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Meeting Moesif with SEO Manager Savannah Whitman

Growing your career can be both scary and exciting, and our SEO manager Savannah Whitman experienced both before joining Moesif. Now she’s nurturing search rankings to bring the latest in API observability to technologists who need it. In this installment of Meeting Moesif, we talk to her about where API technology is heading, and what it takes to keep up.

How To Build A Great SEO Client Dashboard Step By Step Video Tutorial

Managing SEO campaigns for clients can come with its fair share of challenges. There is no step-by-step guide that you can follow that will guarantee that your clients rank higher on SERPs. Often times clients struggle to understand how to measure performance in this ever-changing field. So, how can you communicate your ongoing efforts? ...By using an SEO client dashboard!...
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Free Content Optimization Tools You'll Wish to Have

Articles customized for browsers are one of the simplest techniques of getting website visitors. Astonishingly, large corporations spend a lot of money on SEO copywriting. However, you may produce SEO-optimized content without paying a dollar by using automated tools. It is possible to do keyword research, acquire link ideas, check for plagiarism and enhance readability by employing SEO writing aid tools.


What you need to know about Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4

Google recently announced that the current Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics) will come to an end in July 2023 (now extended until October 2023) and they’ve encouraged all current users to start using the new GA4. Google Analytics 4 is the new version of the current GA reporting portal that current users have used to analyse the performance of their sites.