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The Next Era Of Media | GroupM & Snowflake

GroupM is a world-leading media investment company with a vision to lead the next media era. Made up of Mindshare, Mediacom, Wavemaker, Essence, and mSix&Partners, GroupM contains three of the top five global media agencies and is responsible for $53 billion in annual media spend. In such a competitive industry, and with a drive to deliver the best outcomes for clients, GroupM knew data was vital to achieving its goals. In this video, Simon Lloyd, Head of Engineering at GroupM, explains how the media investment company is making the most of data with Snowflake.

TripActions Scales Security Operations And Compliance With The Snowflake Data Cloud

TripActions is an online end-to-end travel booking and expense management platform. It helps users get to where they need to be in a secure, organized manner while saving companies time and money with near-real time data and visibility. Learn why Prabhath Karanth, Sr. Director of Security, Compliance & Trust at TripActions, and his team use Snowflake at the center of their data and strategic security initiatives. Snowflake's integration with partner tools like Hunters and Anecdotes further enhances their security use cases.

Panther Brings Speed, Scale, and Flexibility to Security Analytics

Security practitioners are drowning in data, says Will Lowe, Chief Operating Officer at Panther. That’s why when Panther set out to create a new kind of security platform, it chose to build it around Snowflake. “We needed not just a technical partner, but a go-to-market partner. We needed alignment in the vision that security is a data problem. And Snowflake had that in spades.”

4 Key Takeaways from Snowflake Summit

Going into Snowflake Summit 2022, I was excited to spend time with our customers and partners, and excited to be able to share some of the innovations we’ve been working on. And I was not disappointed! It felt great to experience the energy that only an in-person event can deliver. I relished talking to customers about how our products can help them meet and even surpass their business goals.

Supergrain Offers Snowflake-Native Messaging Solution

Supergrain’s mission, says company CEO and Co-founder George Xing, is to “create the fastest, easiest, most frictionless customer engagement product experience for our customers.” In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” he explains to host Daniel Myers how Supergrain is meeting that goal. The key, he says, is that the Supergrain software runs directly on a customer’s Snowflake instance, giving them the ability to use any and all of their Snowflake data to create messaging campaigns.

Introducing Unistore, Snowflake's New Workload for Transactional and Analytical Data

Snowflake has once again transformed data management and data analytics with our newest workload—Unistore. For decades, transactional and analytical data have remained separate, significantly limiting how fast organizations could evolve their businesses. With Unistore, organizations can use a single, unified data set to develop and deploy applications, and analyze both transactional and analytical data together in near-real time.

The Future of Machine Learning with Tal Shaked

Tal Shaked has a long history with machine learning and AI, and he's brought all that experience and energy to Snowflake. Felipe Hoffa talks to Tal about why he's excited about building on Snowflake, making ML accessible to everyone, and enabling customers to use ML/AI to help grow their businesses. Want the inside track on Snowflake's approach to ML and the newest tech announcements? Tune in to Snowflake's YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter channels June 14-16 for exclusive livestreams direct from Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas.

Hunters Brings Data Integration to Security Operations

In this episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” Daniel Myers chats with Uri May, Co-founder and CEO of Hunters, a three-year old company that is bringing new levels of data integration to the world of network security operations. “Our differentiator,” May explains, “is that we want to seamlessly integrate as much data as possible. And that is something Snowflake facilitates very well because of its ability to scale, its performance, and even its business model of paying for storage and compute with different credits. We believe that more data means better efficacy, more accuracy, and faster detection times.”

Protecting Privacy While Enhancing Data Access Using the Snowflake Media Data Cloud

Increased regulatory scrutiny around data security has created a challenge for media companies, which need to protect consumer privacy while also finding ways to use the consumer data they’ve collected to enhance their advertising and marketing efforts and deliver a superior consumer experience. It can be a delicate balancing act. But those companies who have adopted the Snowflake Media Data Cloud report that it is a balancing act they can manage efficiently.