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Cockroach Labs Defines its Vision for the Serverless Database at RoachFest 2022

Leading cloud database vendor releases migration tools, the general availability of CockroachDB serverless and integrations with HashiCorp's Vault and Terraform, as well as Vercel.

Types of Cloud Computing Platforms and their Benefits

We are in post-pandemic times but certain things are not going back to “normal”. Although we get used to spending long hours using technology, businesses and people are still having a hard time jumping into a fully cloud-based environment, and that’s ok. There are some risks to consider depending on the business industry, like privacy protocols, control of data, and so on.


Key choices in AWS network design: VPC peering vs Transit Gateway and beyond

This blog post is the first in what we intend to be a series to detail Ably’s journey in building the next iteration of our global network. It focuses on the design and we will follow up with posts detailing the building, and finally migration from old to new. If you are interested in how you can network AWS accounts together on a global scale then read on! Ably operates a global network spanning 8 AWS regions with hundreds of additional points-of-presences.

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6 Essential SaaS Tools for Growing Your Business

SaaS (Software as a Service) has gained massive popularity within the last decade. Consumer software, like Google, is the most well-known today, but it accounts for only a fraction of the SaaS industry. Today’s modern enterprise SaaS platforms address specific business needs — such as Salesforce resolving customer data management and Zoho addressing help desk issues. So how can you get a leg up on the competition? Simple: use the right tool or platform(s).

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Tackling Cloud Complexity with Standardization at VMware Explore

Cloud complexity is an inevitability. Regardless of where an organization may be on their cloud journey – on-prem, in the public cloud, or managing an expanding hybrid cloud – the reality is managing the enterprise isn’t getting any easier. Demand continues to rise for greater access to more data across the organization to do things like run analytics and machine learning and to automate more processes.


Heroku's free tier legacy: The shoulders we stand on 15 years later

On August 15, 2022, we learned the shocking news that free Heroku Dynos, Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis will no longer be available and existing services will either need to upgrade to a paid service or find another hosting solution by November 28, 2022. Since its conception, Heroku has changed the way developers, hobbyists, students, and indie hackers deploy applications.


Iguazio Product Update: Optimize Your ML Workload Costs with AWS EC2 Spot Instances

Iguazio users can now run their ML workloads on AWS EC2 Spot instances. When running ML functions, you might want to control whether to run on Spot nodes or On-Demand compute instances. When deploying Iguazio MLOps platform on AWS, running a job (e.g. model training) or deploying a serving function users are now able to choose to deploy it on AWS EC2 Spot compute instances.


How Partnering with Microsoft Helps WSO2 Achieve Our Cloud-First Vision

With the global increase in digital adoption, our customers must build better digital experiences for their own customers to stay relevant. There are, however, many underlying components that need to be stitched together and maintained before an organization can start building digital experiences. This process is complex and time consuming, and there are very few organizations that have the capabilities to do so.