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Kong Inc. supports the newly announced Envoy Gateway project to reduce fragmentation in the Envoy ecosystem

Today, the Envoy community has introduced Envoy Gateway, a new project to better support Kubernetes deployments via the new Kubernetes Gateway API, which is the next generation Ingress specification in Kubernetes world. Kong has been deeply invested in the success of Envoy since we started developing Kuma in 2019 – now used in Kong Mesh (built on top of Kuma).

The Power of Perforce Open Source

Open source software (OSS) is the foundation of the digital economy. For organizations using OSS, adequately supporting that software is critical. Perforce enables teams to innovate with OSS — without the risk. They say software is eating the world, and open source is eating software. Today, open source software serves as the foundation that powers the digital economy.

How to Choose the Right Open Source Test Automation Tool

Organizations worldwide are adopting open-source software to drive technological innovations. Testers look beyond the obvious benefit of cost while embracing open-source test automation tools. The reliability, transparency, flexibility are added benefits of choosing an open-source test automation tool. Saving time is saving money! Open-source tools save time reinventing the wheel to build your test automation framework from scratch.

Open-source iOS projects for learning better practices

In your iOS development learning journey, you want to understand and use the best practices while writing code. These include working with Clean Architecture, writing good tests for your native iOS app, and knowing how and what to test. This post discusses some open-source iOS Swift projects that you can take inspiration from to learn better development practices, such as: Build, test and deliver mobile apps in record time Start now

The Case for Open Source IAM

Current estimates suggest widespread adoption of open source software (OSS) in organizations worldwide. Compared to sectors such as operating systems and big data, adoption in the security and identity management sector has been low until now. While there were a number of open source projects around libraries for security and identity management-related functionalities, there were only a few projects based on an end-to-end security or identity and access management (IAM) solution.

Why & How to Contribute to Open Source Projects?

Open-source projects or open-source software is probably not a new term. In the past decade, open-source software contributions have been on a steady rise resulting in frequent releases, improvements and newer software. This is what open-source is. The software is for everybody to use, contribute or provide any help that they want. Keeping development and usage aside, a lot of people do want to contribute to open-source projects but are not sure where to start.

Reasons to Choose an Open-Source Test Automation Tool

Today’s competitive world demands “Quality at Speed with minimal costs.” To meet this demand, tester’s rely on test automation tools to rapidly roll out high-quality software. Open-source software development has grown increasingly popular over the last two decades. Popular OS like Linux and Android; Browsers like Firefox and Chrome; Programming languages like Python and JavaScript; Automation tools like Selenium and Appium; are all Open-Source.