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Smart Assertions Overview

The Smart Assertion checks both the message content and the metadata such as headers, status codes, and parameters in accordance with the predefined set of rules. Note: The Smart Assertion supersedes the Message Content, Valid HTTP Status Codes, Invalid HTTP Status Codes, HTTP Header Equals, and HTTP Header Exists assertions. They are also easier to setup and configure. The assertions will continue to be available, but we recommend transitioning to Smart Assertions.

A Comprehensive Approach to Quality: Integrating Test Automation & Test Management

Manual tests slow down your team and limit test coverage, but implementing UI test automation can sometimes seem daunting. After all, you have a massive application with numerous moving parts, and UI tests are notoriously flaky. So, how can you improve quality and streamline your UI testing efforts? In this article, you’ll learn the difference between test automation and test management, and how integrating the two can unlock a more comprehensive approach to quality.


Creating an executable file for Appium Server

Appium is a well-known mobile automation tool for automating native, hybrid, mobile web, and desktop apps. The appium community has come up with a major release in recent years, appium 2.0.0, and has made some considerable changes in making appium a platform where drivers and plugins can coexist independently. In this blog, we will see how we can create an executable file for the appium server.


Leading Your QA Team to Success: Insights from a Head of QA

As the Head of Quality Assurance (QA), you have a crucial role in ensuring the success of your team. Effective leadership can significantly impact the productivity, efficiency, and morale of your QA team. Leading a QA team to success requires more than just technical expertise in quality assurance. It entails effective leadership, strong communication, and the ability to inspire and empower your team members.


5 Effective Ways of Performing Periodic Project Hygiene Checks for Successful Delivery

Why are IT projects unsuccessful? What could be the reasons for failure? Project failures can be due to many reasons and may vary from several issues ranging from trivial to significant blockers during execution. These impact budgets, deadlines, goals, and not meeting the program’s success criteria or definition of done. According to a PwC study of over 10,640 projects, only a tiny portion of companies – 2.5% to be exact – completed 100% of their assignments successfully.


Test Case Template For Enhanced Software Quality

Writing effective test cases is an integral part of the software development and testing process, especially when dealing with complex applications with multiple functionalities. Test cases serve as a reference for future testing cycles, facilitate knowledge transfer when new team members join, and help identify and document complex functionalities. They are also essential for preventing bugs, improving test coverage, and prioritizing product releases.