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Load Testing

Local Tests With Selenium And Python Browser Automation

There are various reasons for running Python browser automation tests locally, the most common one for us is saving time. Loadero test runs usually take no more than 5 minutes to initialize and start execution but can reach up to 10 minutes or more depending on how busy is the test run queue. To increase the speed of development, it’s often quicker to create the test script on your local machine and then run tests on Loadero.

What is Grafana Mimir? with maintainer Marco Pracucci (k6 Office Hours #53)

Maintainer Marco Pracucci talks about the new Grafana project, Mimir, a next-generation time-series database for Prometheus. He joins Developer Advocates Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh to talk about what Mimir is, why it was needed, and how he helped scale it using k6. RESOURCES.

Deployment-time testing with Grafana k6 and Flagger

When it comes to building and deploying applications, one increasingly popular approach these days is to use microservices in Kubernetes. It provides an easy way to collaborate across organizational boundaries and is a great way to scale. However, it comes with many operational challenges. One big issue is that it’s difficult to test the microservices in real-life scenarios before letting production traffic reach them. But there are ways to get around it.

How We Create Load Tests For Our Customers In Loadero

Loadero is a SaaS (software as a service) for testing web applications and our main target is to provide a powerful tool to our users, so they can create load tests, performance tests, and WebRTC tests for their needs. But sometimes a proper tool is not enough to execute tests: some companies don’t have enough manpower, others might not have enough expertise in the QA field, yet testing is required for every web application.

Load Test Driven Development

We are going to explore whether Load Test Driven Development is an idea that would be worth pursuing for your organisation. We will recap on what Test-Driven Development (TDD) is in the next section but fundamentally Now when you think about this, does it make sense to try and run a performance test before we have developed any code? We think it does and we are going to explain why. For clarity we are not suggesting that Load test Driven Development should replace TDD but rather to compliment it.