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Product Release

Koyeb Serverless Platform Public Preview

Today, we are super excited to share that the Koyeb platform is available for everyone in public preview. If you don't know us yet, Koyeb is the developer platform to build, deploy and scale full-stack applications where your users are. We've been working on the platform since early 2021. The private preview has been intense with over 10,000 developers joining the community and now over 3000 applications running on the platform.

Now generally available: BigQuery BI Engine supports many BI tools or custom application

Customers who work with data warehouses, running BI on large datasets used to have to pick low latency but trading off freshness of data. With BigQuery BI Engine, they can accelerate their dashboards and reports that connect to BigQuery without having to sacrifice freshness of the data. Using the latest insights helps them make better decisions for the business.

New! Embed analytics even faster with CodeSpot

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of CodeSpot, a searchable repository of ThoughtSpot blocks and code samples to help developers embed engaging analytics experiences into any app for the modern data stack. CodeSpot harnesses the knowledge and experience of ThoughtSpot Everywhere developers, data analysts and engineers, and product experts to build a broad ecosystem of shareable assets to accelerate development projects and benefit our developer community and customers.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Version of Wands

Thousands of enterprise ERP customers have discovered the convenience and flexibility offered by insightsoftware’s Wands products. If you’re currently running any of the Wands for SAP solutions, you should know about some recent updates to the product line that will enhance your team’s productivity, increase the options available for calendar-year reporting, and improve the underlying technology on which the Wands products are built.

Pentaho 9.3 Suite Drives Modern Business Intelligence Across the Hybrid Cloud

Hitachi Vantara’s latest improvements to Pentaho make it significantly easier for organizations to move data workloads from on premises to the cloud and back again. The new Pentaho 9.3 Long-Term Support (LTS), part of Hitachi’s Lumada portfolio, offers a cloud deployment option that we anticipate will be a critical accelerant of data-driven transformation.

The Ably Kafka Connector - now Generally Available with enhanced pattern-based mapping capabilities

The Ably Kafka Connector has a raft of new enhancements, and is now available in a full general availability (GA) release. Developers now have the option to use pattern-based mapping rules to enable streaming of data from many Kafka topics to many Ably channels - ideal for chat solutions, live sports updates, live streaming, broadcasting notifications and alerts.

Klocwork 2022.1 Launches Kotlin Analysis Engine

A key component of the latest release of Klocwork is the launch of the Kotlin analysis engine, which greatly enhances the static analysis and SAST tool’s offerings. In addition, the release includes a number of other significant improvements that greatly enhance the tool’s performance and functionality. Here, we provide an overview of the new analysis engine.

Introducing Profile Dashboards in Moesif

We are excited to announce that Profile Dashboards are now live within Moesif! We have designed Profile Dashboards to enable customer-facing teams with a convenient way to monitor and analyze your customer’s account health. This new feature provides customer specific information in an easy and consistent fashion. Profile Dashboards allow you to see a personalized dashboard for specific users and companies.