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3 Ways to Help IT Improve Regulatory Risk Management and Compliance for Financial Services

Managing a delivery team that supports any complex business requires aligning people and technology with the needs of your customers in order to deliver the software they need to run the business. Firms that operate within regulated environments like financial services, including capital markets also have to contend with external influence from regulatory partners—which can shape not only what you’re asked to do but also how you need to do it.


3 Things to Look for in an Automated Underwriting System

The underwriting process is notoriously inefficient. Today, underwriters typically spend 40% of their time on non-core activities such as gathering and entering data for submissions and renewals, issuing policies, and administrative tasks. The result of such manual underwriting is lost productivity and higher costs, with an expected price tag for insurers of $85–$160 billion in lost business over the next five years. In the current economic climate, efficiency is more important than ever.


Business process automation with low-code

Every business can benefit from automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It allows businesses to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency by automating workflows and processes. This post will go into more detail on how low-code can help to facilitate BPA. The first section of this post will look at the functionality that makes Linx a good match for BPA, and then an example of how a business process can be automated using Linx.


Low-code integration development, simplified

System integration is the process of combining different systems and software so that they can work together. It is also the process by which a system or application can interact with other systems, applications, or devices. Because each integration is unique, it is crucial to ensure that the tool you use to facilitate that integration is flexible enough to cover many cases.


How AI & Low-code are Revolutionizing Test Automation: Use Cases and Benefits

Have you tried Googling ‘ChatGPT’ recently? It has been live for only 45 days and the volume of conversations happening about and around ChatGPT is enormous. While ChatGPT is not the topic of this blog today, its popularity has offered a solid ground to talk about the pervasiveness of AI.