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Anodot Named by Forrester in Future of Business Intelligence Report

It’s hard to believe enterprise BI platforms have been around for three decades. In that time, they have served the purpose of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data to help businesses make more informed decisions. But in today’s data-driven economy, analysts struggle to keep up with the myriad of business intelligence reports from traditional BI tools – which fail to effectively and efficiently analyze and interpret data in real-time.

Building a Killer App with White Label BI

Embedded analytics has become a priority for many companies today. It means building data visualizations and business intelligence (BI) features right into public-facing apps. However, some businesses don't like this idea. They don't want to feature a third-party solution in their first-party applications - leading to a lack of data and analytics used.

Yext Relies on Snowflake to Create User-Friendly Search Experiences

Historically, the search functionality on company websites have left much to be desired, forcing users to turn to sites like Google or Bing to find answers to their questions. But the Yext Answers Platform has changed the game. In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Michael Peralta, Product Lead of Analytics at Yext explains how the Yext platform makes it possible for companies to deliver a cutting-edge search experience right on their own websites. The AI-powered platform uses natural language processing that understands the context of a search query, enabling the search engine to deliver meaningful results to people, not just links.

Virgin Media Ireland Scales Up to Empower Local Operations with Snowflake's Data Cloud

Ireland's largest commercial television broadcaster, Virgin Media Ireland collects vast volumes of customer data across a quad-play service: mobile, broadband, home phone, and TV. In this video, the company's Insight and Analytics Director, Martin Graham, describes how Virgin Media Ireland analyzes data and uses it to evolve the company’s services and continually improve the customer experience.

Technology Spotlight - Tailored Support Designed for You

Cloudera’s Long Term Support (LTS) model is here, and in this video, Chief Product Officer Sudhir Menon gives us the run down. Cloudera LTS gives organizations confidence in moving to the next stable version of the Cloudera Data Platform, while maintaining security and performance. With the new LTS release model, Cloudera is committed to supporting our customers large and small—both on-prem and in the cloud—in the most secure, performant, and risk free way possible.

National Stock Exchange (NSE) uses Qlik to identify actionable alerts and take informed decisions

India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE) plays a critical role in the Indian financial market’s ecosystem. Apart from being a trading platform, NSE as an exchange has been entrusted with the key responsibility of regulating trading members and listed companies. NSE expends considerable resources and time and deploys technology in a significant way to manage its regulatory function.