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Are your Digital Services Accessible?

The modern workplace is more diverse than ever. Interested parties include a whole strata of incredibly talented people whose needs are regularly overlooked through poor design & development, and a failure to comply with disability and accessibility regulations around the world. This webinar will give you an introduction to the digital needs of those in need of accessibility support and the software tools available to help you test that you are meeting a significant portion of those needs.

How to Create Test Scripts Using the Chrome DevTools Recorder Panel

Create JSON, Puppeteer, and Puppeteer Replay test scripts to run on Sauce Labs using the Chrome DevTools Recorder panel You can now record, replay, and measure user flows with the new Chrome DevTools Recorder panel. The Recorder panel is available in Chrome versions 101 and above. A major benefit of the Chrome DevTools Recorder panel is that it requires minimal background knowledge on testing to use. This allows development teams to more easily create and run user flow tests.

Sauce Labs Contract Testing Overview

Start using Sauce Labs Contract Testing with Mocking in only minutes with this easy technical overview. See how quickly you can generate contract tests from OpenAPI spec files to check for contract compliance between the API consumer and producer. Sauce Labs also lets you easily extend contract tests into functional, integration and load tests!

Bad Press, Litigation and Exclusion: Why Inclusive Design Must Be Accessible

Around the beginning of the year, I was asked my thoughts on overarching trends in DevOps for 2022. Some of the things I mentioned include AI, the shift-left/shift-right in test, more scrutiny in security, and the evolving need for simultaneous quality and speed you have likely read about on our blog and other publications that cover the DevOps space. However, the trend I mentioned that I have seen the most momentum behind as of late has been the need for accessibility.

What is a DevOps Test Toolchain and Why it Matters for Your Mobile App Development

The digital experience is now primary to our everyday lives. Our recent consumer report, Every Experience Matters, dove into quality and how it affects consumer behavior. We know, for example, that 20% of users will abandon a brand after encountering even one error on a mobile app. At the user level, everything comes down to customer experience.

Every Experience Matters: By Making Apps Inaccessible, Brands Lose Out Big

Today marks the ending of our series ‘Every Experience Matters: Stat of the Week.’ Over the past few weeks we have stressed how mobile app bugs negatively impact a company’s bottom line. This can come in the form of cart abandonment, negative reviews or even user churn. We may have saved the best for last though because today we are diving into the world of accessibility and the tremendous opportunity that brands are fumbling when attempting to appeal to a wider audience.

Simulators vs. Emulators: What's the Difference, Anyway?

In the world of software testing, it’s common to hear folks talk about simulators and emulators as if the terms are synonymous. To a certain extent, that makes sense. Simulators and emulators are similar in many ways, and the differences between them don’t always matter from the perspective of a test engineer. But the fact remains that simulators and emulators are different beasts.

Matt Wyman on How Businesses Lose Money with Poor Code

Earlier this week, Sauce Labs Chief Customer Officer, Matt Wyman, sat down with journalist Marko Velimirović of Website Planet. The pair discussed the release of the consumer report Every Experience Matters as well as the state of DevOps, trends in testing and the increasing need for developers to deliver exceptional quality at velocity. To read the full interview, head over to Website Planet. A selected portion is included below.