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ThoughtSpot Sage: data security with large language models

With the recent announcement of ThoughtSpot Sage, we launched a number of enhancements to our search capabilities including AI-generated answers, AI-powered search suggestions, and AI-assisted data modeling. In this article we will walk you through the steps we take to secure your data during the LLM interaction.


Overcoming Fear of the Unknown with Generative AI

The explosive rise of generative AI has prompted incredible excitement about its transformative potential, much like the advent of the Internet. But if like me, you’re old enough to remember what that looked like circa 1995, there was a lot we did not know at the time, creating uncertainty in both worlds of work and education on how to best leverage it, and whether providing unlimited access to employees or students was a good idea.


Introducing ClearGPT from ClearML

The first secure, enterprise-grade generative AI platform We have an exciting announcement! On Thursday, May 18, we released ClearGPT, the first generative AI platform that transcends enterprise ChatGPT challenges. ClearGPT is the only secure, enterprise-grade platform offering state-of-the-art LLMs, tailored to your business data and running securely on your network, to power enterprise AI transformation. Prefer to watch the 2-minute video and see how it works? Watch now.

How can you start a gadget company in 8 steps?

Are you passionate about technology and gadgets? Do you dream of starting your own gadget company? With the right planning and execution, you can turn your passion into a successful business venture. From conceptualizing innovative ideas to assembling and marketing your gadgets, there are crucial steps to follow on your entrepreneurial journey. In this article, we will guide you through eight essential steps to start your own gadget company and set yourself up for success.

Appian 23.2 Brings AI to Processes and Improves Total Experience.

In 2023, AI is everywhere, and not a day goes by without someone developing a new way to use tools like ChatGPT. With the increasing hype about the promise of AI, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise and focus on how AI can help you deliver real business value. Modern process automation platforms go above and beyond the capabilities of AI alone.


How to choose a Technology stack for a Mobile Application?

In today’s ever-changing tech landscape, one key decision stands out for businesses and developers alike: selecting the right tech stack for mobile app development. But have you ever wondered why the choice of a tech stack is so crucial? How does it impact the performance, scalability, and security of mobile applications?


How to Grow Your Business with Ansoff Matrix?

Are you ready to take your business to greater heights? Do you dream of expanding your reach, increasing your customer base, and boosting your revenue? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes,’ then you’ve come to the right place. Ansoff Matrix can help you achieve all your business goals. In today’s competitive world, staying stagnant is not an option. Businesses need to constantly evolve, adapt, and innovate to thrive.

Sergey Tokarev about areas where AI technologies are being introduced

Today, it is already becoming difficult to imagine the monotonous work of a person without additional technological assistance. Thanks to AI, a large amount of data can now be processed many times faster and with less probability of errors. Sergey Tokarev, the founder of Roosh, announced a list of areas in which the use of artificial intelligence is becoming indispensable.