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What is gRPC?

gRPC is an open source remote procedure call (RPC) framework that enables client and server applications to communicate with each other remotely and transparently. In this blog post, we are going to discuss gRPC. First, we’ll talk about RPCs and why they are important. Then we’ll explain how gRPC works, taking a closer look at protocol buffers and the architecture of gRPC.

[Webinar] Making the Move: Open Source Selenium to Katalon Testing

Selenium, like many open-source automation frameworks, provides great functionality but has limited scalability. As software teams, and the digital experiences they are delivering, grow and evolve so to do their needs. Suraj Jadhav, Head of QA Practice at QualityKiosk, quickly observed that many clients who started their QA automation efforts using Selenium needed help migrating to a more comprehensive and scalable quality platform such as Katalon.

Frameium - Make Automation Faster | Engineered by Testhouse

Frameium is an automation framework built by Testhouse on top of open-source tools for faster automation. Frameium is over and above a regular framework as it provides best ways to automate test scripts. With Frameium, it is easy to write powerful & effective test scripts to automate web, mobile & desktop testing.

Kubeflow Vs. MLflow Vs. MLRun: Which One is Right for You?

The open source ML tooling ecosystem has become vast in the last few years, with many tools both overlapping in their capabilities as well as complimenting each other nicely. In part because AI/ML is a still-immature practice, the messaging around what all these tools can accomplish can be quite vague. In this article, we’ll dive into three tools to better understand their capabilities, and how they fit into the ML lifecycle.

Open Data Lakehouse powered by Apache Iceberg on Apache Ozone

With minimal setup, it is this simple to get started with Iceberg on Ozone in CDP Private Cloud. This ability allows you to reap the benefits of both a powerful exabyte-scale storage system and an optimized table format for petabyte-scale analytics. In this video I'm going to demonstrate how to create, upgrade and use iceberg tables on Ozone in CDP Private Cloud. Iceberg is engine agnostic and it works with most analytic query engines like Hive, Impala, Spark and so on.

Introducing nsuv

Here at NodeSource we are focused on fixing issues for the enterprise. This includes adding functionality and features to Node.js that are useful for enterprise-level deployments but would be difficult to upstream. One is the ability to execute commands remotely on Worker threads without the addition of running the inspector, such as capturing CPU profiles or heap snapshots.


How and Why to Migrate from Kong Open Source to Kong Konnect

Kong Konnect is a powerful SaaS-based API lifecycle management platform that provides a fast path for people looking to get started with Kong API Gateway. For existing users of Kong’s open-source gateway, it offers a way to rapidly take advantage of a scalable, highly-available architecture while upgrading to an Enterprise-class feature set and support options.


Pair Grafana Faro and Grafana k6 for frontend observability

Grafana Faro and xk6-browser are both new tools within the Grafana Labs open source ecosystem, but the pairing is already showing a lot of potential in terms of frontend monitoring and performance testing. Faro, which was announced last November, includes a highly configurable SDK that instruments web apps to capture observability signals that can then be correlated with backend and infrastructure data.


Interview With Italo José Core committer at @herbsjs

We are thrilled to be part of developing powerful tools like N|Solid. We are immensely proud of our engineers who have dedicated their time and expertise to support the open-source ecosystem. This is our way of giving voice and visibility to the projects they are passionate about. We want to recognize Italo José's work with Herb.js on this occasion.