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A new dawn for Business: CRM Marketing Automation

Imagine having a powerful tool that revolutionizes how you communicate and do business with your customers. That’s precisely what Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, offers. It’s a category of software solutions combining data-driven technology to enhance customer interactions and improve business performance.

20 Examples of Actionable Marketing Dashboards

Actionable marketing dashboards are a key to any marketing campaign. To get the most out of your campaign, it’s important to choose the marketing dashboard that will best fit your business goals. Read on to learn more about actionable marketing dashboards, what makes a good marketing dashboard, and discover 20 examples of marketing dashboards filled with valuable insights.

6 Ways Marketers Are Using Generative AI: Is It Really Saving Time?

AI was the hot topic of 2023 and will continue to reign in 2024: ChatGPT first launched at the end of 2022 and became a massive hit in just a few months. Google released Bard shortly after, and then, new AI tools just kept popping up, prompting marketers to learn how to leverage them to become more efficient and productive.

3 Practical Steps Advertisers Can Take to Win in a Cookieless World

Third-party cookies have long been the backbone of online advertising, providing valuable insights into user behavior and enabling targeted, personalized campaigns. However, privacy concerns and evolving regulations have led major browsers like Safari and Firefox to limit or eliminate third-party cookie tracking. The next major milestone is upon us as Google is now testing a cookieless experience for 1% of randomly assigned Chrome users.