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What Is a Merge Conflict? How to Avoid Merge Conflicts

You’re working on a team project and have made substantial progress. You go to submit your code changes only to find out someone else on your team was working on the same file(s) and submitted their changes before you did. Now you have the problem of conflicting code – and the time required to resolve your changes against the other person’s changes. This is called a merge conflict and can be a source of headache for many developers.


Cybersecurity Update: What Do the Latest WP.29 UNECE Regulations Cover?

With the growth in the number of electric and autonomous vehicles, where the vast majority of components are built on software, the amount of code in a vehicle is only going to increase. Connectivity, both within the vehicle and outside, is also increasing, meaning that the security of these systems has become more critical than ever before. For any system where there is communication between components or with the outside world, there is an increase in possible software cybersecurity threats.


What Is Helix Remote Administration (HRA)?

Often it can be difficult for smaller studios to focus on administrative tasks when key team members wear multiple hats and are constantly being pulled in different directions. That is why we developed Helix Remote Administration, which lets teams focus on their work while our experts set up, maintain, and optimize their Helix Core server.


5 Steps to Improving Aerospace and Defense Cybersecurity

Today’s military aerospace and defense program offices are assessing and rethinking their approach to cybersecurity. With growing geopolitical uncertainty in lockstep with the rising sophistication of cybersecurity threats, delivering secure systems has become central to national defense procurement and commercial aerospace strategies.


5 Critical Business Software Development Goals for 2023

Top technology trends for 2023 continue to focus on AI, edge intelligence, and climate change, but supply chain slowdowns and growing consumer demands threaten the pace of innovation. To remain dynamic in their industries and meet goals of software engineering, software development leaders need to be proactive with their budgeting and time management plans, while ensuring the delivery of safe, secure, and compliant code.