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Perforce Helix Core Wins 12 Summer 2022 G2 Badges

G2 has announced their Summer 2022 awards and Perforce Helix Core has won several categories including best support for enterprise, easiest to do business with, best relationship, and more. For Perforce, this is a record-breaking season, with 12 badges won vs 8 in summer 2021. Thank you to everyone who has left reviews for Perforce on G2!

Helix ALM by Perforce vs HP ALM/Quality Center by MicroFocus

Since HP ALM/Quality Center was acquired by MicroFocus, users have been outgrowing its functionality. While HP upgraded many of its solutions to be more compatible with Agile and automation, ALM/Quality Center was left behind. So, what was once considered a best-in-class solution is becoming more obsolete by the day — having no resources allocated to development and limited support for customers. However, these users know all too well the pain of starting over.

How to use Perforce Helix Core + Unreal Engine 5

Learn how to use Perforce Helix Core source control in Unreal Engine 5 with this step-by-step tutorial from Jase Lindgren, Sales Engineer at Perforce. Source control is essential for teams using game engines, and Helix Core is designed to handle the many, large binary files that are involved in using a game engine.

How Automation Is Changing ALM

The DevOps model has become ubiquitous in product development, integrating teams that historically have worked in silos — to enable faster, more effective responses to business needs. At the heart of a successful DevOps pipeline is a clear workflow that is derived from the development lifecycle. While existing tools are essential to track requirements and artifacts throughout product development, these tools have not always kept up with the complexities of a CI/CD working practice.