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Best Practices and Business Benefits of DevOps Transformation

Every enterprise in today’s competitive environment is undergoing digital transformation. Businesses are attempting to improve their present IT infrastructure and techniques while welcoming new technologies and software development approaches to stay ahead of the competition. Enterprises’ ability to achieve all of this is highly dependent on their willingness to implement best practices for a successful DevOps transformation.

Test-driven development: an introduction for mobile app developers

Test-driven development, or TDD, is a testing method where you first convert the feature requirements to tests and then write code to make the tests pass. In this article, we take an objective look at test-driven development, its benefits, downsides, and best use cases.

5 Causes of Flaky Tests and How to Mitigate Them

With the ocean of open-source tools available today, building functional software is easy. Making high-quality software that meets the expectations of customers, however, is not. Delivering a high-quality product in the software industry requires a lot of tests. That means applying a CI/CD pipeline to our workflow to ensure every feature is well tested. Automated tests can provide some relief, but from time to time, we’ll have more features that come with many more tests.

Sauce Labs Contract Testing Overview

Start using Sauce Labs Contract Testing with Mocking in only minutes with this easy technical overview. See how quickly you can generate contract tests from OpenAPI spec files to check for contract compliance between the API consumer and producer. Sauce Labs also lets you easily extend contract tests into functional, integration and load tests!

5 Favorite Web Apps To Practice Test Automation

We recently talked with one of our clients and asked him about some recommendations to get introduced in practicing Test Automation. He advised us that he always requires an acceptable application under test whenever he needs to undertake some test automation-related exercise or proof of concept. There are a hundred various sample apps available, and it might be difficult to find a nice app while not wasting too much time on it.

Interview tips when appearing for QA roles

Hello Peeps, I hope you are all doing good. Software job trends are changing frequently. To match that, the expectations for Software Testers and Quality Assurance (QA) roles are also changing. Most organizations realized the importance of software testing and the testers. In this era, testing is also evolving to a greater extent. Also, testers are involved in multiple software development phases due to the influence of Agile methodology.