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Snowflake Arctic: The Best LLM for Enterprise AI - Efficiently Intelligent, Truly Open

Building top-tier enterprise-grade intelligence using LLMs has traditionally been prohibitively expensive and resource-hungry, and often costs tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. As researchers, we have grappled with the constraints of efficiently training and inferencing LLMs for years.

Magnite's Seamless Petabyte Scale Cross-Region Migration with Snowgrid

Magnite stands as the largest independent sell-side advertising platform, providing an essential bridge between publishers and advertisers. At its core, Magnite streamlines the advertising process, facilitating the buying and selling of advertising space across various channels, including connected TV (CTV), mobile, and desktop environments.

Snowflake Horizon Demo for Security Admins

In this demo targeted at security admins, Ravi Kumar, Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake, demonstrates how to govern and discover data, apps, and more in Snowflake Horizon. Learn and try the core capabilities of Snowflake Horizon, such as using the Trust Center to discover security risks with recommendations to resolve them.

How Material Security Protects The Privacy The Productivity Suite

Abhishek Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO of Material Security, chats with "Powered by Snowflake" host Phoebe He about his company's mission to protect the productivity suite, namely Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Its customer base crosses all industries as well as customers of all sizes. The conversation includes a demo of the platform that shows how to set up the solution and the kind of reports it generates for an organization's security team. It also covers how the solution accounts for organization's who have employees working from home and who use their mobile phones to conduct business communications.

How to Navigate the Costs of Legacy SIEMs with Snowflake

Legacy security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, like Splunk, are powerful tools for managing and analyzing machine-generated data. They have become indispensable for organizations worldwide, particularly for security teams. But as much as security operation center (SOC) analysts have come to rely on solutions like Splunk, there is one complaint that comes up for some: Costs can quickly add up.

How Snowflake Powers The Next Generation Of Cybersecurity Applications

Cybersecurity is extremely data-intensive and complex. Top cybersecurity companies such as Lacework, Sophos, Panther, Hunters, Auditboard, Orca Security, and Dassana leverage Snowflake to provide out-of-the-box solutions. These companies are building the next generation of cybersecurity applications by harnessing the power of the Snowflake Data Cloud to provide differentiated product capabilities to security teams.

Snowflake's New Python API Empowers Data Engineers to Build Modern Data Pipelines with Ease

In today’s data-driven world, developer productivity is essential for organizations to build effective and reliable products, accelerate time to value, and fuel ongoing innovation. To deliver on these goals, developers must have the ability to manipulate and analyze information efficiently. Yet while SQL applications have long served as the gateway to access and manage data, Python has become the language of choice for most data teams, creating a disconnect.

Snowflake Horizon Demo For Data Engineers

In this demo targeted at data engineers, Ravi Kumar, Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake, shows you how to govern and discover data, apps, and more in Snowflake Horizon. Learn and try the core capabilities of Snowflake Horizon to unify data across different sources and formats, such as by loading data securely into Snowflake based on RBAC privileges and being interoperable with Iceberg Tables in external cloud storage.