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Kong Builders - May 25 - How to install and run Kuma on AWS ECS

Kong Builders is the livestream series that takes our developer-focused toolsets and puts them on display in the best venue possible – building applications and connecting workloads. In this week's Livestream, Kat Morgan will walk through how to install and run Kuma on AWS ECS See upcoming and past episodes at

How to Transition to a Cloud ERP Without Disrupting Financial Reporting Processes

More and more companies are migrating their enterprise resource planning (ERP) to the cloud. It relieves them of the burdens typically associated with installing and maintaining complex software systems, and it’s arguably more secure because it’s monitored 24/7 by dedicated experts. There is no question that cloud-based ERPs like NetSuite, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Cloud are gaining steam. Rolling out a new ERP system can be highly disruptive to your organization, though.

Cloud Migration Assurance - COTS Migration Challenges

With fierce competition from enterprises and increased cloud adoption across the industries, it's past time to rethink the COTS portfolio approach to future-proof the growing business needs while lowering overheads. COTS apps, on the other hand, have their own set of issues when it comes to cloud migration. A standard R path analysis will not suffice to define the COTS cloud adoption journey, says Deepak Vijayaragavan, Vice President, Delivery, Cigniti Technologies.

Cloud Migration Assurance - COTS Migration Challenges

Assume you’re building a website, an application, or software, and you don’t want to build everything yourself for a variety of reasons – you’re short on time; you don’t want to code the tedious sections, and so on. So you have the choice of purchasing some elements of the software that you will use in it, such as the login, sign up, and other pages, and here comes the COTS-commercially –off –the –shelf software.

Inside the "Supercloud" - What it is, How to Use One, and Building Architecture for the Future

As public cloud and multi-cloud adoption skyrockets, many organizations are looking to implement compatible services. These services increase the utility of cloud infrastructure by tapping into the underlying building blocks (otherwise known as primitives) of the cloud. That’s where the idea of a “supercloud” comes into play.

Koyeb Serverless Platform Public Preview

Today, we are super excited to share that the Koyeb platform is available for everyone in public preview. If you don't know us yet, Koyeb is the developer platform to build, deploy and scale full-stack applications where your users are. We've been working on the platform since early 2021. The private preview has been intense with over 10,000 developers joining the community and now over 3000 applications running on the platform.

Travel Light on Your Cloud Migration to Business Central with Jet

As the need for greater interactivity and data access increases, more and more companies are making the move to adopt cloud computing. Microsoft is investing in and pushing customers towards its cloud ERP offering, Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), which is experiencing a staggering 200% annual growth rate. But the significant hurdles posed by cloud migration can make it a daunting task to consider.