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Empowering Seamless Data Governance with a New User Experience in Snowsight

At Snowflake, we are dedicated to helping our customers effectively mobilize their data while upholding stringent standards for compliance and data governance. We understand the importance of quick and proactive identification of objects requiring governance, as well as the implementation of protective measures using tags and policies.

Snowflake Customer 360 For Organizations

In today’s highly competitive market, consumers are more likely to stick with brands and businesses that recognize their wants and needs. Achieving this level of personalization requires companies to have a 360-degree view of customers or Customer 360. Learn how the Snowflake Data Cloud helps companies activate data to improve customer experiences by powering Customer 360.

Marketing Success in the Age of AI Requires a Modern Marketing Data Stack

Data is essential to marketing. It’s how we know our audience and measure campaign outcomes. It shows us where to adjust a campaign on the fly, for even better results. But working with data is increasingly complex, and having the right stack of technologies is invaluable.


Power Holistic Customer Insights with Salesforce and Snowflake Data Sharing-Based Integration

Snowflake and Salesforce have built on our existing partnership to unify the full breadth of customer and business data and generate actionable insights for our customers. We are happy to announce the general availability of Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL) Data Sharing with the Snowflake Data Cloud from Salesforce Data Cloud. Organizations can now leverage Salesforce data directly in Snowflake via zero-ETL data sharing to accelerate decision-making and help streamline business processes.

Streaming Pipelines With Snowflake Explained In 2 Minutes

Streaming data has been historically complex and costly to work with. That's no longer the case with Snowflake's streaming capabilities. Together, Snowpipe Streaming and Dynamic Tables (in public preview) break the barrier between batch and streaming systems. Now you can build low-latency data pipelines with serverless row-set ingestion and declarative pipelines with SQL. You can easily adapt to your business requirements to change latency as a single parameter.

Securely Connect to LLMs and Other External Services from Snowpark

Snowpark is the set of libraries and runtimes that enables data engineers, data scientists and developers to build data engineering pipelines, ML workflows, and data applications in Python, Java, and Scala. Functions or procedures written by users in these languages are executed inside of Snowpark’s secure sandbox environment, which runs on the warehouse.


Snowpark ML: The 'Easy Button' for Open Source LLM Deployment in Snowflake

Companies want to train and use large language models (LLMs) with their own proprietary data. Open source generative models such as Meta’s Llama 2 are pivotal in making that possible. The next hurdle is finding a platform to harness the power of LLMs. Snowflake lets you apply near-magical generative AI transformations to your data all in Python, with the protection of its out-of-the-box governance and security features.