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Rank Tracker - an Effective Tool for Keyword Research

Every SEO specialist is well aware that the focus is on two critical factors, such as getting quality backlinks as well as creating useful content. The success of published content depends on the quantity and quality of keywords. In this regard, experts conduct a thorough search for keywords. This work takes into account such factors as the frequency of use, competition, the amount of potential traffic attracted, and others.

10 Tools to Help You Create Shareworthy Content

Creating content that your readers will feel compelled to share on social media is crucial to reaching a wider audience. Nevertheless, content marketers can sometimes overlook the importance of this kind of organic exposure when putting together a strategy to gain visibility. This is mainly because sharing is out of their hands. No matter what tactics you use, you can never bank on a certain number of readers liking, tweeting, or posting a link to your latest article.

How to Conduct a Thorough Landing Page Analysis | Data Snack #14 | Hubspot Marketing & Databox

Today we’re talking landing pages—whether you’re investing time and resources into content and SEO or rely heavily on paid search and paid social, all that website traffic won’t mean much if the landing pages you’re driving traffic to aren’t converting well.