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CrowdStrike's Security Failure: A Security Testing Update

Having strong security testing services are crucial, as demonstrated by the recent incident involving top cybersecurity service CrowdStrike, which rocked the industry. A global outage hurting companies, airlines, and government institutions throughout the globe was caused by a defective upgrade to their Falcon Sensor software. This terrible episode serves as a clear warning of the possible repercussions when security updates, intended to protect systems, contain undetected flaws.

Generate API Tests With AI in Katalon Studio: A Detailed Guide

Introduction Automation is the key to efficiency and accuracy in today's fast-paced development cycles. The API test case generator (beta) in Katalon Studio is an AI-powered feature that streamlines the creation of test cases from OpenAPI/Swagger specifications. By automating this process, the generator significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual test case creation, paving the way for faster and more efficient API testing.

Static Code Analysis With Katalon: A Complete Guide

In today's fast-paced software development environment, ensuring the quality and security of code is paramount. Static Code Analysis has emerged as a vital practice in this realm, offering a systematic method to examine code without the need to execute it. In this blog, you will delve into the essence of Static Code Analysis, its applicability, and the significant benefits it offers, particularly in the context of testing code.

How to organize a bug bash

Bug bashes are time-boxed events where participants (developers, testers, product managers, and customers) come together to identify and report as many bugs as possible, providing a fresh perspective on the software. They encourage cross-functional interaction, accelerate the bug discovery process, uncover critical issues, improve the overall quality of the software, and enhance product reliability before release. To organize one, you need to consider.

How to Perform a Delta Analysis with Helix QAC

Helix QAC allows you to use qacli and project Baselines in the Validate platform to view delta analysis results from merge requests, pull requests, or feature branch commits in CI/CD pipelines. Watch this short demo to see how easy it is to do a delta analysis with Helix QAC, which can be implemented into your continuous integration system.

Top 7 Anonymization Techniques to Sustain Data Privacy and Compliance Standards

In an era where data breaches generate headlines and data privacy is an increasing concern, how can organizations use the massive amounts of data they acquire without jeopardizing individual privacy? The solution could be found in a unique amalgamation of data anonymization approaches. As we dive into this fascinating topic, we discover how technology is transforming how we anonymize data, ensuring that the insights we gain are useful and respectful of privacy.

Top 10 Tools for Monitoring OAuth Client Credentials Endpoints

When it comes to keeping your OAuth Client Credentials endpoints secure and high-performing, monitoring is crucial. Whether you’re a non-technical business owner, a software engineer, a student, a product owner, a web agency, or a DevOps professional, understanding and implementing effective monitoring can save you from a lot of headaches. In this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 best tools for monitoring OAuth endpoints, helping you find the best fit for your needs.

Overcoming Stale Element References in AJAX Table Loading with Katalon Studio

Overcoming Stale Element References in AJAX Table Loading with Katalon Studio The information in this blog post is based on a real-life scenario shared by a user on our Katalon Community forum and is intended to inspire peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration. Please always test solutions thoroughly before implementing them in a production environment.

How To Build a Keyword-driven Framework In Selenium?

Instead of writing the same automation code repeatedly for the same actions, you can create keywords for those actions. When writing tests, you only need to call these keywords. This approach, known as creating a keyword-driven framework, makes test scripts more readable, maintainable, and efficient by avoiding redundancy.