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Transparency and Trust Through Kong Gateway Performance Benchmarks and Open Source Test Suites

In the rapidly evolving landscape of API management, understanding the raw performance and reliability of your API gateway is not just an expectation — it's a necessity. At Kong, we're dedicated to ensuring our users have access to concrete, actionable data to guide their operational and development strategies.

New: Utilization Insights on Bitrise

Discover Bitrise's new Utilization Insights, a powerful feature enhancing the Insights add-on for optimal mobile development team resource management. It offers comprehensive dashboards on infra usage, workflow counts, concurrency and queues, and billing cycle summaries to improve your resources' management.

DoD AI: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Military Operations

With all the recent discussion about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMS) like ChatGPT, you may think that AI is a new phenomenon. But in fact, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has been investing in AI for more than 60 years.

Preventing Hallucinations in AI Apps with Human-in-the-Loop Testing

Artificial intelligence (AI) apps are becoming increasingly crucial for individual customers and businesses alike. These apps bring many benefits, such as task automation, efficient analysis of large data sets, and data-informed decision-making, making AI-powered applications highly valuable. As a result, DevOps teams working on AI apps can’t afford poor performance.

iOS Data Persistence: A Guide for Swift Developers

The term ‘data persistence’ refers to data that remains available, even when the program that created it is idle, sleeping or unable to open. In many cases, our iOS apps need to provide support around the clock, so we need our data to be ‘always on’ – even when the apps themselves are not.

5 Best Practices for Streaming Analytics with S3 in the AWS Cloud

Streaming analytics is an invaluable capability for organizations seeking to extract real-time insights from the log data they continuously generate through applications and cloud services. To help our community get started with streaming analytics on AWS, we published a piece last year called An Overview of Streaming Analytics in AWS for Logging Applications, where we covered all the basics.