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Cloud Migration Assurance - COTS Migration Challenges

With fierce competition from enterprises and increased cloud adoption across the industries, it's past time to rethink the COTS portfolio approach to future-proof the growing business needs while lowering overheads. COTS apps, on the other hand, have their own set of issues when it comes to cloud migration. A standard R path analysis will not suffice to define the COTS cloud adoption journey, says Deepak Vijayaragavan, Vice President, Delivery, Cigniti Technologies.

Cloud Migration Assurance - COTS Migration Challenges

Assume you’re building a website, an application, or software, and you don’t want to build everything yourself for a variety of reasons – you’re short on time; you don’t want to code the tedious sections, and so on. So you have the choice of purchasing some elements of the software that you will use in it, such as the login, sign up, and other pages, and here comes the COTS-commercially –off –the –shelf software.

Inside the "Supercloud" - What it is, How to Use One, and Building Architecture for the Future

As public cloud and multi-cloud adoption skyrockets, many organizations are looking to implement compatible services. These services increase the utility of cloud infrastructure by tapping into the underlying building blocks (otherwise known as primitives) of the cloud. That’s where the idea of a “supercloud” comes into play.

Becoming AI-First: How to Get There

Deciding to adopt an AI-first strategy is the easy part. Figuring out how to implement it takes a little more effort. It requires a clear-eyed vision built around well-defined goals and a realistic execution plan. Being AI-first means setting up your organization for the future. By leveraging data, analytics, and automation, a company can gain a better understanding of where it is and where it needs to go.

Updating your dependencies for M1 Macs and CI/CD

TL;DR: This article covers how to update dependencies for Homebrew, CocoaPods, Carthage, Ruby, and more if you are using M1 Macs. However, for the M1 Mac minis available on Codemagic, you don’t have to do anything described in this article — everything is already preinstalled and preconfigured, so you can just use them right away.

5G - Myths vs Realities

So, in the end, it is not necessarily a matter of the myths vs realities of 5G – it is more about the timing. Everything we are hearing about 5G and the promise it holds is true. It will all just take more time for reality to catch up to the hype. And with that, we are encouraging all our clients that while they should not be stressed, they should certainly have their eyes wide open about how 5G will come into play, says Chris Manuel, Vice President, Cigniti Technologies.