, processes and technologies that protect an company's cyber assets against data breaches and threats. But what does all of that really mean, in relation to BI specifically?

How to Broadcast a Report in Yellowfin

In this video you will learn the basics of using Broadcast, including the differences between Broadcast, Smart Task, Personal Broadcast, and FTP Schedule. You will learn how to set up a Continuous Schedule broadcast with the correct time and frequency settings, or how to configure a broadcast triggered by an Alert, complete with delivery rules. You will also learn the differences between sending the broadcast in various formats, including a link that takes the viewer back to your live and updated report.

Supercharge Yellowfin with 100+ Interactive Charts from FusionCharts

Yellowfin converts your data into visual Reports and then helps you to create Dashboards and Stories to present these reports to your customers. The Reports are usually a combination of data fields and charts. Charts are a significant component of any report. They help customers understand the data quickly and give your report or presentation clarity and authority.


White Label Analytics: What It Is, Why It Matters & 5 Key Benefits

A key consideration when buying an embedded analytics solution is not only whether it supports embedding of charts and reports, but that it can integrate analytics in a way that is indistinguishable from the experience of your application. Learn what white-label BI is.


What is Self Service Analytics? The Role of Accessible BI Explained

Self service analytics (also called self-service business intelligence, or self-service BI) is a term commonly used among analytics vendors and organizations adopting BI, often in the context of being the next big thing in driving more people to use data to find insights. But what is self service analytics? How does self service analytics work? And why does self service analytics matter?