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Transforming Business Through The Power Of Data

Srini Nachinarkiniar, Accenture's Global Snowflake Practice Lead, sees every business as a data business. In this interview with Data Cloud Now host Ryan Green, Trini expands on this philosophy and discusses its three core principles: That data provides a strategic core, the importance of building an intelligent data foundation, and finding the right talent to establish a data culture.

The Dataiku Mission To Democratize The Use Of AI-Driven Data

How well are companies doing in providing their employees with the tools and training needed to deliver value from AI? In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” Shaun McGirr of Dataiku addresses that question and shares the results of a recent survey his company conducted that suggests there’s much more work to be done to deliver on the aspirational goal of making AI usable and accessible across organizations. He also discusses the excitement that Snowpark is generating among those at the leading edge of AI.

A Look Inside The Snowflake/Microsoft Partnership

How do two companies manage a relationship that is both competitive and supportive? Snowflake and Microsoft fall into that category. Take a peek behind the curtain of this unique partnership as “Data Cloud Now” host Ryan Green sits down with John Sapone of Snowflake and Tyler Bryson of Microsoft for an enlightening discussion.

Snowflake's Commitment to Continuously Improve Economics for Our Customers

Since Snowflake’s inception, we’ve had the needs of our customers as our North Star, with a clear focus on security and governance of data. Early on we also committed to continuous innovations to improve performance and reduce latencies, and by virtue of our business model continuously improve the economics for our customers.

How Doordash Brings Data Analytics to Everyone With Snowflake And Alteryx

In this interview with Ryan Green on “Data Cloud Now,” Adam Wilson and Nitin Brahmankar of Alteryx outline their company’s mission to move data from the realm of the highly technical and into the hands of the people in in organizations who actually use the data to unlock insights, manage risk, cultivate markets, and more. It’s a mission, they says, that is helped along by the ecosystem of Snowflake users who work as a community to solve customer use cases. #datacloudnow #datacloudworldtour

Using Snowpark For Python And XGBoost To Run 200 Forecasts In 10 Minutes

Snowpark for Python, now generally available, empowers the growing Python community of data scientists, data engineers, and developers to build secure and scalable data pipelines and machine learning (ML) workflows directly within Snowflake—taking advantage of Snowflake’s performance, elasticity, and security benefits, which are critical for production workloads. Using user-defined table functions (UDTFs) and the new Snowpark-optimized warehouse with higher memory, users can run large-scale model training workloads using popular open-source libraries available through Anaconda integration.

Snowpark for Python: Large-Scale Feature Engineering, Machine Learning Model Training, and More

As data science and machine learning adoption has grown over the last few years, Python is catching up to SQL in popularity within the world of data processing. SQL and Python are both powerful on their own, but their value in modern analytics is highest when they work together.


Developers Rejoice! Snowflake Is All in on Python, Pipelines, and Apps

Snowflake is committed to helping developers focus on building their apps and businesses rather than on infrastructure management. At this year’s Snowday, Snowflake announced a series of advancements that empower developers to do more with their data, enhancing productivity and unlocking new ways to develop applications, pipelines, and machine learning (ML) models with Snowflake’s unified data platform.