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Top 10 Regression Testing Tools and Frameworks That Boosts Automation

Regression testing is boring…if you are doing it manually. Indeed, it’s just not efficient when you have to manually repeat the same test steps over and over each iteration. Regression testing is best done with a regression testing tool. These tools allow you to create an automated regression test suite that you can run as a batch when the new build is available. Let’s check out the top regression testing tools on the current market. Here's a quick list.

What is Live Testing? Guide To Do Live Testing In-depth

Live testing is to test software in real-world situations with real users instead of simulated data. This approach allows testers to check software quality in actual usage scenarios and real-world conditions. They do have their own risks to take into consideration, since we are interacting with real users and live systems here. In this article, we will explore the concept of live testing in-depth, and how you can better do live testing with the right tools and approach.

Jenkins Continuous Integration With Katalon: A Complete Guide

DevOps significantly changed the software industry. From a siloed process where the focus was entirely placed on development, leaving little to no time to properly test it, to a combination of the two, simultaneously developing testing to shorten the cycle. CI/CD is the key to that innovation, and Jenkins is one of the most popular CI tools on the market. We’ll learn how to do Continuous Integration with Jenkins in this step-by-step guide.

Targeting Robot at a Specific Window: A Deep Dive into Katalon Studio

Hello, Katalon users and software testing enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to delve into a topic that has been buzzing in our community forum: How to target a robot at a specific window in Katalon Studio. This blog post is aimed at experienced software testing professionals who are familiar with Katalon, or those looking to switch to the Katalon Platform.

Test Execution: How To Do It Properly

To execute locally, remote, or on-cloud? That is the question. But test execution is more than just “hitting Enter and seeing if it passed or not.” If you are doing it manually, test execution is about performing every single test step as outlined in the test case. For automation testing, test execution takes on another layer of complexity: In which environment should you run the test? Which test cases should you prioritize for execution?

Geolocation Testing: All You Need To Know

You open your Uber app and book a ride. Upon successful booking, a map pops up and shows you the whereabouts of your driver. While in the Uber, you open Zillow, a real estate app, to check out the apartment you want to rent that is located a few kilometers away from your location. The weather app, knowing your location, then sends you a notification to expect rain tomorrow. All of these are examples of the power of geolocation-based app features.