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Nodesource introduces Machine learning on its N|Solid platform to help make better Node Apps

N|Solid is an incredibly versatile platform for helping developers and devops engineers build and manage highly performant and secure Node.js web applications. With the advancement of machine learning you can unlock even more potential. Our M/L solution is a powerful tool that can increase the quality of user experience and boost efficiency for organizations with their Node.js applications.


Introducing Tricentis Test Automation: Delivering model-based testing in the cloud

It’s no secret that more and more applications are moving to the cloud. According to the 2022 Flexera State of the Cloud report, 50% of all workloads are in public clouds. In addition, moving from on-premises software to SaaS was a top priority for 42% of survey respondents. According to the BetterCloud’s 2023 State of SaaSOps report, organizations are using 130 SaaS apps on average. Many of these apps are the backbone of your organization.


Introducing the official Codemagic integration for Runway

Codemagic is now officially integrated with Runway, the DevOps platform for mobile. But wait, you might be wondering, isn’t Codemagic already that as a CI/CD for mobile? Aren’t the two services interchangeable? In fact, it’s quite the opposite — they’re powerfully complementary.


Kong Konnect Updates: Analytics, Secrets Management, and More

Hayden Lam also contributed to this post. Today we’re thrilled to announce new features in Kong Konnect, including secrets management, support for Kong Gateway 3.1, Analytics updates, runtime group APIs, system accounts, and an intuitive overview page and service wizard. In this blog, we’ll explore all these exciting updates in Kong Konnect.


Kong Insomnia 2022.7: Now Supporting OpenAPI 3.1, Custom Linting, and More

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Kong Insomnia 2022.7. This update brings several new capabilities into the fold with a focus on improving API quality and driving productivity. Read on to learn more about what’s new in Kong Insomnia.


What's new in Tosca 16.0?

Tosca 16.0 is here! With this new release, we deliver several capabilities that strengthen automated testing for packaged applications from Oracle, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The release also includes new mobile testing features that ensure smoother connectivity and a better mobile testing experience. Read on to learn more.