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WSO2 Advances Developer Productivity With Latest API Management and Integration Offerings

Developers can now manage data planes for WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes with the same control plane, develop integrations in VS Code using Micro Integrator for VS Code, and utilize AI assistants to streamline efforts.

Introducing WSO2 API Manager 4.3: Stronger, Streamlined API Management

We’re delighted to announce the release of WSO2 API Manager 4.3, a significant upgrade that enhances your API ecosystem's performance, security, and scalability. WSO2 API Manager, an industry-leading open source API management solution, offers a unified platform for creating, publishing, and overseeing APIs, enabling organizations to securely expose their services with both internal and external stakeholders.

Unveiling WSO2 APK 1.1: Kubernetes-Native API Management

We're excited to introduce WSO2 API Platform for Kubernetes (WSO2 APK) 1.1, a key update to our Kubernetes-native API management solution. This release leverages the strengths of Kubernetes to offer high-performance and cloud-scale API management, ensuring automation, reliability, and improved developer experiences. Traditional API management solutions aren't built for Kubernetes environments, leading to issues with performance, scalability, and manual configuration.

How Asgardeo Protects You from Costly Downtime

We all love the ease and affordability of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tools. We expect our SaaS apps to be available whenever we need them, building our business processes around this assumption. At WSO2, we are grateful that many organizations trust our SaaS solutions, and we continually work to ensure this trust is well-founded. It’s worth taking a moment to understand the impact when those mission-critical apps go offline. Just one minute of downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars.

Fireside chat on WSO2 Identity Server 7.0

WSO2 Identity Server is the leading open source IAM solution. It is a powerful, modern access management solution for your on-premises or cloud environment that provides secure access for your consumers (B2C), enterprise customers (B2B), workforce (B2E), or APIs. WSO2 Identity Server manages more than 1 billion identities worldwide, and its extensibility allows it to support the most complex IAM requirements.

Introducing the Choreo CLI

We're happy to announce the release of a new command-line interface (CLI) tool for our development platform! With this, we aim to bring Choreo to your terminal. This reduces context switching, helps you focus, and enables you to script and create your workflows more easily. You can install Choreo CLI today on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Simply run our installation script for your particular OS.

Choreo's Managed Authentication for Single-Page Web Applications

Authentication and authorization play crucial roles in modern application development. Over the years, the way we implement these security measures has evolved, with protocols like OAuth2/OpenID Connect now being widely used. While web applications can manually implement these protocols, it requires a certain level of expertise. Moreover, when it comes to single-page applications (SPAs), additional measures are necessary to securely manage security tokens on the application side.

Getting Started with Choreo for the WSO2 Code Challenge! | Community Call 4

Welcome to the exclusive community call focused on getting started with Choreo, especially for participants of the WSO2 Code Challenge. If you're looking to participate in the challenge and are seeking tips to leverage Choreo to increase your draw entries, this call is for you!

7 Key Features of WSO2 Identity Server 7.0 Every Application and API Developer Should Know

As the open source leader in IAM, we’re excited to release WSO2 Identity Server 7.0. If you’ve been involved in the IAM space for some time, you might remember that WSO2 Identity Server 5.0 released in 2014, which was a revolutionary product at that time. It brought an innovative experience for identity domain experts to model and implement their access management requirements.

EP7: Platformless: Revolutionizing Enterprise Software Engineering

Join us for a new episode where Sanjiva and Asanka, the visionary authors of the platformless manifesto, explore the groundbreaking concept of platformless in enterprise software engineering. They unveil the inception and collaborative effort behind platformless, guiding viewers through its core principles and four essential technology pillars: API-first, cloud native middleware, platform engineering, and developer experience. Whether you're considering building from scratch or investing in a platformless solution, this discussion offers invaluable insights into the unique benefits it brings to architects.