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Low Code

5 Benefits of Low-Code for Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Supply chain shocks have wracked organizations across the globe, and healthcare and life sciences companies aren’t immune. News headlines were focused on personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages early in the pandemic, and more recently hospitals have faced shortages of much-needed medical supplies like crutches, gauze, and medications.

Appian Academy: Take Control of Your Low-Code Destiny

Bring your people, processes, and data together seamlessly and rapidly launch mobile-ready applications with the Appian Low-Code Platform. And with Appian Academy, you’ll feel empowered to get the most out of your investment. The Appian Academy helps get technical and non-technical users up to speed quickly, incorporate Appian into business operations, and recognize future opportunities with the right low-code mindset.

Repetitive Tasks Done Faster with Appian RPA

Introducing Appian RPA - a cloud-native technology for robotic task automation that increases efficiency, reduces errors, and lowers costs. Appian RPA is part of Appian’s full-stack automation, which combines RPA, workflow, decision rules, AI, and case management, giving you the right technology for the right use case.

6 KYC Complexities Made Simple: How to Drive Efficient Compliance

Compliance is a core tenet of financial services organizations’ day-to-day operations. And the stakes are high, as regulatory fines are steep and climbing. Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance is just a piece of the overall compliance puzzle—but it’s an important piece. In 2021, regulators dished out more than $1.9 billion in anti-money laundering and KYC fines.

Low-Code Software Testing: How to Get Your Org on Board

Every business wants to mature rapidly. For software testing and QA professionals, terms such as low-code application testing, codeless tools and automation would definitely ring a bell. From a market perspective, a product perspective, and especially, a tech stack perspective, everyone knows that ensuring quality is key in software development.

GRC for Insurers: Keeping Up with Mounting Regulatory Requirements

Recent years have brought no shortage of change to the insurance industry. Among those changes is a rise in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) requirements. Effective in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became the first major regulation to focus on protecting consumer data. Its implementation coupled with a global pandemic has kickstarted a rush to enact more laws surrounding data privacy.

Digital Transformation Frameworks: Why You Need One and How to Start

The move to digital technologies has been taking place at a meteoric pace. Many businesses are forced into a position, where they must either deploy new solutions they may not be ready for or risk falling behind the competition. In their efforts to rapidly improve customer experience, enhance internal processes, capitalize on market opportunities, or optimize other operational processes, they often end up taking a more makeshift approach to digital transformation.

5 Best Practices for an Automation Center of Excellence

Given the array of ongoing challenges businesses face, including those posed by hybrid work and COVID-19, business automation is more important than ever. In large organizations, many business units have long been using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate simple manual tasks such as copying and pasting data. While RPA can address local needs quickly and easily, it can’t scale to deliver the complete end-to-end automation, also called hyperautomation, that modern companies need.