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GoReplay vs. Speedscale: Kubernetes Load Test Comparison

These days, there are many different types of test you can run to safeguard the performance of your services. Unit tests, end-to-end testing, and of course load tests. The type of test you choose to run will will be strongly linked to your desired outcome. Historically, it’s been common to test your services by generating test traffic, meant to replicate how real users would use your product.


Kubernetes Load Testing: Speedscale vs NeoLoad

In this article, you’ll be introduced to two tools: Speedscale and NeoLoad. Both of these tools offer you a way to load test your applications. This post will compare their ease of setup, development experience, fit within a modern infrastructure, and integration into CI/CD. Load testing is not a new concept in any way: the term was common even before Google Trends started recording data in 2004.

Load testing Apache Kafka using k6, with Mostafa Moradian (k6 Office Hours #62)

Senior Software Engineer Mostafa Moradian joins us to talk about load testing Apache Kafka using k6 and the extension he created, called xk6-kafka. He describes what Kafka is, the basics of Kafka, and why he thinks load testing it is important. Mostafa works on the backend team at k6/Grafana Labs. // REFERENCES We used some video clips from these awesome people: And here are other resources we mentioned.
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High Scale Postman Load Testing for Kubernetes

In this Postman load testing tutorial, you'll learn how to run a large scale load test in Kubernetes using your existing Postman collections. Because HTTP services don't have a graphical user interface, it's common to build collections of requests using Postman during the development process. These collections are useful for running quick functionality tests as you develop each endpoint. However, as the service grows you eventually need to test it in a more realistic way with larger volume. This is called a load or stress test. Speedscale is a Production Data Simulation Platform that includes this stress/load testing capability out of the box.

Resilience and chaos testing with SteadyBit and k6, with Benjamin Wilms (k6 Office Hours #61)

What is the difference between resilience testing and chaos testing? SteadyBit CEO and co-founder Benjamin Wilms talks about how to integrate SteadyBit with k6 for both resilience and chaos, and why he prefers "chaos testing" to "chaos engineering".

You Can't Just Buy a Nine

At a former employer, my Vice President of Engineering and Operations had a reputation for his language. He also had a reputation for his deep passion for things like site availability, incidents, downtime, and almost anything related to making sure the company's website was up and running, and especially that the end users were having a good experience using it.