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[Tutorial] AI-Driven Visual Testing | Katalon Platform

Introducing the AI-infused visual testing capabilities on the Katalon Platform. More about Katalon AI-Infused Visual Testing: Save your quality engineers from the mind-numbing game of spotting subtle differences and hours of reviewing false positives. Using AI, users can select different levels of strictness and testing scope to avoid flagging every difference as a failed test. The layout-based visual comparison focuses on the shifts in misplacements of a group of elements, whereas content-based visual comparisons look into flaws from typos or spelling mistakes.

Announcing Katalon AI Visual Testing GA & TestOps July 2022 Release

Over the past few months, we have slowly rolled out and enhanced our AI Visual Testing solution during the trial period. This month we are proud to announce the general availability (GA) of Katalon AI Visual Testing that includes additional enhancements. The following reviews all the combined AI Visual Testing features in the GA.


Becoming a Test Automation Engineer | Myths, Strategy & Plan

From prowling forums and boot camps, watching testing tools tutorials to choosing a programming language is all too familiar to test automation engineers. Automated testing or test automation has grown by leaps and bounds. The demand for test automation engineers is unsurprisingly high across industries, increasing the difficulty of staying competitive. Whether you’re a manual tester looking to grow or just interested in the automation tester career path, this comprehensive guide is for you.


Strategies to Deal A Software QA Engineer's Salary

Information technology and software development has become a rapidly evolving field with various specialized careers. Software and applications are used in almost every industry, and fixing a problem late in the game can cost way more than resolving a problem in the early stages of a project. Therefore, professional software QA engineers with lucrative testing skills are in high demand.


NEW Visual Testing Enhancements | Katalon Platform

Previously, only a single baseline collection was allowed when scheduling test runs. This created situations where baseline images were marked as “missing” in different test suites that did not test the same application sections. With this update, users can now choose to use different baselines when scheduling a test run. You may view baseline collections as well as their captured images via the “Visual Testing” tab.


Software Test Automation Frameworks | 6 Common Types

Software testing has evolved with time to detect and lessen errors in software and applications. The key software testing trends in 2022 suggest that 63% of QA teams consider test automation over manual testing for the agility required during the software development lifecycle (SDLC) while being cost-efficient. Manual testing still holds a fair share in testing processes, but enterprises have also heavily relied on automated testing to get over tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.


6 Tips to Create the Perfect Automation Tester Resume

Impressing potential employers starts with a compelling automation tester resume. It doesn’t matter if you know white box, black box, and regressions like the back of your hand. Or you can design test cases like a machine. Not being able to list out scroll-stopping QA skillsets increases the likelihood of failing the 5-seconds scan from employers. Surprisingly, 51% of people use irrelevant buzzwords and wrong pronouns.


What is Web Testing? Types of Web Application Testing

Web testing, at its core, is simply checking your web application or your website for problems before you make that web application or website live. Web testing is designed to check all aspects of the web application’s functionality, including looking for bugs with usability, compatibility, security, and general performance.