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Low Code


A 2-Step Guide to Help CSP's Bridge the Digital Divide

Is it enough? The data we consume in our homes and businesses continues to grow at a blistering pace. Internet of Things (IoT) device connections are also increasing exponentially, with the average number of devices per connected home more than doubling just over the past couple of years. To address all of this growth, service providers are continuously expanding their fiber to the premise (FTTP) and hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) footprint.


Why Process Modeling Is Better with Low-Code

Processes are the heart of every organization and every workflow. But if yours are a bit of a mess, you’re not alone. Businesses everywhere are struggling with inefficiency and just can’t seem to digitize workflows fast enough. And when they do, it’s hard to tell if they've even improved the problems they set out to solve in the first place. . . or just created more chaos.


Appian Named Category Leader in Chartis Vendor Analysis Report on Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)

In the Chartis Vendor Analysis: Client Lifecycle Management Solutions, 2022: Corporate and Investment Banking report, Appian is recognized as a Category Leader. The report noted the completeness of Appian’s offering, including our unified low-code platform, data integration capabilities, and ability to meet market-specific requirements.


Appian as the Agility Layer for your ERP

In government agencies around the world, large enterprise legacy systems are what stand in the way of desperately needed modernization programs. Such legacy systems can be large enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations or custom-built applications using complex codebases. Simply put, they are not supportable, upgradable, and do not provide the rich user experience customers have become accustomed to.


Why low-code and API development are the perfect match

There is an understated art to building good APIs – ones that are easy to integrate with, have high operational availability, offer readily attainable performance insights, and are easy to maintain. But if you have ever had to build an API from scratch, there is no denying that it is hard – and it gets much more complicated when you aim to deliver a quality API.

Take your API from Postman to Production

Quickly develop and deploy an API using Postman and Linx. Postman is an API collaboration platform that is really good at the design and testing of APIs and the workflow around it. Linx is a low-code development platform that gives you a quick and easy way to develop and host APIs. Both can be used to generate and host API documentation. Chapters.

Guide: OpenAPI 3 specification to Live API

This guide will take you through the steps to design an API, build it, and deploy it to production. The process will take about 20 to 40 minutes to complete all steps. The project is to build a straightforward API to retrieve product data. You will be provided with the API specification, instructions for what tools to use, relevant scripts and all steps to get the API live.


4 Reasons Why Process Mining is the Best Strategy to Cut Business Costs

Organizations invest in software with the idea that the new tools will deliver a variety of benefits. Some benefits are more qualitative, such as an improved user or customer experience, but others can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Whether it's an asset management solution, payroll system, or procurement application, technology has the ability to save organizations substantial amounts of money by streamlining your business processes.

Jeremy Glassenberg on Low-Code/No-Code Ecosystem | Kongcast Flash | #KongSummit2022

On this episode of #Kongcast Flash, Jeremy Glassenberg - Product Leader of APIs at DocuSign - introduces his #KongSummit2022 talk: Mapping the No-Code/Low-Code Ecosystem with Your #API Strategy. In his session, you’ll get a holistic overview of the no-code/low-code landscape, typical personas, key learnings from success and failures in the industry, and tips to create a plan as part of your overall developer story.

Best Summer Ever with 5 New Features in the Appian 22.3 Release

Hot sand. Cold drinks. New Appian features. My perfect kind of August! The heat may be relentless, but we’re staying cool with the Appian 22.3 release. From codeless data modeling to SAML “Remember Me” log-in configurations to a one-stop shop Solutions Hub, this release brings you new capabilities that make building apps easier than ever so you have more time to enjoy your summer. Missed the webinar with Appian VP of Product and Deputy CTO, Malcolm Ross? Don’t sweat it.