Paris, France
  |  By Alisdair Broshar
Today, e-commerce has become much of the world's preferred way to shop, thanks to its convenience and accessibility. With more shoppers looking at online stores, both small and large businesses alike need to establish their presence in the online marketplace. A key player in this transition is Shopify, a game-changing commerce platform that simplifies building, customizing, growing, and managing an online store.
  |  By Alisdair Broshar
In the face of Canada’s housing crisis, the University of British Columbia’s Housing Assessment Resource Tools (HART) set out to make government census data more accessible. By developing more intuitive tools and offering valuable resources, HART plays a key role in providing essential information for governments, housing developers, and the public to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  |  By Alisdair Broshar
Looking for a managed PostgreSQL database with a free tier? We've got you covered. In this article, we'll explore the top PostgreSQL databases with free tiers to use for your applications in 2024. These free-tier options are perfect for side projects, MVPs, and learning how to use cloud databases. All these database solutions integrate with Koyeb, enabling you to seamlessly connect databases hosted by third-party providers to your applications running on the Koyeb platform.
  |  By Alisdair Broshar
Kong Konnect is an API lifecycle management platform streamlining the connectivity between your APIs and microservices. The control plane is hosted in the cloud by Kong and available across the US, EU, and AU, while the data plane is managed by you within your preferred network environment, like Koyeb.
  |  By Alisdair Broshar
Meet Qwigo, a creative web and mobile development delivering exceptional websites and mobile apps to grow your business. When Qwigo needed to build an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service, they started to look for a high-performance solution within their budget to deploy and run their application. Qwigo was happy to find Koyeb, a managed infrastructure solution that checked all their boxes and more.
  |  By Alisdair Broshar
If your application needs persistent data, you are going to need a database. Easier said than done because managing a database can be a challenge. Not only do you need to set up, maintain, scale, and patch databases, but also you need to create strong backup policies, ensure sharding and replications. Long story short, managing a database is time-consuming and requires a dedicated and skilled team, which is why people opt for managed databases, sometimes referred to as DBaaS or Database as a Service.
  |  By Yann Leger
Today, we're making global deployment more accessible than ever with our new Eco Instance types, starting at $1.61 per month ($0.0000006 per second). We're also increasing the resources of the Free Instance type, giving you more to work with at no cost.
  |  By Édouard Bonlieu
We're excited to announce the Koyeb Serverless Postgres public preview - a fully managed, fault-tolerant, and scalable serverless Postgres Database Service. What do all modern applications have in common? They all have APIs, workers, and databases. Deploying APIs and workers with Koyeb has long been possible. Starting today, you can spin up databases too! Using Koyeb Serverless Postgres, you can easily start a resilient Database Service alongside your apps in a few seconds.
  |  By Yann Léger
We are thrilled to share that we’ve raised $7M in seed funding! At Koyeb, we simplify app deployment with our global serverless platform. We provide an easy way to deploy full-stack applications and databases in production, everywhere, in minutes. We’re focused on allowing developers and businesses to seamlessly build, run, and scale any application globally, with no code rewrite or infrastructure management.
  |  By Yann Léger
One year ago, Heroku sunsetted its free tier. Today, we want to reaffirm our commitment to maintaining our free tier, dive into why offering a free tier for compute is complicated (we are looking at you crypto miners), take the time to explain how we intend to sustain it, and explain why we are so committed to providing a free tier. Long story short: we aim to keep a free tier thanks to how we control our costs.

Koyeb provides the fastest way to run web applications, APIs, and event-driven workloads across clouds with high performance and a developer-oriented experience. Koyeb dramatically reduces deployment time and operational complexity by removing server and infrastructure management for businesses and developers.

At Koyeb, we provide a unified experience to deploy, run and scale your applications globally with seamless support of Docker containers, native code, functions and provides:

  • An easy-to-use web interface to manage all your apps deployments
  • Support of all kinds of services including full web applications, APIs, event-driven serverless functions, background workers, and cron jobs.
  • Full support of Docker containers
  • Git-driven deployment to build and deploy native code in Ruby, Node.js, Java, Python, Clojure, Scala, Go, Rust, PHP, or with a Dockerfile present in the repository.
  • A High-Performance Edge Network with a global CDN and powerful load-balancing across zones with automatic traffic geo-steering
  • Full-Service Mesh and Discovery to deploy secure micro-services and functions in seconds
  • Transparent deployment in fast, secure MicroVMs
  • The Koyeb CLI (Command Line Interface) to manage resources and automate directly from your terminal
  • An easy-to-use REST API to use Koyeb programmatically

Koyeb provides the fastest way to deploy apps globally with a developer-friendly serverless platform. No ops, servers, or infrastructure management.