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Business Process Management Tools: 13 Features to Look For

Every organization, big and small, relies on processes to get work done. Processes are the backbone of your success. But if left unchecked, your processes can spin out of control. That’s why business process management (BPM) tools are so essential. They provide a wide range of coverage to help you develop, automate, optimize, and orchestrate efficient processes.


API Summit 2023 Recap

API Summit 2023 is a wrap! Over the two-day conference (our sixth-annual event), we packed in over 40 hours of content in 100 sessions touching on everything from ensuring reliable connectivity to generative AI. We heard from investors about the future of APIs, as well as stories from users and customers from all over the world. And, of course, we also had plenty of Kong-related news to share. Here are some of the highlights from the event and a round-up of all the Kong news dropped this week.


The Definitive Guide to Date and Time in JavaScript

There are now nearly 9 million apps worldwide, and practically all of them run on an internal clock. Financial apps are built on timestamped data. Office apps run on calendars. Social apps are defined by their feeds, timelines and anniversaries. So, as devs, we need to know how to compute date and time. JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language, has plenty of helpful APIs, but they can throw up complications if you’ve never used them before.


100 Test Cases For Banking Application (With Template + Complete Guide)

Banking is a critical but highly complex industry. It is a highly regulated environment, and banking applications must be developed in compliance with privacy and security standards of the region the bank operates. Credibility is an invaluable asset to any financial institution, so they can’t afford to let any bugs, even the most minor, slip into production and impact the user experience.


An Introduction to Apache Kafka Consumer Group Strategy

Ever dealt with a misbehaving consumer group? Imbalanced broker load? This could be due to your consumer group and partitioning strategy! Once, on a dark and stormy night, I set myself up for this error. I was creating an application to demonstrate how you can use Apache Kafka® to decouple microservices. The function of my “microservices” was to create latte objects for a restaurant ordering service.


How To Reduce Reductions in Elixir

In this article, we'll show how you can use Elixir's profile.eprof mix task to evaluate and improve code performance in your Elixir application. You'll see how we used the profiling mix task to lower reductions in our instrument/3 function and custom instrumentation functionality, both key parts of our Elixir integration.


How to Build an API on AWS

AWS is the largest cloud provider and with that it there can be challenges to build an API on AWS when trying to securely expose data. The most notable way to expose this data is by hand-coding an API to interact with the various AWS systems. This might be an acceptable way to approach the problem but with recent developments with AI and other low-code/no-code tools, developers are expected to do more with less.