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Data Driven Marketing: Small Businesses' Ticket to the Top

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, small businesses account for approximately 99.9% of all businesses. That’s a massive chunk of the U.S. economy. While they are high in number, the issues they face are relatively higher, too. Nearly 35% of small business owners report ‌that they aren’t generating any profits, with inflation being the biggest of their worries.


Data Integration & Modeling: The Unsung Heroes of the Marketing Data Stack?

Marketing data integration is the process of combining marketing data from different sources to create a unified and consistent view. If you’re running marketing campaigns on multiple platforms—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, email—you need marketing data integration. Why? Because being able to assimilate data from different channels and across multiple marketing touchpoints gives you visibility into the overall impact of a campaign, event, or another marketing effort.

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10 Podcasts Every SEO Specialist Should Listen To

Podcasting gains traction nowadays. If you want to listen to some podcasts, you will find ones that would cover topics related to whatever you want. SEO is not an exception to the rule. There are tons of podcasts that talk about SEO, digital marketing, and everything in between. But how to know which SEO podcasts are worth your time and attention? In this post, you will get familiar with ten podcasts every SEO should listen to. Let’s get to the meat!