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An Easy Way to Build and Execute Selenium Projects

Selenium is one of the leading automation platforms in web application testing. Using Selenium, you can automate your testing process efficiently and deliver a bug-free product quickly. This article will guide you in building and executing Selenium projects in Java. According to reports, 67% of Selenium users prefer Java for writing test scripts. Before you learn to build Selenium projects, let’s get to know the basics of Selenium and why it is popular among developers. Table Of Contents


The top 5 software testing trends of 2023

This year, there are more commercial tools offering no-code and low-code test automation solutions, helping the testing community to worry less about the tech stack. As the testing industry evolves with many new principles and tools, testers should also continuously improve their skills in order to test their product more robustly.


From cash to crypto: the rise of digital payment methods

Money has been gradually digitized for decades, and the electronic transfer of funds is nothing new. But over the last five to ten years, internet technology and e-commerce have made digital payment methods the standard; these trends have sped up dramatically since the pandemic. Gen Z is leading the fray with near-total adoption and use of digital payments.


How to ace your Software testing process using the 7 Testing Principles

It’s already 2023, and as we all know, software testing has advanced significantly. But it doesn’t imply we should ignore the fundamentals or the basics. The “7 Software Testing Principles” are such basics that we should always adhere to. You may have studied these concepts as part of your ISTQB certification training when you started your testing career. Did you just forget about them after reading the book, as you did with previous theoretical papers?


Top Digital Payment Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

In 2022, we already saw the emergence of payment SaaS, the adoption of Blockchain Technology, and the evolution of Central Bank Digital Currency. We also saw new payment modes like Buy Now Pay Later, Biometric Authentication, and Biometric Payments and an increase in the use of AI and ML in fraud detection. Now, what should we look out for in 2023?


What's New in TTM for Jira: APIs, faster performance, and UX improvements

Say hello to the newest features of Tricentis Test Management for Jira (TTM for Jira)! Now, TTM for Jira improves productivity for QA, dev, and delivery teams by keeping test plans, test cases, and history inside Jira. The latest releases include new APIs, along with UX and performance improvements for faster teamwork.


Benefits of a Public Cloud vs Private Cloud & Dedicated Devices

Most software projects leverage synthetic tests to verify functionality early on, but physical devices are the ultimate form of quality assurance. While a few smartphones may suffice early on, a growing user base means quality assurance teams must ensure support for a broad range of devices, operating systems, and browsers with public or private device clouds. Device clouds make it easier to manage devices and run automated tests from anywhere.